Aston Brogden

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Age Group:U17
Lead Coach:Hugh Anthony Pearson

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2022 U17 Otley
4.18KXC15:2532Kiveton ParkYorkshire County Championships8 Jan 22
4.2KXC16:1471PontefractStart Fitness Northern Counties Championships29 Jan 22
2021 U15 Otley
4KXC15:0316LeedsWest Yorkshire League30 Oct 21
4.3KXC15:5921WakefieldWest Yorkshire League21 Nov 21
2.75MMTL17:1919L21LeedsGolden Acre Relay6 Jul 21
5K19:52c492YorkEven Splits York 5K Series20 Aug 21
2020 U15 Otley
2.6KXC9:5934North StainleyYorkshire County Championships4 Jan 20
2.8KXC11:07113BedaleNorthern Counties Championships25 Jan 20
ZXC15:3225LeedsWest Yorkshire County Schools' Championships1 Feb 20
2019 U13 Otley
2.6KXC9:5851North StainleyYorkshire County Championships5 Jan 19
3KXC12:3423West ParkWest Yorkshire League17 Nov 19
3KXC13:3218CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League8 Dec 19
3.05KXC11:35115PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
3.15KXC11:5710Nunroyd ParkWest Yorkshire League27 Oct 19
2MXC13:44277Roundhay ParkPECO League10 Feb 19
2MXC13:57215West ParkPECO League6 Jan 19
4K16:3116:3322NewcastleSimplyHealth Junior Great North 4K7 Sep 19
5K20:0620:10142SilverstoneRun Silverstone 5K24 Nov 19
5K20:1620:1752A5LeedsEven Splits 5K Series23 Oct 19
5K20:2720:2979A4LeedsEven Splits 5K Series28 Aug 19
5K20:4120:4291A7LeedsEven Splits 5K Series24 Apr 19
5K21:3621:3758A7LeedsEven Splits 5K Series24 Jul 19
ZXC8:2512LeedsWest Yorkshire County Schools' Championships2 Feb 19
2018 U13 Otley
1MXC6:5713Middleton ParkPECO League21 Jan 18
1MXC7:458Temple NewsamPECO League11 Feb 18
1.2MXC8:178Roundhay ParkPECO League7 Jan 18
2KMT8:2955LeedsMeanwood Valley Junior Races15 May 18
2.5K9:4513:471210ManchesterSimplyhealth Junior Great Manchester Run 2.5K19 May 18
2.5KNAD10:0410:0441BirminghamSimplyhealth Great Birmingham Junior 2.5K14 Oct 18
2.9KXC12:0320WakefieldWest Yorkshire League18 Nov 18
2MXC12:57285Middleton ParkPECO League25 Nov 18
3.5KMT15:441LeedsRush around the Rhubarb26 Jun 18
4K16:34c27NewcastleSimplyHealth Junior Great North 4K8 Sep 18
5K20:1420:1563A4LeedsEven Splits 5K Series25 Jul 18
5K20:1920:2074A7LeedsEven Splits 5K Series23 May 18
5K20:2620:2867A3LeedsEven Splits 5K Series15 Aug 18
5K20:3620:3749A4LeedsEven Splits 5K Series28 Nov 18
5K20:4020:4075A6LeedsEven Splits 5K Series28 Mar 18
5K20:4020:4063A6LeedsEven Splits 5K Series20 Jun 18
5K20:4320:4360A7LeedsEven Splits 5K Series24 Oct 18
5K20:5720:5954A4LeedsEven Splits 5K Series16 Mar 18
5K21:0621:0774A6LeedsEven Splits 5K Series26 Sep 18
parkrun21:4745HarrogateHarrogate parkrun # 36422 Dec 18
