Ash Carter

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Club:Leighton Buzzard
Age Group:U15
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

2020 U15 Leighton Buzzard
2.8KXC12:4088Milton KeynesChiltern League8 Feb 20
3KXC16:1335BiggleswadeBedfordshire / Buckinghamshire County Championships4 Jan 20
3KXC16:3388KeysoeChiltern League11 Jan 20
3KXC16:51292Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships25 Jan 20
3.7KXC21:57375Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
2019 U13 Leighton Buzzard
8003:21.36APeterboroughEast Anglian League4 Aug 19
75HU13M18.93-0.92BedfordBedfordshire County Championships11 May 19
75HU13M19.51nsBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League14 Apr 19
75HU13M20.32nsHemel HempsteadEastern Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
75HU13M23.83APeterboroughEast Anglian League26 May 19
LJ3.257CSandyBiggleswade AC Open28 Sep 19
LJ3.191nsHendonEastern Young Athletes' League11 Aug 19
LJ3.191nsHendonEastern Young Athletes' League11 Aug 19
LJ3.109nsStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
LJ3.005BLutonEast Anglian League23 Jun 19
LJ2.954BPeterboroughEast Anglian League26 May 19
LJ2.934BCambridgeEast Anglian League21 Jul 19
DT1K12.305PeterboroughEast Anglian League4 Aug 19
DT1K12.2012BSandyBiggleswade AC Open28 Sep 19
DT1K11.832nsStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
DT1K10.226LutonEast Anglian League23 Jun 19
DT1K10.1613Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Open Series1 Sep 19
DT1K10.141nsHendonEastern Young Athletes' League11 Aug 19
DT1K9.461BBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League14 Apr 19
JT40020.833ASandyBiggleswade AC Open28 Sep 19
JT40019.811nsStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
JT40019.654CambridgeEast Anglian League21 Jul 19
JT40018.765LutonEast Anglian League23 Jun 19
JT40018.632PeterboroughEast Anglian League26 May 19
JT40018.391nsBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League14 Apr 19
JT40018.162nsHemel HempsteadEastern Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
JT40017.246PeterboroughEast Anglian League4 Aug 19
JT40016.762BHendonEastern Young Athletes' League11 Aug 19
JT40016.223BedfordBedfordshire County Championships11 May 19
JT40015.847Milton KeynesMilton Keynes Open Series1 Sep 19
2.8KXC13:4282Milton KeynesChiltern League9 Feb 19
2.8KXC14:1969LutonChiltern League7 Dec 19
2.9KXC14:0499Milton KeynesChiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford Uni v RAF)9 Nov 19
2.9KXC15:12114Shottover HillChiltern League12 Oct 19
3KXC13:3538Hughenden ParkBedfordshire / Buckinghamshire County Championships5 Jan 19
3KXC16:32324Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships26 Jan 19
3KXC16:47405LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
2018 U13 Leighton Buzzard
8003:31.44ABraintreeEast Anglian League12 Aug 18
8003:32.0245SandyBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting24 Mar 18
8003:36.8564SandyBiggleswade AC Open29 Sep 18
15005:51.15ALutonEast Anglian League22 Jul 18
75HU13M18.55-2.23SandyBiggleswade AC Open29 Sep 18
75HU13M18.92BLutonEast Anglian League17 Jun 18
75HU13M20.21BLutonEast Anglian League22 Jul 18
75HU13M20.61BBraintreeEast Anglian League12 Aug 18
LJ2.826ALutonEast Anglian League17 Jun 18
SP3K3.693BedfordBedfordshire County Championships13 May 18
JT40018.352LutonEast Anglian League17 Jun 18
JT40018.222BraintreeEast Anglian League12 Aug 18
JT40017.352ASandyBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting24 Mar 18
JT40016.344LutonEast Anglian League22 Jul 18
JT40014.332ASandyBiggleswade AC Open29 Sep 18
JT4004.472BedfordBedfordshire County Championships13 May 18
1.5KXC7:0559Milton KeynesResults Base Chiltern League10 Feb 18
2KXC9:5462KeysoeResults Base Chiltern League13 Jan 18
2.59KXC12:56101Milton KeynesChiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford Uni v RAF)10 Nov 18
2.8KXC13:2983LutonChiltern League1 Dec 18
2.9KXC13:55105OxfordChiltern League13 Oct 18
2017 U11 Leighton Buzzard
7515.281.87BedfordBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting8 Apr 17
8015.271LutonEast Anglian League20 Aug 17
8015.6w15CambridgeEast Anglian League16 Jul 17
8015.962PeterboroughEast Anglian League23 Apr 17
8016.018PeterboroughEast Anglian League11 Jun 17
6002:15.78LutonEast Anglian League20 Aug 17
6002:20.610CambridgeEast Anglian League16 Jul 17
6002:24.413PeterboroughEast Anglian League11 Jun 17
6002:32.312PeterboroughEast Anglian League23 Apr 17
6002:44.5915BedfordBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting8 Apr 17
LJ2.93w6CambridgeEast Anglian League16 Jul 17
LJ2.7810PeterboroughEast Anglian League11 Jun 17
LJ2.6211ABedfordBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting8 Apr 17
SP2K3.647LutonEast Anglian League20 Aug 17
SP2K3.056PeterboroughEast Anglian League23 Apr 17
1.5KXC8:1370Milton KeynesChiltern League11 Feb 17
1.8KXC8:3178Milton KeynesChiltern League Inc. British Athletics Cross Challenge & RAF v Oxford University11 Nov 17
2KXC11:1168KeysoeChiltern League14 Jan 17
2.1KXC9:2646OxfordResults Base Chiltern League14 Oct 17
2.2KXC12:2384LutonResults Base Chiltern League2 Dec 17
2016 U11 Leighton Buzzard
8015.741BraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
8015.912Bury St EdmundsEast Anglian League24 Apr 16
8016.316SouthendEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
8016.818LutonEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
6002:25.614BraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
6002:35.716LutonEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
6002:39.816SouthendEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
LJ2.635BraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
LJ2.556Bury St EdmundsEast Anglian League24 Apr 16
LJ2.426LutonEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
SP2K3.166SouthendEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
SP2K3.116BraintreeEast Anglian League12 Jun 16
SP2K3.017LutonEast Anglian League14 Aug 16
SP2K2.755Bury St EdmundsEast Anglian League24 Apr 16
1.755KXC9:1799Milton KeynesChiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford University v RAF)12 Nov 16
2.1KXC9:4365OxfordChiltern League15 Oct 16
2.2KXC12:3074LutonChiltern League3 Dec 16
Total Performances: 100
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