Matt Bray

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Club:Bedford & County
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 SEN Bedford & County
8001:54.96118WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting7 Aug 19
8001:56.783ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division 39 Jun 19
8001:57.251ABasingstokeSouthern Athletics League Division 2W17 Aug 19
8001:58.11617WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting15 May 19
8001:59.163ABasingstokeBritish Athletics League Division 33 Aug 19
15003:47.914AWatfordBMC Gold Standard Races21 Aug 19
15003:51.756BElthamBMC Grand Prix20 Jul 19
15003:52.683BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships2 Jun 19
15003:53.4310BLoughboroughBMC Grand Prix15 Jun 19
15003:55.1813CWatfordBMC Grand Prix29 Jun 19
30008:26.5583WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting1 May 19
30008:41.34+4m10Milton KeynesMK5000 PB Special27 Jul 19
500014:34.37710Milton KeynesMK5000 PB Special27 Jul 19
5K14:3414:3325IpswichIpswich Building Society Twilight 5K11 May 19
5K14:4782ArmaghArmagh International Road Races14 Feb 19
5KXCL17:005L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships2 Nov 19
5.6KL16:569L1Crystal PalaceSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 19
5.848KL17:5719L1Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays6 Oct 19
7.664KL23:463L3Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12-Stage Relays24 Mar 19
5.38ML27:1013L3Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays6 Apr 19
9.05KXC30:2111Milton KeynesChiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford Uni v RAF)9 Nov 19
10KXC35:2864LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
12KXC39:0757LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
15KXC50:0261Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships26 Jan 19
2018 U23 Bedford & County
8001:55.062ILoughboroughBMC Grand Prix23 Jun 18
8001:55.85522WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting8 Aug 18
8001:56.285AOxfordBMC Regional Races28 Jul 18
8001:56.942ABedfordSouthern Athletics League Division 118 Aug 18
8001:57.291BBedfordBritish Athletics League Division 37 Jul 18
15003:51.8110s2BedfordBUCS Championships6 May 18
15003:57.685h4BedfordBUCS Championships5 May 18
15003:58.8614BWatfordBMC Grand Prix26 May 18
15004:00.098h2BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships16 Jun 18
15004:00.482BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 18
15004:01.141BNottinghamBritish Athletics League Division 34 Aug 18
15004:02.285h1BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships9 Jun 18
15004:14.572ABedfordSouthern Athletics League Division 118 Aug 18
30008:29.92132WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting2 May 18
5K14:4879ArmaghArmagh International Road Races15 Feb 18
5KXCL15:5819L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships3 Nov 18
5.8KL18:3124L1Crystal PalaceSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays23 Sep 18
5.88KL18:1835L1Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays6 Oct 18
5.38ML28:0833L1Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays14 Apr 18
9.15KXC29:2528Milton KeynesChiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford Uni v RAF)10 Nov 18
10.2KXC34:4310KeysoeResults Base Chiltern League13 Jan 18
12KXC44:37158Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
15KXC55:3846BrightonSouth of England AA Championships27 Jan 18
2017 U23 Bedford & County
8001:56.40824WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting14 Jun 17
8001:57.845BChelmsfordBritish Athletics League Division 33 Jun 17
8001:58.12AWelwynSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 117 Jun 17
8001:58.584BBedfordBritish Athletics League Division 315 Jul 17
15004:00.00918WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting28 Jun 17
15004:00.113IWatfordBMC Grand Prix24 Jun 17
15004:02.408GSolihullBMC Grand Prix13 May 17
15004:03.21ABedfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 121 May 17
15004:04.79721WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting26 Jul 17
15004:08.31i7Lee ValleySouth of England AA U15 / U17 Championships8 Jan 17
15004:10.0117ELoughboroughBMC Grand Prix8 Jul 17
15004:10.898h1Crystal PalaceSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 17
15004:14.81nsWelwynSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 117 Jun 17
30009:01.54183WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting19 Apr 17
5K15:23113ArmaghArmagh International Road Races18 Feb 17
5KXCL16:5318L4MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
5.08KL16:5018L6Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays8 Apr 17
5.88KL19:1329L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays7 Oct 17
8.4KXC28:4826Milton KeynesChiltern League11 Feb 17
8.9KXC30:0212OxfordResults Base Chiltern League14 Oct 17
9.2KXC28:364LutonResults Base Chiltern League2 Dec 17
9.5KXC32:2530Milton KeynesChiltern League Inc. British Athletics Cross Challenge & RAF v Oxford University11 Nov 17
9.8KXC34:26113LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District League & Mid Lancs League)25 Nov 17
10.2KXC35:1519KeysoeChiltern League14 Jan 17
2016 U23 Bedford & County
8001:56.06424WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting15 Jun 16
8001:56.764BBedfordBritish Athletics League Division 24 Jun 16
8001:58.45514WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting18 May 16
8002:00.72Milton KeynesSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 19 Jul 16
15003:57.46819WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting27 Jul 16
