Diary of an Athletic Nobody – Birchwood 10k 20 Aug 13 14:48Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – Birchwood 10k John Connolly 20 Aug 13 14:48Report

So after 3 weeks of no real training mainly due to my dad being in hospital, I decided to have pop at the Birchwood 10k and the Capenhurst 5k. Birchwood was on Sunday and despite not feeling 100% I was still going to have a pop at a PB.

Cheers for all who've passed on their good wishes, I really appreciate it and have been genuinely touched, and not in a yewtree Jimmy Saville way.

I'd done a couple of sessions in the week before Birchwood - a tempo which I found tough going even though it was at marathon pace (Adam my work colleagues got a late late entry to Berlin) and I done a hill session on the same day with PLS - again it felt tough and hills are my Achilles heel, more on this in a moment! I also ran my staple 8 x hall drive session with is around 700m. I usually crank this out in sub 5.20 pace and have a minute but this time I played it safe at at sub 5.30 pace with 90 sec recs.

This is session I've usually done before a race and it's a confidence booster if it goes well. I completed the session in just under 5.30 pace which was encouraging and I was feeling pretty fresh at the end of the week. I headed up to Birchwood with Captain Dale who's in great form and we decided to try for low 35's - heading out at 3.30k pace but ultimately trying to get under 36 which would be satifying for me and a massive PB for Dale. I also bumped into my two buddies Lee Midgy and Steve Nijy - the three of us are usually close and they also fancied a pop at sub/low 35's.

The weather was ideal but it was quite windy and I guess I didn't apprectiate how strong the wind was. I couldn't get going but but the other three lads were in the same boat. Around 3k I was worryingly feeling light headed, this cleared after a few mins but I still couldn't get the legs turning. I went through 5k in just over 18 mins, way off low 35's pace but I was still in touch with Lee and Steve. I pushed the group on, wanting to give the others a chance of sheltering behind me for a bit but Lee was having none of it and keep striking for the front of the group.

Two lads dropped us as we headed for the first of five short up hill/down hill sections - I started to struggle and was now targeting a sub 36. With about 8 k gone Steve really steamed past me and Lee, the last hill took it out of me but I was still on to grab a sub 36 - according to my watch I needed a 5:40ish last mile.

I tried to step up but the two lads were well gone and with 400m to go I knew I was going to fall short of a sub 36 - I crossed the line 36.24 with Lee in 36:13 and Steve in 36:04. Dale blew up and had to stop with a stitch, annoying for him because he's been in such good form but he's got plenty of time to get a 10k PB.

So on reflection I'm happy with the time, using Lee and Steve as the yeard stick I'm not too far off - the race was obviously tougher than I thought but I it is worrying me that I die a death on the hills and despite the course having downhills to compensate, I don't cope well with the uphills. Plenty of food for thought!

Capenhurst 5k tomorrow - not as quick as Christleton but I'll be going for a PB here and I'll have plenty of support.