Nathan Stephens

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Club:DSW Para Academy
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Anthony Hughes

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Major Championships and International Record
2013 - IPC Athletics World Championships DT 7th, JT 5th
2012 - Paralympic Games JT 10th. Paralympic World Cup JT silver. German National Paralympic Championships JT 4th
2011 - IPC Athletic Championships JT gold
2010 - IWAS World Junior Championships JT gold, DT gold
2009 - IWAS Junior Championships DT silver, German Disability Championships DT 4th, JT bronze, SP gold, Paralympics Word Cup SP 6th
2008 - Paralympics 4th (F57/58 javelin), 8th (F57/58 shot), 11th (F57/ 58 discus)
2006 - Paralympic Winter Games 7th (ice sledge hockey)
2006 - World Championships 5th (F57 javelin), 5th (F57 shot)

Nathan is one of GB’s most promising young throwers, he made his summer Games debut in Beijing but was a member of the GB team ice sledge hockey at Turin 2006 winter Paralympics. Nathan had both his legs amputated after being run over by a freight train aged 9. His preferred event is the javelin and aims to be best in the world by London 2012.

He first started athletics when he was 14 after his coach spotted him in at a Rotary Club Games. Since then he has became a talented athlete winning gold medals for all three of his events in the DSE British Open Athletics Championships, at the Junior World Championships and Belgium Open Athletics Championships amongst many other competitions. He wants to be the first British athlete to medal at both winter and summer Paralympics He narrowly missed out on a medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games, placing 4th, but in 2010 at the IWAS World Junior Championships in Olomouc hee won gold at both the javelin and discus and in 2011 at the IPC Athletic Championships in Christchurch he also secured the gold medal in the javelin.

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2014 SEN DSW Para Academy
DT1.5K34.341F57BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships15 Jun 14
DT1.5K32.264F57SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships23 Aug 14
DT1K33.736Berlin, GERInternational German Championships22 Jun 14
JT70031.59Stoke MandevilleBWAA/BWRA/CP Sport Grand Prix5 Jul 14
JT70031.271F57YeovilSomerset County Championships17 May 14
JT70030.734F57SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships20 Aug 14
JT70030.091Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix11 May 14
JT60032.941F57CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting16 Jul 14
JT60030.661F57CheltenhamCheltenham Midsummer Open Meeting9 Jul 14
JT60030.651CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic inc Midland 3000m Championships20 Jul 14
JT60030.614Berlin, GERInternational German Championships20 Jun 14
JT60029.07KingstonWeir Archer Academy Disability Open Meeting / Surrey County Disability Championships6 Apr 14
JT60028.551F57BirminghamMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships & England Athletics Senior Disability Championships15 Jun 14
2013 SEN DSW Para Academy
DT1.5K40.787Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships22 Jul 13
DT1.5K40.00Groningen, NEDIWAS Athletics Series15 May 13
DT1.5K39.90Emmeloord, NEDIWAS Athletics Series11 May 13
DT1.5K38.541Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Athletics Series19 May 13
JT70040.173Olympic ParkSainsbury's International Para Challenge28 Jul 13
JT70039.865Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships20 Jul 13
JT70037.95Groningen, NEDIWAS Athletics Series15 May 13
JT70037.20Emmeloord, NEDIWAS Athletics Series12 May 13
JT70036.193Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Athletics Series19 May 13
JT60039.75YeovilCP Sport Grand Prix22 Jun 13
JT60038.221Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)14 Jun 13
2012 SEN DSW Para Academy
DT1.5KDNS-Olympic ParkParalympic Games31 Aug 12
DT1K38.43YeovilCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)21 Jul 12
JT70037.171CardiffWelsh Championships2 Jun 12
JT70037.0910Olympic ParkParalympic Games8 Sep 12
JT70036.842SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
JT70035.65Stoke MandevilleBWAA Grand Prix8 Jul 12
JT70035.434Berlin, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships15 Jun 12
JT60037.70YeovilCP Sport Grand Prix (Inc Aviva U20 Parallel Success)21 Jul 12
2011 SEN DSW Para Academy
DT1.5K41.82Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge31 Jul 11
DT1.5K41.393Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
DT1.5K41.321Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
DT1.5K40.774Olomouc, CZECzech Open20 Aug 11
DT1.5K40.434Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships24 Jul 11
DT1.5K40.206ManchesterParalympic World Cup27 May 11
DT1.5K39.55CardiffWelsh Parallel Success19 Jun 11
DT1.5K39.002Emmen, NEDIWAS Series28 May 11
DT1.5K38.51StokeBWAA Grand Prix11 Jun 11
JT70041.371Olomouc, CZECzech Open20 Aug 11
JT70039.80Stoke MandevilleStoke Mandeville Disability Athletics Challenge30 Jul 11
JT70039.111Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships28 Jan 11
JT70038.972Stadskanaal, NEDIWAS Series5 Jun 11
JT70037.83CardiffWelsh Parallel Success19 Jun 11
JT70037.752Bottrop, GERIWAS Series1 Jun 11
JT70037.50StokeBWAA Grand Prix11 Jun 11
JT70036.641Singen, GERGerman National Paralympic Championships22 Jul 11
JT70035.221Emmen, NEDIWAS Series29 May 11
2010 U23 DSW Para Academy
SP5K9.81StokeBWAA Grand Prix8 Aug 10
DT1.5K40.285BerlinBerlin Open28 Aug 10
DT1.5K39.172Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge15 Aug 10
DT1.5K38.811Olomouc, CZEIWAS World Junior Championships24 Aug 10
DT1.5K38.05StokeBWAA Grand Prix12 Sep 10
DT1.5K36.98StokeBWAA Grand Prix7 Aug 10
JT70039.371BerlinBerlin Open28 Aug 10
JT70038.981Olomouc, CZEIWAS World Junior Championships22 Aug 10
JT70038.622Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge15 Aug 10
JT70035.79StokeBWAA Grand Prix7 Aug 10
JT70035.11StokeBWAA Grand Prix11 Sep 10
2009 U23 DSW Para Academy
SP5K12.435Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships11 Jul 09
SP5K12.391Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs18 Jul 09
SP5K12.33NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
SP5K12.302Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
SP5K11.976SportcityParalympic World Cup24 May 09
SP5K11.863Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1.5K40.735Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
DT1.5K40.082Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs17 Jul 09
DT1.5K40.003Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
DT1.5K39.864Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships12 Jul 09
DT1.5K36.71NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
JT70036.911Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
JT70036.221Crystal PalaceAviva Parallel Success Challenge26 Jul 09
JT70036.09NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
JT70036.063Sindelfingen, GERGerman Disability Championships10 Jul 09
JT70035.761Nottwil, SUIIWAS Junior Champs19 Jul 09
2008 U23 DSW Para Academy
SP5K12.578Beijing, CHNParalympic Games9 Sep 08
DT1.5K38.8911Beijing, CHNParalympic Games13 Sep 08
JT70038.564Beijing, CHNParalympic Games16 Sep 08
Total Performances: 80
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