Danni Sinclair

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Club:Bristol & West
Age Group:U20
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2021 U20 Bristol & West
40064.32BCheltenhamMidland League - Gloucs11 Jul 21
40065.573AYateMidland League - Gloucs15 Aug 21
8002:20.812BYateNational Athletics League Premier West6 Jun 21
8002:20.946AMillfieldBMC PB Classic29 May 21
8002:22.51BCheltenhamMidland League - Gloucs11 Jul 21
8002:25.201BYateMidland League - Gloucs15 Aug 21
8002:28.342BYateNational Athletics League Premier West7 Aug 21
15004:54.23YateAvon Track & Field League13 Jun 21
15004:55.242AYateYouth Development League Upper Midlands South/West B30 May 21
15005:09.824BYateNational Athletics League Premier West28 Aug 21
1500SCW5:39.671AYateYouth Development League Upper Midlands South/West B27 Jun 21
4.33KL17:5525L4Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Women's 4-Stage Relays25 Sep 21
2020 U17 Bristol & West
8002:21.3834YeovilYeovil Distance & Steeplechase Open20 Sep 20
8002:29.8i4CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (inc South Wales, East Wales, West Wales & South West England Championships)5 Jan 20
3.7KXC14:35183Sefton ParkNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships14 Mar 20
4.2KXC15:5721Kings ParkSouth West Schools' Championships8 Feb 20
ZXCNT5Kingswood SchoolAvon County Schools Championships18 Jan 20
2019 U17 Bristol & West
8002:17.92AYateMidland League Division 14 Aug 19
8002:21.144ExeterSouth West Inter Counties Championships21 Jul 19
8002:21.91WhitehallBristol & West AC Young Athlete Development Open20 Mar 19
8002:23.135BMillfieldBMC PB Classic4 May 19
8002:23.22ABirminghamMidland League Division 116 Jun 19
8002:23.83Stoke GiffordAvon County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
8002:23.92ATamworthMidland League Division 17 Jul 19
8002:24.51AHorspathMidland League Division 119 May 19
8002:24.861BExeterUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW26 May 19
8002:27.94i52CardiffWelsh Athletics Junior Open (Inc. South & East Wales & South West England Regional Championships6 Jan 19
8002:28.532ASwanseaUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW5 May 19
15004:53.265AExeterBMC Regional Races27 Aug 19
15004:55.686ASportcityUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Final8 Sep 19
15004:56.643AYateUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW Regional Final28 Jul 19
15005:00.142ACardiffUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Midland Premier SW30 Jun 19
15005:00.454ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships15 Jun 19
15005:02.713WhitehallBristol & West AC Young Athlete Development Open3 Apr 19
15005:03.61AYateMidland League Division 14 Aug 19
15005:08.41BHorspathMidland League Division 119 May 19
3.6KXC16:087PontypoolStart Fitness Gwent League9 Feb 19
4KXC16:2111BristolStart Fitness Gwent League2 Mar 19
4KXC16:39152LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
4KXC16:5385LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
4.45KXC18:276138CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Oct 19
4.7KXC19:0555Blaise CastleStart Fitness Gwent League7 Dec 19
parkrun20:37921Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 29326 Oct 19
parkrun20:42911Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 2905 Oct 19
parkrun21:251331Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 25512 Jan 19
2018 U15 Bristol & West
30045.633YateAvon League1 Jul 18
8002:21.11ASwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW Promotion Match21 Jul 18
8002:21.321Stoke GiffordAvon League15 Jul 18
8002:21.621EStreetBMC PB Classic5 May 18
8002:24.482ANeathUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1B19 May 18
8002:24.52GloucesterAvon League9 Sep 18
8002:25.01AYateUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1B21 Apr 18
8002:25.0374YateAvon / Bristol & West / Yate Open Series25 Apr 18
8002:25.703YateAvon County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
8002:25.72WhitehallBristol & West AC Young Athlete Development Open21 Mar 18
8002:25.9562ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships16 Jun 18
8002:27.01AHerefordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland SW 1B17 Jun 18
8002:27.313YateAvon / Bristol & West / Yate Open Series23 May 18
15004:58.32YateAvon League1 Jul 18
