Amy Hartley

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Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

2022 SEN Skyrac
20030.160.021CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 May 22
20030.40-0.73BHullNorthern League - East 1N30 Apr 22
40067.672BHullNorthern League - East 1N30 Apr 22
8002:35.245CudworthYorkshire County Championships14 May 22
8002:37.802AHullNorthern League - East 1N30 Apr 22
15005:13.354CudworthYorkshire County Championships15 May 22
15005:24.6371CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 May 22
15005:40.893AHullNorthern League - East 1N30 Apr 22
LJ3.524CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League11 May 22
7KXC33:5757Kiveton ParkYorkshire County Championships8 Jan 22
2021 U23 Skyrac
10014.544CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jul 21
10014.740.041CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Jul 21
20029.320.342CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League16 Jun 21
20030.10.06ACleckheatonNorth of England League East 1N19 Jun 21
20030.360.05AHullNorth of England League East 1N22 May 21
20030.40.412CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 May 21
40066.72BSheffieldNorth of England League East 1N4 Jul 21
40067.04BCleckheatonNorth of England League East 1N19 Jun 21
40070.0912CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Jul 21
8002:31.004AHullNorth of England League East 1N22 May 21
8002:32.2351CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League16 Jun 21
8002:32.94ACleckheatonNorth of England League East 1N19 Jun 21
8002:35.02BSheffieldNorth of England League East 1N4 Jul 21
8002:42.8771CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Jul 21
15005:12.666CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League26 May 21
15005:16.435CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jul 21
15005:22.2121CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Jul 21
15005:26.9111CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League5 May 21
LJ3.692CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League25 Jul 21
LJ3.463BSheffieldNorth of England League East 1N4 Jul 21
LJ3.076ACleckheatonNorth of England League East 1N19 Jun 21
SP4K5.862CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League7 Jul 21
5.1KXC23:3421CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League3 Oct 21
5.5KXC24:4623OultonWest Yorkshire League12 Dec 21
5.75KXC23:1827WakefieldWest Yorkshire League21 Nov 21
2020 U23 Skyrac
6.2KXC26:5235BedaleNorthern Counties Championships25 Jan 20
8.14KXC36:4574North StainleyYorkshire County Championships4 Jan 20
2019 U23 Skyrac
10014.723CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
10014.802WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 Jul 19
20031.35ABostonNorth of England League Division 3EC19 May 19
40066.21BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 3EC14 Jul 19
40068.943CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
40070.02BSpinkhillNorth of England League Division 3EC16 Jun 19
8002:37.22BSpinkhillNorth of England League Division 3EC16 Jun 19
8002:37.81BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 3EC14 Jul 19
8002:42.662CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
8002:42.91BBostonNorth of England League Division 3EC19 May 19
8002:44.673WakefieldWest Yorkshire League19 Jun 19
8002:47.872CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
15005:28.912WakefieldWest Yorkshire League10 Jul 19
15005:29.521CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League29 May 19
15005:36.931CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League28 Jul 19
300011:47.722CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League14 Apr 19
300012:21.42BBostonNorth of England League Division 3EC19 May 19
5.1KXC22:37121CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League8 Dec 19
5.3KXC22:32362KeighleyWest Yorkshire League5 Oct 19
5.6KXC25:5091CleethorpesCleethorpes Beach Open13 Oct 19
5.65KXC24:47233Nunroyd ParkWest Yorkshire League27 Oct 19
5.7KXC24:0749PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
5.7KXC24:54274West ParkWest Yorkshire League17 Nov 19
8.14KXC37:0397North StainleyYorkshire County Championships5 Jan 19
ZXC28:111Barton Upon HumberBarton & District AC Open20 Jan 19
2018 U20 Skyrac
5.3KXC25:435711KeighleyWest Yorkshire League8 Dec 18
5.75KXC24:30395WakefieldWest Yorkshire League18 Nov 18
ZXC20:0241CleethorpesCleethorpes Beach Open14 Oct 18
ZXC23:44303CleckheatonWest Yorkshire League21 Oct 18
ZXC23:59547LeedsWest Yorkshire League4 Nov 18
Total Performances: 67
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