Alun Williams

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Age Group:V60
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Kate BainGuernseyU17W80045U1520192:18.32
Tilly BeddowGuernseyU15W80081U1520192:19.76
Henry ListerGuernseyU17M800471U1720192:08.41
Gian-Luca RobilliardGuernseyU17M80034U1520192:04.84
Summer WoodheadGuernseyU17W300019U15201910:43.89

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2019 V55 Guernsey
1M7:5725B3CastelVazon Mile25 Jun 19
1MXCL8:4242L1StonecrusherGuernsey Easter Relay (4 x Mile)21 Apr 19
3MXC28:38406Footes LaneFNB Guernsey League20 Jan 19
5K26:091524St Peter PortGuernsey Easter 5K19 Apr 19
5K27:28892St Peter PortRG Falla 5K4 Jun 19
10K56:131345CastelGuernsey Easter 10K22 Apr 19
7M64:171683CastelGuernsey Liberation Day 79 May 19
10M95:311051St Peter PortChertsey House Series 1024 Feb 19
2018 V55 Guernsey
1M8:28141CastelVazon Mile5 Jul 18
3MXC28:3912517DelanceyFNB Guernsey League20 Oct 18
3MXC28:42539StonecrusherFNB Guernsey League10 Nov 18
3MXC29:37336Home FarmFNB Guernsey League20 Jan 18
3MXC30:15558Home FarmFNB Guernsey League1 Dec 18
5K30:40606CastelChertsey House Series 5K11 Mar 18
4.75MXC50:2414318L'AncresseGuernsey Boxing Day Open26 Dec 18
10K57:2610613PembrokeChertsey House Series 10K25 Nov 18
7M70:3917918CastelGuernsey Liberation Day 79 May 18
2017 V55 Guernsey
3MXC26:43639StonecrusherFNB Guernsey League4 Nov 17
3MXC27:37124DelanceyFNB Guernsey League14 Oct 17
5K25:3015114St Peter PortIntertrust Guernsey Easter 5K14 Apr 17
5K25:51453CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series26 May 17
5K26:45641CastelChertsey House Series 5K15 Jan 17
5K27:18293CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series1 Sep 17
5K27:53225CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series7 Jul 17
3.3MXC28:59425StonecrusherFNB Guernsey League21 Jan 17
3.3MXC31:46376Home FarmFNB Guernsey League11 Feb 17
10K52:4913114St Peter PortIntertrust Guernsey Easter 10K17 Apr 17
10K57:4767ValeChertsey House Series 10K26 Mar 17
10K58:2358:2321914London Olympic ParkQEOP Summer 10K Series5 Aug 17
Mar5:35:265:34:0014655394Dublin, IRLSSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon29 Oct 17
2016 V55 Guernsey
500027:27.266CSt. Peter PortGuernsey 5000m Festival Open20 May 16
3MXC25:34437DelanceyFNB Guernsey League10 Dec 16
3MXC26:3912211DelanceyFNB Guernsey League15 Oct 16
3MXC28:47292Home FarmFNB Guernsey League6 Feb 16
5K26:454111CastelChertsey House 5K13 Mar 16
5K27:32423CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series27 May 16
4.75MXC45:279910L'Ancresse CommonGuernsey Easter 4.7526 Mar 16
5M45:26614GuernseyGuernsey 527 Nov 16
10K58:1857:2730818London Olympic ParkQEOP Winter 10K Series3 Dec 16
10K58:2112513St Peter PortKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K28 Mar 16
7M65:56947Houmet-North BeachGuernsey Liberation Day 79 May 16
10M92:05621St Peter PortChertsey House 1014 Feb 16
2015 V55 Guernsey
500027:57.589St. Peter PortIntertrust Endurance Festival7 Aug 15
3MXC24:53286DelanceyFNB Guernsey League5 Dec 15
4.75MXC45:448513L'AncresseGuernsey Easter 4.754 Apr 15
5M43:49433L'Ancresse - North BeachChertsey House Series 520 Dec 15
10K56:3616213Port SoifKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K3 Apr 15
7M63:379010St Peter PortLiberation Day 79 May 15
HM2:07:2422530St ClementsJersey Spartan Half Marathon15 Nov 15
HM2:11:311218St Peter PortKPMG Guernsey Easter Half Marathon6 Apr 15
2014 V50 Guernsey
5K26:25563CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series30 May 14
5K26:26402Saumarez ParkLee Merrien Running Park 5K Series6 Apr 14
5K27:20673GuernseyChertsey House Series 5K9 Feb 14
