Emma Inglis

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Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Tim Agar

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2016 SEN Skyrac
8002:31.83AYorkNorth of England League Division 2E7 May 16
15005:37.84AYorkNorth of England League Division 2E7 May 16
SP4K6.244BYorkNorth of England League Division 2E7 May 16
HT4K11.993BYorkNorth of England League Division 2E7 May 16
2.58KL9:529L1WakefieldYorkshire Road Relay Championships18 Sep 16
5K20:5620:4815417EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series18 May 16
5K21:1221:0713114EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series11 May 16
2015 SEN Skyrac
10015.46BMorpethNorth of England League Division 2E3 May 15
20031.95BMorpethNorth of England League Division 2E3 May 15
15005:15.04AMorpethNorth of England League Division 2E3 May 15
5K20:33a13817EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series13 May 15
SHORT5K20:1615624EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series (Short course)6 May 15
9.4MMTL82:4617L2BingleyBradford Millennium Relay28 Jun 15
ZXCL18:4556L38LeedsGolden Acre Relay22 Jul 15
2014 SEN Skyrac
40070.22BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E9 Aug 14
8002:33.241WakefieldWest Yorkshire League25 Jun 14
8002:47.53AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E9 Aug 14
15005:18.01BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2E13 Jul 14
15005:19.13AYorkNorth of England League Division 2E7 Jun 14
2.8ML20:1533L1ManchesterNorthern Women's 6 Stage Relays15 Mar 14
9.4MMTL84:3122L2BingleyBradford Millennium Relay29 Jun 14
ZXC16:517Barton-upon-HumberBarton & District Open2 Mar 14
ZXC23:0119LeedsWest Yorkshire League2 Nov 14
ZXCL18:3246L1LeedsGolden Acre Relay23 Jul 14
2013 SEN Skyrac
8002:37.82BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2E5 May 13
SP4K6.037CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League3 Jul 13
DT1K15.346WakefieldWest Yorkshire League1 May 13
3KL16:5916L2SheffieldYorkshire Relay Championships31 Aug 13
5K20:40a16223EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series8 May 13
ZXC22:3944BramleyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League2 Nov 13
2012 SEN Skyrac
10015.5022CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League30 May 12
20030.9563WakefieldWest Yorkshire League20 Jun 12
20031.926WakefieldWest Yorkshire League9 May 12
8002:37.1952WakefieldWest Yorkshire League20 Jun 12
8002:42.252WakefieldWest Yorkshire League21 Jul 12
8002:43.983YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
15005:07.112WakefieldWest Yorkshire League21 Jul 12
15005:18.794CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final2 Sep 12
15005:19.4112CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 Jul 12
15005:20.333CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League30 May 12
300011:27.51BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2E5 Aug 12
300011:33.71BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 2E1 Jul 12
300011:48.91BYorkNorth of England League Division 2E26 May 12
LJ2.726WakefieldWest Yorkshire League9 May 12
LJ2.464YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
SP4K6.192YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
SP4K6.074CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 Jul 12
DT1K16.503CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League30 May 12
DT1K16.002CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final2 Sep 12
DT1K10.944YorkWest Yorkshire League21 Apr 12
JT6006.652BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2E5 Aug 12
5MMT37:2181LeedsHarewood 528 Oct 12
ZXC17:445Barton upon HumberBarton & District Open4 Feb 12
ZXC25:1859WetherbyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 12
ZXC25:2044WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Dec 12
ZXC26:0873WakefieldYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC28:2041HuddersfieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League24 Nov 12
ZXC28:4062YeadonComplete Runner West Yorkshire League10 Nov 12