ZXC12:5531CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League21 Oct 18
2017 U11 Otley
1.6KXC6:1724KeighleyWest Yorkshire League9 Dec 17
1MXC6:3297Nostell PrioryPECO League26 Nov 17
1MXC7:3676Golden Acre ParkPECO League10 Dec 17
1MXC7:591810Beckett ParkPECO League22 Jan 17
1MXC8:492615Pendas FieldsPECO League19 Feb 17
1.2MXC8:2921Roundhay ParkPECO League5 Mar 17
2K8:068:0531BrighouseBrighouse Running Festival 4K / 2K / 1K8 Oct 17
2KNAD8:198:1913 4BlackburnBlackburn Winter Warmer 2K5 Feb 17
2.5KNAD9:569:562BirminghamSimplyhealth Great Birmingham Junior 2.5K14 Oct 17
4K17:4317:4331NewcastleSimplyHealth Junior Great North 4K9 Sep 17
parkrun22:1064HuddersfieldHuddersfield parkrun # 31215 Apr 17
parkrun22:25611HuddersfieldHuddersfield parkrun # 3292 Sep 17
ZXC5:2817SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League19 Nov 17
ZXC6:2417LeedsWest Yorkshire League29 Oct 17
2016 U11 Otley
1.45KXC6:1529WakefieldWest Yorkshire League2 Oct 16
1.6KXC6:3625KeighleyWest Yorkshire League4 Dec 16
1MMT6:2313LeedsEccup Junior Races3 Jul 16
1MMT7:224LeedsMeanwood Valley Junior Races14 Jun 16
1MXC6:5518Temple NewsamPECO League27 Nov 16
1MXC6:561812Middleton ParkPECO League18 Dec 16
1MXC8:3719Golden Acre ParkPECO League24 Jan 16
1MXC11:0428Middleton ParkPECO League3 Jan 16
1.2MXC9:19192RoundhayPECO League14 Feb 16
2.5KNAD11:5613:02378BirminghamGreat Birmingham Junior 2.5K16 Oct 16
1.6MMT11:3072WetherbyWetherby Mini Marathon4 Sep 16
2MMT13:5611LeedsKirkstall Abbey Junior 218 Sep 16
4K17:1717:1921227NewcastleJunior Great North Run10 Sep 16
ZXC5:5732SpenboroughWest Yorkshire League20 Nov 16
ZXCNT30LeedsWest Yorkshire League30 Oct 16
2015 U11 Otley
1MMT6:0413LeedsEccup Junior Races5 Jul 15
1MMT7:16204LeedsMeanwood Valley Junior Trail Race18 Apr 15
1MXC8:1324West Park FieldsPECO League13 Dec 15
1MXC8:5626Temple NewsamPECO League22 Nov 15
2KNAD7:577:5737LeedsAge UK Leeds Junior Dash15 Nov 15
1.6MMT11:5093WetherbyWetherby Mini Marathon Fun Run6 Sep 15
2MMT14:17181LeedsHarewood 28 Nov 15
2014 U11 Otley
2MMT16:42321LeedsHarewood Trail 2M19 Oct 14
ZFL3:2317WharfdaleBurnsall (BOFRA) (1.5M/801ft)14 Sep 14
ZFL3:436Penistone Hill Country ParkSoreen Stanbury Splash (7.5M/1312ft)19 Jan 14
ZFL3:5716CracoeCracoe (BOFRA) (2.6M/899ft)20 Jul 14
ZFL4:454IlkleyJack Bloor Race (5.2M/1148ft)13 May 14
ZFL4:5911MelthamWest Nab (5.9M/1640ft)31 May 14
ZFL5:2221KettlewellKettlewell (1.5M/600ft)8 Jun 14
ZFL6:1717MytholmroydCoiners Junior5 May 14
ZFL7:2412GargraveGargrave Show (3.5M/899ft)16 Aug 14
2013 U11 Otley
ZFL3:5719Penistone Hill Country ParkCurly Wurly Junior Quarry Runs22 Dec 13
ZFL4:1646Penistone Hill Country ParkWithins Skyline (7.5M/984ft)13 Oct 13
Total Performances: 91
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