Rania Maaranen

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Club:Derbyshire & South Yorkshire
Age Group:U20
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 U15 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire
10016.933CudworthSouth Yorkshire League30 Jun 18
10017.232SpinkhillSouth Yorkshire League16 Jun 18
10017.552CudworthSouth Yorkshire League20 May 18
10017.623RotherhamSouth Yorkshire League22 Apr 18
15027.30i44SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series25 Mar 18
20036.19i43SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series21 Jan 18
20037.21i54SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series25 Mar 18
8003:06.282SpinkhillSouth Yorkshire League16 Jun 18
8003:09.48i62SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series25 Mar 18
8003:10.619RotherhamSouth Yorkshire League22 Apr 18
LJ2.7721CudworthSouth Yorkshire League20 May 18
LJ2.7717CudworthSouth Yorkshire League30 Jun 18
LJ2.74i37SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series21 Jan 18
SP2.72K5.09i10SheffieldSheffield Festival Indoor Open28 Jan 18
SP2.72K4.98i23SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series21 Jan 18
SP2.72K4.904SpinkhillSteel City Cup Challenge9 Sep 18
DT0.75K13.724SpinkhillSteel City Cup Challenge9 Sep 18
DT0.75K12.432CudworthSouth Yorkshire League30 Jun 18
DT0.75K11.646CudworthSouth Yorkshire League20 May 18
JT4007.8611SpinkhillSouth Yorkshire League16 Jun 18
JT4007.809RotherhamSouth Yorkshire League22 Apr 18
2017 U13 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire/Sheffield & Dearne
6010.94i65SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series4 Jan 17
10017.926RotherhamSouth Yorkshire League23 Apr 17
10018.118SpinkhillSouth Yorkshire League17 Jun 17
15026.29i56SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series3 Dec 17
20036.92i45SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series22 Jan 17
20036.94i65SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series3 Dec 17
20038.29i54SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series19 Mar 17
20038.321RotherhamSouth Yorkshire League23 Apr 17
20039.59SpinkhillSouth Yorkshire League17 Jun 17
6002:18.39i64SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series19 Mar 17
6002:19.76i46SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series3 Dec 17
6002:27.96i6SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series4 Jan 17
8003:07.57i62SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series5 Nov 17
8003:16.313CudworthSouth Yorkshire League1 Jul 17
8003:26.916DoncasterSouth Yorkshire League27 May 17
LJ2.75i40SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series5 Nov 17
LJ2.7119CudworthSouth Yorkshire League1 Jul 17
LJ2.57i39SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series22 Jan 17
LJ2.5526DoncasterSouth Yorkshire League27 May 17
SP2.72K4.65i20SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series5 Nov 17
SP2.72K4.47i26SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series22 Jan 17
DT0.75K9.417CudworthSouth Yorkshire League1 Jul 17
DT0.75K8.783DoncasterSouth Yorkshire League27 May 17
JT4004.969SpinkhillSouth Yorkshire League17 Jun 17
3KXC16:0823KimberworthUp & Running South Yorkshire League29 Oct 17
3KXC17:3937SheffieldUp & Running South Yorkshire League15 Oct 17
ZXC16:5024KivetonUp & Running South Yorkshire League17 Dec 17
2016 U13 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire/Sheffield & Dearne
6011.24i53SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series24 Jan 16
6011.34i64SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series13 Nov 16
15028.57i45SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series6 Mar 16
20037.63i36SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series14 Dec 16
20038.41i66SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series4 Dec 16
6002:17.89i32SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series24 Jan 16
6002:20.19i65SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series4 Dec 16
6002:21.41i52SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series6 Mar 16
8003:16.08i23SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series13 Nov 16
HJ0.95i23SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series4 Dec 16
LJ2.55i21ASheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Series14 Dec 16
LJ2.42i19SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series24 Jan 16
LJ2.40i51SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series13 Nov 16
1.5KXC6:5028PenistoneUp and Running South Yorkshire League11 Dec 16
1.5KXC8:2037Norfolk ParkUp & Running South Yorkshire League16 Oct 16
1.54KXC8:0331KivetonUp and Running South Yorkshire League30 Oct 16
2015 U11 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire/City of Sheffield
6011.29i16SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series18 Oct 15
6002:18.01i14SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series8 Nov 15
6002:20.06i9SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series18 Oct 15
6002:37.42i21SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series8 Feb 15
HJNHi-SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series8 Nov 15
LJ2.53i16SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series18 Oct 15
LJ2.27i31SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series8 Feb 15
SP2.72K2.56i11SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series8 Feb 15
1.5KXC7:2531RotherhamUp and Running South Yorkshire League11 Oct 15
1.5KXC7:2827SheffieldUp and Running South Yorkshire League25 Oct 15
1.5KXCL6:2915L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships17 Oct 15
1.9KNAD8:3511:3478308SheffieldMorrisons Great Yorkshire Junior Run27 Sep 15
2014 U11 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire/City of Sheffield
6011.92i33SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series2 Nov 14
15029.11i31SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series23 Nov 14
6002:18.50i20SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series23 Nov 14
6002:26.53i13SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series2 Nov 14
LJ2.24i34SheffieldSouth Yorkshire Series2 Nov 14
ZXC7:2319KimberworthUp and Running South Yorkshire League14 Dec 14
ZXC7:2528SpinkhillUp and Running South Yorkshire League12 Oct 14
ZXC7:3621BarnsleyUp and Running South Yorkshire League26 Oct 14
ZXCL6:5114L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships18 Oct 14
Total Performances: 85
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