Newport U11 Team

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Age Group:U11
County:Wales South
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U11 Newport
4x10063.315ASwanseaWelsh Junior League Cup Final25 Aug 19
4x10065.913AberdareWelsh Junior League Division East29 Jun 19
4x10066.13HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge7 Sep 19
4x10066.583HerefordWelsh Junior League Division East4 May 19
4x10067.465AberdareWelsh Junior League Division East25 May 19
4x10068.796Cardiff MetWelsh Junior League Division East27 Jul 19
2018 U11 Newport
4x10058.451SwanseaWelsh U15 League Cup Final19 Aug 18
4x10060.041HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge Match1 Sep 18
4x10060.31NewportWelsh U15 League Division East30 Jun 18
4x10061.461HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East5 May 18
4x10063.534Cardiff MetWelsh U15 League Division East3 Jun 18
4x10064.524NewportWelsh U15 League Division East28 Jul 18
2017 U11 Newport
4x10061.192ANewportWelsh U15 League Final6 Aug 17
4x10063.7611NewportWelsh U15 League Division East22 Jul 17
4x10064.4921HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge Match9 Sep 17
4x10065.263NewportWelsh U15 League Division East8 Jul 17
4x10066.1222HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East29 Apr 17
4x10066.6741CardiffWelsh U15 League Division East27 May 17
4x10066.7222CardiffWelsh U15 League Division East27 May 17
4x10066.7322NewportWelsh U15 League Division East22 Jul 17
4x10068.6512HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge Match9 Sep 17
4x10069.143nsNewportWelsh U15 League Division East8 Jul 17
2016 U11 Newport
4x10064.962HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge23 Jul 16
4x10065.072NewportWelsh U15 League Division East28 May 16
4x10065.3731CardiffWelsh U15 League Division East9 Jul 16
4x10065.446ANewportWelsh U15 League Final21 Aug 16
4x10065.754NewportWelsh U15 League Division East5 Jun 16
4x10068.7232CardiffWelsh U15 League Division East9 Jul 16
4x10069.003CardiffWelsh U15 League Division East30 Apr 16
2015 U11 Newport
4x10063.531NewportLes Davies Club Challenge5 Sep 15
4x10064.155ANewportWelsh U15 League Final23 Aug 15
4x10066.86HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East12 Jul 15
4x10068.5141HerefordWelsh U15 League Division East9 May 15
4x10071.6451NewportWelsh U15 League Division East6 Jun 15
2014 U11 Newport
4x10063.232CwmbranWelsh U15 League East Division26 Apr 14
4x10063.383NewportWelsh U15 League East Division7 Jun 14
4x10063.934NewportWelsh U15 League East Division13 Jul 14
4x10065.025CwmbranWelsh U15 League East Division17 May 14
2013 U11 Newport
4x10060.171HerefordWelsh U15 League East Division8 Jun 13
4x10062.033BreconWelsh U15 League Cup Final15 Sep 13
4x1001:02.291NewportWelsh U15 League East Division20 Jul 13
4x10062.481HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge8 Sep 13
4x10063.6421HerefordWelsh U15 League East Division11 May 13
4x10070.064HerefordLes Davies Club Challenge8 Sep 13
2012 U11 Newport
4x10063.312HerefordWelsh U15 League East Division21 Jul 12
4x10063.52CwmbranWelsh U15 League East Division28 Jul 12
4x10064.542AberdareWelsh U15 League East Division26 May 12
4x10066.203NewportWelsh U15 League East Division23 Jun 12
4x10083.002nsNewportWelsh U15 League East Division23 Jun 12
4x100TBC1nsAberdareWelsh U15 League East Division26 May 12
2011 U11 Newport
4x10064.43NewportWelsh Athletics U15 League East Division9 Jul 11
4x10067.243HerefordWelsh U15 League East Division31 Jul 11
4x10071.04NewportNewport Harriers Club Championships Day 212 Apr 11
4x10073.073AberdareWelsh U15 League East1 May 11
2010 U11 Newport
4x10070.03HerefordWelsh U15 League - South East22 May 10
Total Performances: 55
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