Sam Wilson

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Club:Nene Valley
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2016 U23 Nene Valley
HT7.26K45.581nsPeterboroughEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
HT7.26K45.341BCrawleySweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 19 Jul 16
HT7.26K44.731BNorwichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 120 Aug 16
HT7.26K44.132APeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 116 Apr 16
HT7.26K43.581PeterboroughCambridgeshire County Championships14 May 16
HT7.26K43.421BBournemouthBritish Athletics League Division 32 Jul 16
HT7.26K43.202BYeovilBritish Athletics League Division 36 Aug 16
HT7.26K42.8711BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships19 Jun 16
HT7.26K42.464ACarn BreaBritish Athletics League Division 37 May 16
HT7.26K40.532LutonBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting9 Apr 16
2015 U23 Nene Valley
HT7.26K44.031BPeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 14 Jul 15
HT7.26K43.562AChelmsfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 131 May 15
HT7.26K42.532CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships23 May 15
HT7.26K42.452ABrightonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 120 Jun 15
HT7.26K41.712St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Development Open13 May 15
HT7.26K41.585CambridgeEastern Counties AA Championships27 Jun 15
HT7.26K41.062nsBury St EdmondsEast Anglian League3 May 15
HT7.26K40.994BWatfordBritish Athletics League Division 26 Jun 15
HT7.26K40.681BStevenageSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 115 Aug 15
HT7.26K40.591nsColchesterSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 125 Apr 15
HT7.26K40.375BDerbyBritish Athletics League Division 211 Jul 15
2014 U23 Nene Valley
HT7.26K44.988BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships22 Jun 14
HT7.26K42.525APeterboroughBritish Athletics League Division 37 Jun 14
HT7.26K41.842BPeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 119 Apr 14
HT7.26K41.731PeterboroughCambridgeshire County Championships24 May 14
HT7.26K41.471PeterboroughNene Valley Graded Night18 Sep 14
HT7.26K41.393BAbingdonBritish Athletics League Division 39 Aug 14
HT7.26K41.004BBedfordBritish Athletics League Division 310 May 14
HT7.26K40.695ALeighBritish Athletics League Division 35 Jul 14
2013 U20 Peterborough
HT7.26K40.932BSandyHibbard, Bemax & Peterhouse Trophy Meeting7 Sep 13
HT7.26K40.241BCardiffBritish Athletics League Division 311 May 13
HT7.26K40.192BStoke GiffordBritish Athletics League Division 33 Aug 13
HT7.26K40.153APeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 110 Aug 13
HT7.26K39.383AStevenageSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 120 Apr 13
HT6K49.741CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships25 May 13
HT6K48.526HendonSouth of England AA U15/U20 Inter County Championships11 Aug 13
HT6K46.651PeterboroughNene Valley Harriers End of Season Competition19 Sep 13
HT6K45.534PeterboroughPeterborough City Games26 Aug 13
HT6K45.375CambridgeEastern Counties Championships29 Jun 13
HT6K44.9616BedfordEngland Athletics U20/U23 Championships (Inc U18 Events)15 Jun 13
HT6K43.4710WatfordSouth of England AA Senior/U20 Championships22 Jun 13
2012 U20 Peterborough
HT7.26K32.133AHarrowSouthern Athletics League Division 114 Jul 12
HT6K47.605CambridgeEastern AA Championships2 Jun 12
HT6K47.333Crystal PalaceSouth of England AA U20 Championships7 Jul 12
HT6K46.653PeterboroughPeterborough Open14 Apr 12
HT6K45.875PeterboroughPeterborough Diamond Games27 Aug 12
HT6K45.502PeterboroughCambridgeshire County Championships12 May 12
HT6K42.754CambridgeCambridgeshire AA Open Throws Meeting24 Mar 12
HT6K42.042ChelmsfordChelmsford Throws Festival6 Apr 12
HT6K39.3711BedfordAviva England Athletics U20/U23 Championships16 Jun 12
2011 U20 Peterborough
DT2K24.494APeterborough East Anglian League8 May 11
DT2K24.332APeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
DT2K23.182BBattersea ParkSouthern Athletics League Division 230 Apr 11
HT7.26K40.321nsPeterboroughEast Anglian League19 Jun 11
HT7.26K38.921BBattersea ParkSouthern Athletics League Division 230 Apr 11
HT6K46.471BWatfordNational Junior League Thames Division29 May 11
HT6K46.034Peterborough Peterborough Open29 Aug 11
HT6K45.212ALutonNational Junior League Thames Division10 Jul 11
HT6K44.242CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships14 May 11
HT6K44.041BPeterboroughNational Junior League Thames Division24 Jul 11
HT6K43.523Peterborough Peterborough Graded Open10 Apr 11
HT6K42.642ChelmsfordChelmsford Throws Festival22 Apr 11
HT6K42.522CambridgeEastern AA Championships28 May 11
HT6K41.491St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Summer Evening Open25 May 11
HT6K39.881nsPeterboroughEast Anglian League8 May 11