ZXC39:07113PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXCNT13KirkstallPeco League15 Jan 12
2011 SEN Skyrac
10015.615WakefieldWest Yorkshire League30 Jul 11
40069.82BYorkNorth of England League Division 3E3 Jul 11
40071.42BYorkNorth of England League Division 3E14 Aug 11
40073.143WakefieldWest Yorkshire League30 Jul 11
8002:29.54AJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 11
8002:31.72AYorkNorth of England League Division 3E3 Jul 11
8002:33.02AYorkNorth of England League Division 3E14 Aug 11
8002:33.02CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final4 Sep 11
8002:35.122WakefieldWest Yorkshire League4 May 11
8002:42.04AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E4 Jun 11
8002:45.413WakefieldWest Yorkshire League30 Jul 11
15005:10.811WakefieldWest Yorkshire League30 Jul 11
15005:14.31CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League6 Jul 11
15005:15.841CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 May 11
15005:21.54AJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 11
15005:30.34AMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E4 Jun 11
15005:32.72CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final4 Sep 11
300011:46.74AYorkNorth of England League Division 3E14 Aug 11
SP4K6.522BJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 11
SP4K6.455CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League Final4 Sep 11
SP4K6.205WakefieldWest Yorkshire League30 Jul 11
SP4K6.003BYorkNorth of England League Division 3E3 Jul 11
SP4K5.983BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E4 Jun 11
SP4K5.713BYorkNorth of England League Division 3E14 Aug 11
HT4K18.332BYorkNorth of England League Division 3E14 Aug 11
HT4K15.222BYorkNorth of England League Division 3E3 Jul 11
HT4K13.403BJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 11
HT4K10.893BMiddlesbroughNorth of England League Division 3E4 Jun 11
JT6006.293BJarrowNorth of England League Division 3E7 May 11
4.3KL17:169L1LeedsYorkshire Road Races & Relay Championships10 Sep 11
10KMT47:5912811GuiseleyGuiseley Gallop 10K24 Apr 11
7MMT54:3920517GuiseleyChevin Chase 726 Dec 11
HM99:5899:5756681YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon23 Jan 11
ZXC17:509Barton-upon-HumberBarton & District Open27 Feb 11
ZXC22:525ScunthorpeScunthorpe Annual Quibell Park Cross Country13 Nov 11
ZXC24:0854WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League4 Dec 11
ZXC25:4233LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Oct 11
ZXC29:0282DoncasterYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 Jan 11
ZXC29:2440YorkComplete Runner West Yorkshire League29 Oct 11
ZXC31:0453ShipleyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League19 Nov 11
ZXCNT15KirkstallPeco League16 Jan 11
ZXCNT9DanefieldPeco League6 Mar 11
ZXCNT13AckworthPeco League27 Nov 11
ZXCNT11Middleton ParkPeco League18 Dec 11
2010 SEN Skyrac
300011:57.01BHalifaxNorthern League 4WC4 Jul 10
HT4K10.923BOldhamNorthern League 4WC31 Jul 10
4.9KL20:3040L1ManchesterNorthern Counties Women's 4-stage Relay2 Oct 10
7MMT55:0020322GuiseleyChevin Chase 726 Dec 10
10MMT78:5010011LeedsHarewood 103 Oct 10
HM86:2586:2416414YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon24 Jan 10
ZXC23:5748WakefieldYorkshire & Humberside County Championships20 Feb 10
ZXCNT3AckworthPeco League7 Nov 10
2009 SEN Dragons (Sale)
5K19:59107EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series6 May 09
10KMT50:1273GuiseleyChevin Chase 726 Dec 09
10M66:2919623ThirskThirsk 10 (inc Northern Championships)29 Nov 09
10MMT70:226163HarewoodHarewood 104 Oct 09
ZXC19:0520HalifaxWest Yorkshire Complete Runner League11 Oct 09
ZXC20:3613Wakefield West Yorkshire Complete Runner League21 Nov 09
ZXC21:4320GuiseleyComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)6 Dec 09
ZXCNT5LeedsPeco (Sports Direct) League11 Jan 09
ZXCNT4EccleshillPeco League8 Mar 09
2008 SEN Dragons (Sale)
10M67:3418916ThirskThirsk 1030 Nov 08
ZXCNT9Nell Bank CentrePeco (Sports Direct) League16 Nov 08
ZXCNT5Golden Acre ParkPeco (Sports Direct) League20 Dec 08
Total Performances: 124
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