15004:01.65517WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting1 Jun 16
15004:03.476ANottinghamBritish Athletics League Division 26 Aug 16
15004:09.783BKingstonBritish Athletics League Division 22 Jul 16
30008:48.78142WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting4 May 16
4.25KL13:496L8GravesendSouthern Men's 12-Stage Relays20 Mar 16
3.165ML16:339L8Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays16 Apr 16
5.88KL19:3340L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays8 Oct 16
8KXC30:4247Parliament HillSouth of England Championships30 Jan 16
8.9KXC31:1627OxfordChiltern League15 Oct 16
10KXC40:2056LutonResults Base Chiltern League16 Jan 16
10KXC42:1676Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
11KXC39:459Old Warden ParkBedfordshire County Championships9 Jan 16
2015 U20 Bedford & County
8001:57.68715WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting20 May 15
8001:57.98124WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting15 Jul 15
8001:58.194ASwanseaBritish Athletics League Division 39 May 15
8001:58.38421WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting12 Aug 15
8001:58.51APeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 14 Jul 15
8001:58.80923WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting17 Jun 15
8001:59.034BDerbyBritish Athletics League Division 311 Jul 15
8002:03.373BedfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 125 Apr 15
15004:00.23923WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting29 Jul 15
15004:02.63515WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting1 Jul 15
15004:04.89714WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting3 Jun 15
15004:07.44811WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting6 May 15
15004:55.908ASwanseaBritish Athletics League Division 39 May 15
30008:46.56123WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting22 Apr 15
5.053KL16:3110L6Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12 Stage Relays29 Mar 15
8KXC25:1647BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc World Trials & British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Mar 15
8KXC29:3243BrightonSouth of England AA Championships24 Jan 15
10KXC38:2378Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
ZXC34:033916Milton KeynesApex Sports Chiltern League (inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Feb 15
ZXC34:582High WycombeBedfordshire County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXCNT347Milton KeynesApex Sports Chiltern League10 Jan 15
2014 U20 Bedford & County
8001:57.00823WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting16 Jul 14
8001:58.364ABrightonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 112 Jul 14
8001:59.67413WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting21 May 14
8001:59.90622WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting18 Jun 14
8002:00.46217WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting23 Apr 14
8002:02.163BAbingdonBritish Athletics League Division 39 Aug 14
15004:03.26AMilton KeynesBMC PB Classic7 Jun 14
15004:06.91714WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting7 May 14
15004:12.667ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division 310 May 14
15004:20.22APeterboroughSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 119 Apr 14
4.3KL14:1337L2Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12 Stage Relays5 Apr 14
8KXC29:4631Parliament HillSouthern Championships25 Jan 14
ZXC25:4985Donington ParkEnglish Schools' Championships15 Mar 14
ZXC26:051LutonBedfordshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXC28:59143Milton KeynesApex Sports Chiltern League8 Feb 14
ZXC29:47224SloughApex Sports Chiltern League11 Jan 14
ZXC30:19478KeysoeApex Sports Chiltern League (inc RAF vs Oxford University)8 Nov 14
ZXC34:28279WatfordApex Sports Chiltern League11 Oct 14
ZXCL9:4118L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
ZXCL10:554L3Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Relay Championships18 Oct 14
2013 U20 Bedford & County
40058.31BSandyUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern North 128 Jul 13
8002:01.81BSandyUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern North 128 Jul 13
8002:03.63ABedfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N10 Aug 13
8002:04.24513WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting12 Jun 13
8002:04.41BHemel HempsteadSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N13 Jul 13
8002:06.72BElthamUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern North 130 Jun 13
8002:07.13AIpswichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N20 Apr 13
8002:08.821111WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting17 Apr 13
15004:10.28818WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting24 Jul 13
15004:14.961115WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting26 Jun 13
15004:16.22AWelwynUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division Southern North 12 Jun 13
15004:20.33BNorwichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N15 Jun 13
15004:23.82BIpswichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N20 Apr 13
3KXCL9:2712L2MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
ZXC22:3884Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
ZXC23:50106Catton HallEnglish Schools' Championships16 Mar 13
ZXC24:1816WingApex Sports Chiltern League9 Feb 13
ZXC27:4495Milton KeynesApex Sports Chiltern League7 Dec 13
ZXC32:09172OxfordApex Sports Chiltern League9 Nov 13
ZXC34:53296WatfordApex Sports Chiltern League19 Oct 13