HT6K39.233CambridgeCambridge Throws Fest2 Apr 11
JT80025.252nsBattersea ParkSouthern Athletics League Division 230 Apr 11
2010 U17 Peterborough
SP5K8.921BBraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League11 Jul 10
SP5K8.881ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League27 Jun 10
SP5K8.763ABury St. EdmondsEast Anglian League16 May 10
SP5K8.733BBury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final19 Sep 10
SP5K8.683APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League15 Aug 10
SP5K8.147APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' Plate Final12 Sep 10
DT1.5K29.833Peterborough Peterborough AC Open11 Apr 10
DT1.5K29.235ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final19 Sep 10
DT1.5K28.403APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League15 Aug 10
DT1.5K27.804ChelmsfordChelmsford Throws Festival2 Apr 10
DT1.5K27.692APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' Plate Final12 Sep 10
DT1.5K27.412ANorwichEast Anglian League8 Aug 10
DT1.5K27.002APeterboroughEast Anglian League13 Jun 10
DT1.5K26.814ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League11 Jul 10
DT1.5K26.143ABury St. EdmondsEast Anglian League16 May 10
DT1.5K25.634CambridgeCambridgeshire Schools Championships12 Jun 10
DT1.5K23.383BChelmsfordHibbard / Bemax / Peterhouse Trophy11 Sep 10
DT1.5K21.312ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League27 Jun 10
HT5K49.852APeterboroughEast Anglian League13 Jun 10
HT5K48.152CambridgeCambridgeshire Schools Championships12 Jun 10
HT5K47.235PeterboroughPeterborough City Games30 Aug 10
HT5K47.061APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League15 Aug 10
HT5K47.003Bury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final19 Sep 10
HT5K46.824AChelmsfordHibbard / Bemax / Peterhouse Trophy11 Sep 10
HT5K45.971APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' Plate Final12 Sep 10
HT5K44.681St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Open26 May 10
HT5K44.532ABury St. EdmondsEast Anglian League16 May 10
HT5K43.652ChelmsfordChelmsford Throws Festival2 Apr 10
HT5K43.3415BedfordAviva England Athletics U15/U17 Championships22 Aug 10
HT5K43.112St. IvesCambridgeshire County Championships8 May 10
HT5K41.772ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League11 Jul 10
HT5K40.612ANorwichEast Anglian League8 Aug 10
HT5K38.044GranthamAnglian Schools Championships19 Jun 10
HT5K36.715Peterborough Peterborough AC Open11 Apr 10
HT5K36.011ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League27 Jun 10
JT70024.154ANorwichEast Anglian League8 Aug 10
2009 U17 Peterborough
DT1.5K30.012ThurrockEastern Young Athletes' League16 Aug 09
DT1.5K29.824ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final20 Sep 09
DT1.5K29.404ACambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League Plate Final13 Sep 09
DT1.5K27.063ABedfordEastern Young Athletes League12 Jul 09
HT5K40.975Peterborough Peterborough City Games31 Aug 09
HT5K39.452ThurrockEastern Young Athletes' League16 Aug 09
HT5K38.554CambridgeCambridgeshire County Championships9 May 09
HT5K37.633PeterboroughCambridgeshire Schools Championships13 Jun 09
HT5K36.963PeterboroughEast Anglian League26 Apr 09
HT5K36.772AKing's LynnEast Anglian League21 Jun 09
HT5K36.709AshfordSouthern Counties U15 & U17 Championships24 May 09
HT5K36.642ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes League7 Jun 09
HT5K35.618CambridgeEastern AA Championships5 Jul 09
HT5K35.582PeterboroughPeterborough AC Open5 Apr 09
HT5K35.462ACambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League Plate Final13 Sep 09
HT5K35.412ACambridge East Anglian League19 Jul 09
HT5K34.974ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final20 Sep 09
HT5K33.753ABedfordEastern Young Athletes League12 Jul 09
HT5K31.402ABraintreeEastern Young Athletes' League19 Apr 09
2008 U15 Peterborough
HT4K36.773ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final21 Sep 08
HT4K34.882APeterboroughEast Anglian League17 Aug 08
HT4K34.317PeterboroughPeterborough City Games25 Aug 08
HT4K32.84PeterboroughAnglian Schools Championships21 Jun 08
HT4K32.68IpswichEastern Young Athletes' League13 Jul 08
HT4K32.38St. IvesEast Anglian League18 May 08
HT4K32.08StevenageEastern Young Athletes' League29 Jun 08
HT4K31.14CambridgeCambridgeshire Schools' Championships14 Jun 08
HT4K31.13St. IvesEastern Young Athletes' League27 Apr 08
HT4K30.50Kings LynnEast Anglian League22 Jun 08
HT4K29.32PeterboroughCambridgeshire Championships10 May 08
HT4K28.69PeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League8 Jun 08
HT4K23.85PeterboroughEast Anglian League20 Apr 08
2006 U13 Peterborough
LJ4.30BedfordUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier21 May 06
Total Performances: 136
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