5K27:45682CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series5 Sep 14
5K27:51572CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series19 Sep 14
5K28:06603CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series2 May 14
10K54:2916521Port SoifKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K18 Apr 14
7M64:20904St Peter PortLiberation Day 79 May 14
HM2:11:1515012St Peter PortKPMG Guernsey Easter Half Marathon21 Apr 14
HM2:14:2128327St Peter PortGuernsey Dairy Half Marathon15 Jun 14
HMNAD2:13:5820325St ClementsJersey Spartan Half Marathon16 Nov 14
ZXC30:435010L'AncresseGuernsey League22 Nov 14
ZXC36:381199LucksallGuernsey League1 Nov 14
ZXC38:57142DelanceyGuernsey AC Championships23 Feb 14
ZXC44:5710612L'AncresseGuernsey Easter 4.7519 Apr 14
2013 V50 Guernsey
500026:18.89351St. Peter PortGuernsey 5000m Festival13 Sep 13
5K26:24503CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series31 May 13
5K26:58614CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series26 Apr 13
5K27:01472CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series28 Jun 13
5K28:09532CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series20 Sep 13
HMNAD2:12:5123524St ClementsJersey Spartan Half Marathon17 Nov 13
ZXC26:4511912Delancey ParkGuernsey League12 Oct 13
ZXC28:29315Nature TrailGuernsey League7 Dec 13
ZXC29:48314StonecrusherGuernsey League2 Nov 13
ZXC37:55949LucksallGuernsey League26 Oct 13
ZXC46:129915L'AncresseGuernsey Easter 4.7530 Mar 13
ZXC46:2210415L'AncresseGuernsey League26 Dec 13
ZXCL19:3236L1La FontenelleGuernsey Easter Stonecrusher 4x2M Relay31 Mar 13
2012 V50 Guernsey
Mile7:18.5012St. Peter PortIntertrust Golden Series3 May 12
5KNAD24:40433CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series20 Apr 12
5KNAD25:00537CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series30 Mar 12
5KNAD25:11525CastelSaumarez Park 5K Series25 May 12
10K51:2111512GuernseyKPMG Guernsey Easter 10K6 Apr 12
10KNAD52:28264L'ancresseGIAAC 10K Club Championships18 Mar 12
7MNAD60:289313GuernseyLiberation Day 79 May 12
10M94:30423GuernseyGuernsey 1022 Jan 12
HM2:01:521209GuernseyKPMG Guernsey Easter Half Marathon9 Apr 12
HM2:02:1518517GuernseySportingBet Guernsey Half Marathon17 Jun 12
ZXC40:01899GuernseyGuernsey Easter 4.757 Apr 12
ZXC41:3544Rocque BallanGuernsey Handicap 4.751 Jan 12
ZXC61:24133Footes LaneGuernsey Club Championships12 Feb 12
ZXCL16:47121GuernseyGuernsey Easter Relay8 Apr 12
2011 V50 Guernsey
5K23:51352GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series8 Apr 11
5K23:51303GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series2 Sep 11
5K24:15255GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series6 May 11
5K24:27263GuernseySaumarez Park 5K Series18 Mar 11
10K50:2911517Port SoifKPMG Guernsey Easter Runs 10K22 Apr 11
10K50:57141VazonGuernsey Vazon 10K27 Mar 11
7M59:03437St Peter PortGuernsey Liberation 79 May 11
HM1:49:449710St. Peter PortKPMG Guernsey Easter Runs Half Marathon25 Apr 11
ZXC24:218614Delancey ParkGuernsey League15 Oct 11
ZXC27:19184StonecrusherGuernsey League5 Nov 11
ZXC30:42165Fauxquets ValleyGuernsey League26 Nov 11
ZXC34:117012Millennium StoneeGuernsey League22 Oct 11
ZXC40:358410L'AncresseGuernsey Boxing Day Open26 Dec 11
2010 V50 Guernsey
ZXC23:14878Delancey ParkFirstrand Guernsey League16 Oct 10
ZXC24:39942Delancey ParkFirstrand Guernsey League4 Dec 10
ZXC26:2015StonecrusherFirstrand Guernsey League6 Nov 10
ZXC30:59134Fauxquets ValleyFirstrand Guernsey League20 Nov 10
ZXC53:4821234Farley MountHampshire League9 Oct 10
Total Performances: 110
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