Archie Hendry

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Age Group:U13
County:Scotland East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 2019

2019 U11 Livingston
8012.33w3.141LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting21 Aug 19
8012.54-2.211LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting19 Jun 19
8012.56-0.112LivingstonLivingston Club Championships8 Sep 19
8012.77-1.031LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting17 Apr 19
8012.880.511.1LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix4 Aug 19
8013.00-1.912.1LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix4 Aug 19
8013.150.211LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix19 May 19
8013.29-3.15AKilmarnockCSSAL Division 21 Sep 19
15023.110.931LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting17 Jul 19
15023.80-0.612LivingstonLivingston Club Championships8 Sep 19
15023.89-1.411LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix23 Jun 19
15023.98-0.311LivingstonLivingston RJT Grand Prix28 Apr 19
15024.22-1.211LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix15 Sep 19
15024.95-1.431LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting22 May 19
6002:11.402LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix19 May 19
6002:15.9691LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting17 Apr 19
6002:17.0113LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting22 May 19
LJ3.42-0.11LivingstonLivingston Club Championships8 Sep 19
LJ3.22w3.32LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting21 Aug 19
LJ3.161LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix4 Aug 19
LJ3.01-1.68LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting17 Jul 19
LJ3.002LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix23 Jun 19
LJ2.991LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix19 May 19
LJ2.85-1.110LivingstonLivingston Open Meeting19 Jun 19
LJ2.821LivingstonLivingston RJT Grand Prix28 Apr 19
LJ2.594BKilmarnockCSSAL Division 21 Sep 19
SP2K4.735LivingstonLivingston RJT Grand Prix28 Apr 19
SP2K4.684LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix19 May 19
SP2K3.2913LivingstonLivingston RJT Club Grand Prix4 Aug 19
3KNAD10:4128EdinburghScottish National Young Athletes Road Race Championships17 Mar 19
3KXCNT38QueensferrySSAA Scottish Secondary Schools' Championships2 Mar 19
3.1KXC13:2956FalkirkLindsays Scottish National Championships23 Feb 19
3.2KXC12:4635LivingstonScottish East District League19 Jan 19
4KXC16:54207DunbarTeam East Lothian Open26 Jan 19
ZXC11:3573GalashielsBorders Winter series10 Mar 19
ZXC11:41156Paxton HouseBorders Winter Series13 Jan 19
ZXC16:44146ChirnsideBorders Winter Series17 Feb 19
ZXC18:44144HawickBorders Winter Series3 Feb 19
2018 U11 Livingston
8013.72-1.642LivingstonLivingston Club Championships16 Sep 18
15024.93-3.332LivingstonLivingston Club Championships16 Sep 18
LJ2.500.94ALivingstonLivingston Club Championships16 Sep 18
1.3KXC6:1824Dechmont Law ParkLivingston AAC Open Series17 Nov 18
2.4KXC10:5720StirlingScottish East District League20 Oct 18
2.5KXCL10:0849L1CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships27 Oct 18
2.7KXC11:1028BroxburnScottish East District League24 Nov 18
3.2KXC11:3923AberdeenScottish East District Championships8 Dec 18
2MXC12:50207LauderBorders Winter series4 Nov 18
2MXC15:18249DunbarBorders Winter Series18 Nov 18
5KNAD21:53177HawickTeviotdale Harriers 5K / 10K26 Aug 18
ZXC8:51239PeeblesBorders Winter Series2 Dec 18
ZXC10:244121PeeblesScottish Borders League4 Feb 18
ZXC12:06299BerwickBorders Winter Series16 Dec 18
ZXC12:523412GalashielsScottish Borders League18 Feb 18
ZXC17:394014ChirnsideScottish Borders League11 Mar 18
Total Performances: 54
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