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Club:Herne Hill

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James took over the training of Herne Hill Harriers Middle Distance Squad in December 2002 after the previous Coach,Ollie Wright who he assisted,moved to the North of England.Having had individual success within the squad with 3 or 4 getting to English Schools Finals each year , the rest of the squad developed rapidly over the next few years winning several Surrey County titles,South Of England and National Titles. IN 2011 Katie Snowden, his top Athlete at the time, made it to the finals of the 800m at the World Youth in Lille, France. She was a European Youth Olympic Trials finalist in Moscow and then won the Commonwealth Youth games on the Isle of Man. Shortly after that James was diagnosed with a terrible illness but kept going for the sake of his family and Middle Distance squad. The squad have since won many age group Championships as well as individual titles on the Track, Road and Cross Country with several of his athletes making up the bulk of Herne Hill Harriers teams, winning County, South Of England and National Titles. James was voted Wandsworth Coach of the year in 2008,England Athletics London Regional Development Coach of the Year in 2010 and 2013.In 2015 Wandsworth Active awarded James with an award for his Contribution to Sports.

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Leila AbandahHerne HillSENW
Daniel Aisa MillerHerne HillU13M
David Aisa MillerHerne HillU17M
Mohammed AliHerne HillU20M
Jacob AlleyHerne HillU20M
Flo AndersonHerne HillU23W
Annabella BaileyHerne HillU15WHJ540U1520191.38
Callum BalmeHerne HillU17M
Katie BalmeHerne HillU23W1500SCW8U2020195:11.90
Billie BarbourHerne HillSENW
Callum BarkerHerne HillU23M
Robin BebbingtonHerne HillU15M
Nathan BekeleHerne HillSENM
Ibrahim BelalHerne HillU23M
Harry BellHerne HillU15M
Ben BirchHerne HillU15M
Saskia BirtHerne HillU17W300334U17201944.4
Billy BlackHerne HillU23M
Phoebe BowenHerne HillU17W150061U1520194:49.94
Isabella BroughtonHerne HillSENW
Alfie BrownHerne HillU23M
Lily-Rose BrownHerne HillU13W150010U1320194:53.88
Michael BrownHerne HillSENM
Oak BuchanHerne HillU15M150036U1320194:45.79
Paul BurgessHerne HillU23M
Jess ButlandHerne HillU17WTJ352U1720199.00
Sam CamenzuliHerne HillU20M1500579U1720194:33.7
Ashleigh CampbellHerne HillSENW
Paul ChalobahHerne HillU23M
Tamra ChanHerne HillU15W800200U1520192:24.35
Joshua ChapmanHerne HillU15M60227U1520208.28
Kai ChatterjeeHerne HillU20M
Scarlett ChatterjeeHerne HillU13WJT400393U13201915.50
Jonathan ChenHerne HillU23M
Alex ChiltonHerne HillU20M
Aaron ClarkHerne HillSENM
Sam CohenHerne HillU23M
Tatiana CookeHerne HillU23W
Evan Cowell-NewHerne HillU15M800261U1520192:13.4
Ned CraddockHerne HillU20M
Zachary CrowtherHerne HillU15M8002U1520202:03.95
Zoe CruywagenHerne HillU17W
Abigail CunninghamHerne HillU20W
Fraser CunninghamHerne HillSENM
Isabella D'AmicoHerne HillU17W
Mohamed Et TaheriHerne HillU23M
Maggie FairnHerne HillU17W
Sebastian FallowfieldHerne HillU23M
Max FerrariHerne HillSENM