ZXCL10:463L3Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Relay Championships5 Oct 13
2012 U17 Bedford & County
8002:04.83ABedfordMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern 1N6 May 12
8002:06.12AWycombeMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern 1N17 Jun 12
15004:12.3796WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting16 May 12
15004:21.01BErith (Match 2)Southern Men's League Division 19 Jun 12
15004:22.41BedfordBedfordshire & Luton Schools Championships13 Jun 12
15004:24.21ASt AlbansMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern 1N20 May 12
15004:47.25AWycombeMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Southern 1N17 Jun 12
30009:06.39192WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting30 May 12
30009:18.2172WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting2 May 12
30009:34.11nsSandyNational Junior Athletic League Thames Division24 Jun 12
3.851KL12:366L3AldershotSouthern Road Relays (SW/U17M)22 Sep 12
ZXC19:216SloughApex Sports Chiltern League14 Jan 12
ZXC19:242WingBedfordshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC20:1563BirminghamInter Counties Championships10 Mar 12
ZXC21:1765Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC21:3982IltonEnglish Schools' Championships17 Mar 12
ZXC21:444WingApex Sports Chiltern League11 Feb 12
ZXC22:3160BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXCL9:5416L2MansfieldECCA National Relays3 Nov 12
2011 U17 Bedford & County
40063.75AHarrowMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 219 Jun 11
400NT4ACambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League1 May 11
8002:11.22ABedfordEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jul 11
8002:11.411014Watford Watford Open13 Jul 11
8002:12.25AHarrowMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 219 Jun 11
8002:32.71BCambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League1 May 11
15004:25.63910WatfordWatford Open29 Jun 11
15004:27.70312WatfordWatford Open1 Jun 11
15004:30.03ABedfordEastern Young Athletes' League24 Jul 11
15004:30.81HillingdonMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division5 Jun 11
15004:31.31AStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League12 Jun 11
15004:36.73AChelmsfordEastern Young Athletes' League Top 6 Final11 Sep 11
15004:37.22BedfordMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division22 May 11
15004:39.35ReadingMcCain Young Athletes League Southern Premier W Division Match 18 May 11
15004:40.62ACambridgeEastern Young Athletes' League1 May 11
30009:51.6310Milton KeynesBMC PB Classic21 May 11
30009:54.21BedfordBedfordshire Schools Championships8 Jun 11
HJ1.455AChelmsfordEastern Young Athletes' League Top 6 Final11 Sep 11
3.851KL13:1811L3AldershotSouthern Road Relay Championships SW/U17M24 Sep 11
3.863KL13:1743L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athletes' Relays16 Oct 11
3M16:5567Old BillingsgateVirgin London Mini Marathon17 Apr 11
ZXC14:546LutonApex Sports Chiltern League15 Jan 11
ZXC15:252High WycombeBedfordshire County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC15:416WingApex Sports Chiltern League12 Feb 11
ZXC16:0632BirminghamInter Counties Championships5 Mar 11
ZXC16:2926Parliament HillSouthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
ZXC17:4128CroydonSEAA Inter Counties (inc Masters' Championships)10 Dec 11
ZXC18:4566Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC19:37121NottinghamEnglish Schools' Championships19 Mar 11
ZXC20:3417LutonApex Sports Chiltern League8 Oct 11
ZXC23:0519St AlbansApex Sports Chiltern League3 Dec 11
ZXC23:5615WatfordApex Sports Chiltern League12 Nov 11
ZXCL10:0024L2MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
2010 U15 Bedford & County
10014.93BWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League27 Jun 10
40067.83BWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League27 Jun 10
8002:21.13St. AlbansMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern Premier E18 Jul 10
8002:22.42APeterboroughEastern Young Athletes' League25 Apr 10
8002:22.53BWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League27 Jun 10
8002:23.013LutonBedfordshire AAA Open Meeting17 Apr 10
8002:23.23High WycombeMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern Premier E16 May 10
8002:24.5995WatfordWatford Graded Open16 Jun 10
8002:24.81BStevenageEastern Young Athletes' League Top 6 Trophy Final12 Sep 10
8002:25.3118WatfordWatford Graded Open14 Jul 10
8002:28.594WoodfordMcCain UK Young Athletes League Southern Premier E2 May 10
8002:29.92BBedfordEastern Young Athletes' League11 Jul 10
15004:48.6915WatfordWatford Graded Open30 Jun 10
2.997KL10:5620L3AldershotSouthern Women's 4 Stage & Young Athletes Relays25 Sep 10
3.863KL13:5837L1Sutton ParkYoung Athletes' National Road Relays17 Oct 10
ZXC13:508StoweApex Sports Chiltern League4 Dec 10
ZXC13:5431BiggleswadeSEAA Inter Counties Championships11 Dec 10
ZXC15:1617OxfordApex Sports Chiltern League9 Oct 10
ZXC17:19301LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC17:438WatfordApex Sports Chiltern League13 Nov 10
ZXCL6:5837L1MansfieldECCA Relays6 Nov 10
2009 U15 Bedford & County
ZRDL11:3426L4AldershotSouthern Counties Young Athletes' Relays26 Sep 09
ZRDL15:0768L1Sutton ColdfieldYoung Athletes' National Road Relays18 Oct 09
ZXC10:5834ShuttleworthSouth of England Inter Counties Championships31 Jan 09
ZXC12:279BiggleswadeBedfordshire County Championships10 Jan 09
2008 U13 Bedford & County
15005:23.0SandyBiggleswade Open27 Sep 08
15005:29.1BedfordBedfordshire Championships11 May 08
Total Performances: 229
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