Diary of an Athletic Nobody - Arrowe Park XC 10 Dec 13 11:34Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody - Arrowe Park XC John Connolly 10 Dec 13 11:34Report

If I had a pound for everytime I said I'd finish top 10 in the XC, I'd probably have £6 now :0)

The weather was perfect, the ground was very dry so I was looking forward to this race. At Beacon I absolutely blasted off at the start, maybe a bit too quick but none the less I think this is the best approach for XC. At Arrowe Park, the course is one small loop and two big loops, with only one minor drag/hill behind the hospital - the start is incredibly tight, after about 300 m the course moves to single path and it's very difficult to over take for about another 300m or more.

At the start we lined up as usual about 10 foot from the official start - you sometimes walk forward then the gun goes.

Infuriately, they just blasted off and I was caught out, I ended up way off the front pack and was nearly walking at one point because it was so congested. At he start of the 1st big loop I dodged in and out of runners and eventually climbed up to 18th behind Adair from Helsby. I stayed in this position - as did the 6 or 7 runners infront for the majority of the race. I picked off Adair and a guy from Chester Tri but couldn't make the gap up to Jakesy, Jack Atkins from Knowsley and Neil Bullock from PLS.

I was satisfied as I give it my all but if (the middle word in life!) I'd have got off to the flyer I think I could have finished a few places higher. More importantly Martin won again and team PLS finished 2nd thanks to having all our best guys running, even if not all were firing on all cylinders. We probably can't win it now but stranger things have happened.

Stockport 10 on Sunday - the end of a gruelling but enjoyable autumn/winter schedule!