Carmarthen U13 Team

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Age Group:U13
County:Wales West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U13 Carmarthen
4x10059.31CarmarthenWelsh Junior League Division West25 May 19
4x10060.275ASwanseaWelsh Junior League Cup Final25 Aug 19
4x10060.73HaverfordwestWelsh Junior League Division West4 May 19
4x10060.854NeathWelsh Junior League Division West27 Jul 19
4x10061.535SwanseaWelsh Junior League Division West29 Jun 19
2018 U13 Carmarthen
4x10058.402CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West5 May 18
4x10058.635SwanseaWelsh U15 League Cup Final19 Aug 18
4x10059.283NeathWelsh U15 League Division West3 Jun 18
4x10061.63HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 18
2017 U13 Carmarthen
4x10060.434SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West9 Jul 17
4x10063.9132CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West29 Apr 17
2016 U13 Carmarthen
4x10056.673ANewportWelsh U15 League Final21 Aug 16
4x10058.423CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West30 Apr 16
4x10060.45SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West5 Jun 16
4x10060.64HaverfordwestLouise Arthur / Gerald Codd Trophy Match23 Jul 16
4x10060.855BreconWelsh U15 League Division West10 Jul 16
4x10061.44NeathWelsh U15 League Division West28 May 16
2015 U13 Carmarthen
4x10057.0811CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West10 May 15
4x10057.754ANewportWelsh U15 League Final23 Aug 15
4x10058.4921NeathWelsh U15 League Division West7 Jun 15
4x10058.72CardiffBoys & Girls Clubs UK Championships13 Jun 15
4x10058.963BreconWelsh U15 League Division West12 Jul 15
4x10060.6312NeathWelsh U15 League Division West7 Jun 15
4x10064.096SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West2 Aug 15
2014 U13 Carmarthen
4x10058.645NewportWelsh U15 League Cup Final17 Aug 14
4x10059.4322SwanseaWelsh U15 League West Division8 Jun 14
4x10060.224NeathWelsh U15 League West Division18 May 14
4x10060.374BreconWelsh U15 League West Division12 Jul 14
4x10062.85HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match10 Aug 14
2013 U13 Carmarthen
4x10059.13BreconWelsh U15 League West Division 120 Jul 13
4x10061.52HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match11 Aug 13
4x10062.31CardiffNational Association of Clubs for Young People15 Jun 13
4x10062.43CarmarthenWelsh U15 League West Division 111 May 13
4x10062.43nsBreconWelsh U15 League West Division 120 Jul 13
4x10062.463BreconWelsh U15 League Cup Final15 Sep 13
4x10063.64CarmarthenWelsh U15 League West Division 111 May 13
4x10063.93BathUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland West 14 May 13
2012 U13 Carmarthen
4x10058.44BreconWelsh U15 League West Division 121 Jul 12
4x10059.02NeathWelsh U15 League West Division 126 May 12
4x10060.03CarmarthenWelsh U15 League West Division 128 Apr 12
4x10062.23NewportMcCain Young Athletes' League Division Midland 1W17 Jun 12
4x10062.45SwanseaWelsh U15 League West Division 124 Jun 12
4x10065.55HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 12
4x10065.92nsCarmarthenWelsh U15 League West Division 128 Apr 12
2011 U13 Carmarthen
4x10057.42HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy7 Aug 11
4x10057.83BreconWelsh U15 League West Division 19 Jul 11
4x10058.02CarmarthenWelsh U15 League West Division 130 Apr 11
4x10058.183BreconWelsh Junior Cup Final21 Aug 11
4x10061.13SwanseaMcCain Young Athletes League Midland Premier S Division19 Jun 11
4x10061.52Bristol (SG)McCain Young Athletes League Midland Premier S Division5 Jun 11
4x10063.05NeathWelsh U15 League West Division 128 May 11
2010 U13 Carmarthen
4x10054.683BreconWelsh Junior Cup Final22 Aug 10
4x10055.651CardiffMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland 1 SW - Match A18 Jul 10
4x10057.32SwanseaWelsh U15 League Louise Arthur 16 Jun 10
4x10057.433ACardiffWelsh Junior Cup Qualifier - West7 Aug 10
4x10057.64NeathWelsh U15 League - Louise Arthur Division 122 May 10
4x10058.22HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy15 Aug 10
4x10059.61CarmarthenMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland 1 SW - Match A2 May 10
4x10061.92CarmarthenMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland 1 SW16 May 10
2009 U13 Carmarthen
4x10055.81NeathWelsh Under 15 League23 May 09
4x10057.82ASolihullMcCain UK Young Athletes League Midland Premier21 Jun 09
2008 U13 Carmarthen
4x10054.12BreconWelsh Junior League Cup Final24 Aug 08
4x10054.31HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy17 Aug 08
4x10055.082Swansea (SL)Welsh Championships15 Jun 08
4x10055.11Swansea (SL)Louise Arthur League29 Jun 08
4x10055.61CarmarthenLouise Arthur League26 Apr 08
Total Performances: 66
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