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Diary of an Athletic Nobody - Roll on 15th March John Connolly 3 Mar 14 15:27Report

Two weeks until the big day and I have to admit I want it to be over so I can get back to enjoying my training! To begin with, the marathon adventure was fun but coming to the business end of the training I’ve found it mentally tough and a few slips have meant the plan to run big tempos followed by long runs the day later haven’t happened. Obviously I’m not naive to think it was going to be easy but ast weekend I ran 12 miles at 6.25 but could get out the following day because I was ill. I still managed to do two solid runs on the Monday, covering over 2 hours but the following Saturday I had a sharp pain in my knee whilst striding out for the 14 mile tempo warm up. I felt okay plodding so went out Sunday and felt fine for 3 hours.

So best laid plans and all that, my confidence is slightly knocked but running a hard marathon is never going to be easy. Maybe missing a few runs have given my body the rest it needs. The long runs and long tempos have felt well within me, even though on the tempos I’ve had to dig in a bit towards the end. Since starting my training I’ve toyed with the notion of running sub 2.40 pace to running sub 2.45 – to me, on paper both look realistic even though my current half marathon best doesn’t quite add up to the 2.40.

I’ve only ran three marathons and for the first two I made terrible errors in judgement and started flooring it waaaaaay too early in early sections of the race. The third was an odd one where everything seemingly conspired against me but looking back I again made errors in the preparation and really started off on the back foot. The difference I feel this time around is the cardio ‘house’ has a much better foundation, I’m more experienced and an all round better runner. I doubt I’ll be trying for a sub 2.40 – I want to get to 20 miles feeling like I can push on and I reckon after 18 or 20 miles at that pace I’ll be suffering.

I’ve read and heard of so many inspiring stories where runners have ran well above their predicted times to run unreal times and I know ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ applies but I want to be too greedy. The beauty/horror of the marathon is the unknown, I’ve done all the training I think is necessary to get me around in a decent time but there are loads of factors outside of my control that can affect the outcome. That’s what makes it such a bassad of a distance, there really is no margin for error!

I’ve entered Trafford 10k this Sunday, I haven’t ran a road race since Helsby in January so it will be good to get the feeling of racing on the road again. I should be good enough shape to PB here and with nothing to lose I’ll be going for a good time, hopefully 34 mins