15004:58.574ExeterSouth West Inter Counties22 Jul 18
15005:00.223WhitehallBristol & West AC Young Athlete Development Open18 Apr 18
1ML5:5111L321BristolSelf Transcendence 3 x Mile Relay17 Jul 18
3.1KXC13:15227LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
3.2KXC12:2515CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (Inc. Gwent League)13 Oct 18
3.2KXCNT6Blaise CastleAvon County Schools' Championships20 Jan 18
3.6KXC13:368Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc West Wales Championships)10 Nov 18
3.6KXC16:536Pontypool ParkStart Fitness Gwent League10 Feb 18
3.8KXC17:407Bryn Bach ParkStart Fitness Gwent League2 Dec 18
3.88KL15:388L3Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays22 Sep 18
4KXC16:57161Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
4KXC17:1727NottinghamMidland Counties Championships27 Jan 18
parkrun20:491221Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 23028 Jul 18
2017 U15 Bristol & West
8002:28.631YateAvon League30 Jul 17
8002:30.92GloucesterAvon League10 Sep 17
8002:36.70110Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Series23 May 17
8002:39.63WhitehallBristol & West AC Young Athlete Development Open29 Mar 17
15005:07.53ASwindonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Midlands South/West Promotion Match15 Jul 17
15005:13.44ACheltenhamUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier South/West18 Jun 17
15005:15.43YateAvon League13 Aug 17
15005:16.374BYateUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier South/West20 May 17
15005:17.935AYateUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland Premier South/West22 Apr 17
15005:18.36BathAvon County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
15005:21.522WhitehallBristol & West AC Young Athlete Development Open5 Apr 17
15005:22.237YateAvon AA County Championships13 May 17
1ML5:5611L321BristolSelf Transcendence 3 x Mile Relay18 Jul 17
2.6KXC10:4914NewportStart Fitness Gwent League12 Feb 17
3KXC13:5316LlanelliStart Fitness Gwent League4 Mar 17
3KXC14:5835LoughboroughMidland Counties Championships28 Jan 17
3KXC15:52256NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
3KXCL12:453L3WolverhamptonMidland Counties Relay Championships21 Oct 17
3.2KXC11:3622CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (inc South & West Wales Championships & BA Cross Challenge)14 Oct 17
3.6KXC14:2111Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 17
3.6KXC14:235BreconStart Fitness Gwent League11 Nov 17
3.88KL15:4016L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 17
parkrun22:071041EastvilleEastville parkrun # 118 Nov 17
parkrun22:37381Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 18022 Jul 17
parkrun22:45411Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 1641 Apr 17
parkrun23:30691Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 1527 Jan 17
2016 U13 Bristol & West
8002:38.731YateAvon League11 Sep 16
8002:41.335Stoke GiffordAvon AA Open Meeting inc Avon Championships 800m24 May 16
8002:42.03AYateUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 123 Apr 16
8002:47.04ABathUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland South/West 121 May 16
800NT45Stoke GiffordBristol & West Open Meeting21 Jun 16
12004:26.041YateAvon League10 Jul 16
1M6:18125BristolSelf Transcendence Junior Mile17 May 16
1M6:2174BristolSelf Transcendence Junior Mile14 Jun 16
1ML6:2120L332BristolSelf Transcendence 3 x Mile Relay19 Jul 16
2.5KXC9:3219BridgendStart Fitness Gwent League16 Oct 16
2.6KXC10:139BristolStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 16
2.8KXC11:3417BreconStart Fitness Gwent League12 Nov 16
2.8KXC12:3025BreconGwent League5 Mar 16
3KXC16:36258Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
3.88KL16:2510L2Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays24 Sep 16
parkrun22:13351Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 13517 Sep 16
parkrun25:24341Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 1036 Feb 16
parkrun25:55321Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 10413 Feb 16
parkrun25:5759Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 10230 Jan 16
parkrun27:15138Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 1425 Nov 16
parkrun27:34143Pomphrey HillPomphrey Hill parkrun # 971 Jan 16
Total Performances: 119
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