James Larkin

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Age Group:U20
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Hayley Ratcliff

Best known performances

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2023 U20 Torbay
20023.831.63ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 23
20023.95-1.512ExeterSouth West Athletics League3 Sep 23
20024.05w2.3111ExeterDevon Open 123 Apr 23
40051.471PlymouthDevon Open 221 May 23
40051.5341ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting27 Jun 23
40051.682ExeterDevon County Schools Championships10 Jun 23
40052.3821ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting29 Aug 23
40052.4844ExeterSouth West Inter-Counties Championships30 Jul 23
40052.4941ExeterSouth West Athletics League16 Jul 23
40052.882ExeterDevon Open 123 Apr 23
40053.171ExeterGreat West Open - Ken Trickey Memorial - inc. South West Sapphire League16 Apr 23
40054.524ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 23
8002:04.902ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 23
8002:06.934ExeterGreat West Open - Ken Trickey Memorial - inc. South West Sapphire League16 Apr 23
8002:10.037CExeterBMC Regional Races30 May 23
8002:14.927BExeterBMC Regional Races25 Apr 23
8002:16.2391ExeterSouth West Athletics League28 May 23
2022 U17 Torbay
20024.37w2.251ExeterSouth West Athletics League4 Sep 22
20024.550.212PlymouthDevon Open 421 Aug 22
20025.7-0.64PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up3 Apr 22
20026.25-2.03ExeterDevon County Championships15 May 22
40055.1632ExeterSouth West Athletics League7 Aug 22
8002:08.022CExeterBMC Regional Races30 Aug 22
8002:10.741PlymouthDevon Open 421 Aug 22
8002:12.7621ExeterSouth West Athletics League4 Sep 22
8002:13.013DExeterBMC Regional Races31 May 22
8002:13.122CExeterBMC Regional Races26 Apr 22
8002:13.537AExeterBMC Regional Races26 Jul 22
8002:14.262ExeterDevon County Championships15 May 22
8002:15.521PlymouthDevon Open 229 May 22
8002:17.3741ExeterSouth West Athletics League17 Jul 22
8002:22.867ExeterDevon Schools Championships11 Jun 22
15004:49.432PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up3 Apr 22
2.5ML15:3927L42IvybridgeEVH Relays20 Jul 22
5KXC21:132111Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League (Inc Gliddon & Squire North Devon League)9 Jan 22
5KXC21:3027ExeterDevon County Schools' Championships15 Jan 22
5.5KXC23:01198RedruthCharles Stanley Westward League13 Feb 22
2021 U17 Torbay
15020.52-4.353ExeterSouth West Athletics Academy Spring Junior Open25 Apr 21
20025.95w2.856PlymouthSouth West League - West Division5 Sep 21
40058.315PlymouthSouth West League - West Division1 Aug 21
40061.4442PlymouthSouth West Athletics League - West Division6 Jun 21
6001:45.7112ExeterSouth West Athletics Academy Spring Junior Open25 Apr 21
8002:14.764DExeterBMC Regional Races27 Jul 21
8002:20.115DExeterBMC Regional Races29 Jun 21
8002:22.213DExeterBMC Regional Races25 May 21
8002:24.065PlymouthSouth West League - West Division5 Sep 21
8002:35.636ExeterDevon County AA & Devon Schools Championships12 Jun 21
4KL15:0026L12ExeterRun Exe Relays6 Aug 21
2.5MMTL15:3925L42IvybridgeEVH Relays23 Jul 21
5KXC19:163318ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)5 Dec 21
parkrun18:5181Torbay VeloparkTorbay Velopark parkrun # 18620 Nov 21
parkrun19:055Torbay VeloparkTorbay Velopark parkrun # 18911 Dec 21
parkrun19:2031Torbay VeloparkTorbay Velopark parkrun # 19018 Dec 21
5.04KXC18:573114NewquayCharles Stanley Westward League (inc. Cornwall County Championships)14 Nov 21
2020 U15 Torbay
30044.2142BrauntonDevon Open13 Sep 20
30044.692TavistockTavistock AC Autumn Series27 Sep 20
30044.8352TavistockDevon Open16 Aug 20
8002:31.0221TavistockDevon Open16 Aug 20
8002:36.4543TavistockTavistock AC Autumn Series27 Sep 20
15005:19.1133BrauntonDevon Open13 Sep 20
3.6KXC15:1324Newton AbbotDevon County Schools' Championships18 Jan 20
4.25KXC19:441514StoverCharles Stanley Westward League1 Mar 20
4.6KXC23:2011672YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships5 Jan 20
2019 U15 Torbay
30045.503YeovilSouth West League Cup5 May 19
30045.736ExeterDevon County Championships12 May 19
30045.884PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Apr 19
30046.4323TavistockDevon Open Series14 Jul 19
30047.2581ExeterSouth West League4 Aug 19
30047.884ExeterExeter Great West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial Open14 Apr 19
8002:25.8411TavistockDevon Open Series14 Jul 19
8002:28.848DExeterBMC Regional Races30 Jul 19
8002:30.286ExeterDevon County Championships12 May 19
8002:30.4752ExeterSouth West League7 Jul 19
8002:30.9742BrauntonDevon Open Series11 Aug 19
8002:32.744PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Apr 19
8002:32.883YeovilSouth West League Cup5 May 19
8002:33.564BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Jun 19
8002:34.642PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting7 Apr 19
8002:37.027BExeterBMC Regional Races30 Apr 19
8002:37.2842ExeterSouth West League1 Sep 19
8002:44.008ExeterExeter Great West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial Open14 Apr 19
15005:14.3813ExeterSouth West League4 Aug 19
LJ4.145ExeterDevon County Championships12 May 19
LJ3.995PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Apr 19
LJ3.90w6ExeterExeter Great West Open & Ken Trickey Memorial Open14 Apr 19
LJ3.757TavistockDevon Open Series14 Jul 19
LJ3.7510ExeterSouth West League4 Aug 19
LJ3.686BrauntonDevon Open Series11 Aug 19
LJ3.549BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Jun 19
LJ3.5116ExeterExeter Harriers Evening Open30 Apr 19
LJ3.421nsYeovilSouth West League Cup5 May 19
3KXC13:228RedruthCharles Stanley Westward League3 Mar 19
3.07KXC13:259StoverCharles Stanley Westward League10 Feb 19
3.16KXC14:0744YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships6 Jan 19
3.6KXC15:02108PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League6 Oct 19
3.64KXC14:1211NewquayCharles Stanley Westward League (inc. Cornwall County Championships)10 Nov 19
3.9KXC15:0310ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (incl Devon County Championships)1 Dec 19
4KXC17:1714Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League13 Jan 19
4.8KXC21:0410Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League (Inc Gliddon & Squire North Devon League)15 Dec 19
parkrun19:49171Torbay VeloparkTorbay Velopark parkrun # 13022 Jun 19
parkrun24:1032Haldon ForestHaldon Forest parkrun # 4328 Dec 19
2018 U13 Torbay
10015.180.062ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting28 Aug 18
15005:58.83ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting28 Aug 18
LJ3.4910ExeterExeter Evening Open Meeting28 Aug 18
2.57KXC10:2023PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League7 Oct 18
3KXC12:3831ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)2 Dec 18
Total Performances: 106
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