Dominic FlavellHerne HillU23M
Armelle FolkesHerne HillSENW
Anna ForsterHerne HillU13W800398U1320192:38.80
Iris ForsterHerne HillU17W
Margaret ForsterHerne HillU13W
Oscar GleaveHerne HillU23M
Olivia GoodwinHerne HillU23W
Eimear GriffinHerne HillU23W400266U20201963.73
Fred HakeHerne HillU13M1500114U1320194:54.49
Ursula HallHerne HillU20W
Rosie HammondHerne HillU20W
Robert HansonHerne HillSENM
Georgie HayHerne HillSENW
Maisie HilaireHerne HillSENW
Susannah HirstHerne HillU20W1500327U1720195:09.39
Freddy HodgsonHerne HillU20M
Eva HollandHerne HillU17W
Hebe HunterHerne HillU17W1500164U1520194:59.37
Fabian HurstHerne HillU17M300648U15201942.54
Alex JackHerne HillU15M
Sophie JackHerne HillU13W
Nathaniel JacquesHerne HillSENM
Jasper JohnsonHerne HillU23M
Daniel JuliusHerne HillU13M
Harvey KandeHerne HillU17M80073U1720202:05.11
Jaden KennedyHerne HillU17M
Isobel KershawHerne HillU23W
Lulu KingHerne HillU20W
Turkay KorkmazHerne HillU23M
Charlie KrammerHerne HillU20M1500248U1720194:18.56
Phillipa La RoseeHerne HillSENW
Rosalie LabanHerne HillU15W1500155U1320195:19.29
Olivia LamontHerne HillU23W
Izzie Lamport-WentHerne HillU23W
Jamal LangleyHerne HillSENM
Timothy LeakeHerne HillSENM
Ji-Min LeeHerne HillSENM
Joshua Lee-BaumHerne HillU15M80037U1520202:13.35
Diego ListerHerne HillU15M300233U15201940.16
James McDonaldHerne HillV60M
Fraser McIntoshHerne HillSENM
Francesca MeadeHerne HillSENW
Mohamed MohamudHerne HillU23M
Imran NadewHerne HillU23M
Malik NehailiBelgraveU23M
Ella NewtonHerne HillU23W300039U20201910:16.75
Lily NewtonHerne HillU20W1500SCW11U2020195:16.20
Johanna NicholsonHerne HillU15W1500345U1520195:10.19
Eva O'HanlonHerne HillU15W150043U1320195:05.4
Grace O'HanlonHerne HillU15W1200222U1320194:17.62
Edward OlsenHerne HillU23M
Lucy OlsenHerne HillU23W
Anna ParockiHerne HillU15W800552U1320192:41.52
Isobel PenniceardHerne HillU20W1500339U1720195:10.13
Izzy PerryHerne HillU15W1500270U1320195:28.69
James PettemHerne HillSENM
Charles PhilpotHerne HillSENM
Victoria PickenHerne HillU23W
Jessica Quartey-PigottHerne HillSENW
Francesca Reid LloydHerne HillU23W
Toby ReynoldsHerne HillU20M
Joe RobertsHerne HillU17M
Sophia SahaiHerne HillU13W15001U1320204:58.08
Alice SetyabuleHerne HillU23W
Daisy SetyabuleHerne HillU23W
Maddie ShawHerne HillU23W
Emma SimpsonHerne HillU20W
Jacob SolonHerne HillU20M
Alex SpaulHerne HillU15M
Alice Stevens-CoxHerne HillU15W70HU13W473U13201913.8
Luke Stevens-CoxHerne HillU20M
Matilda Stevens-CoxHerne HillU17W
Eleanor StrattonHerne HillU23W
Jessica TabrahamHerne HillU20W
John TayleurHerne HillSENM
Stella ThomasHerne HillU17WHJ306U1520191.44
Hannah TompkinsHerne HillU23W
Zoe TompkinsHerne HillU23W1500SCW13U2020195:17.59
Lily Waldeck-EvansHerne HillU20W
Hannah WebbHerne HillSENW
Jake WendonHerne HillSENM
Alex WheeldonHerne HillSENM
Fabien WhitelockHerne HillU15M150059U1320194:49.26
Layla WilkinsonHerne HillU17W80067U1720192:17.16
Kayah WilksHerne HillU20W
Sophie WilliamsHerne HillU17W
Thomas WodajoHerne HillU23M
Samuel WoodsEdinburgh ACSENM
Merhawi YemaneHerne HillSENM

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