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Blog for: Mike Cooke V70M Doncaster
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I have been in athletics for 20+ years now, last year Mike kindly agreed to take me on as one of his athletes. I have found Mike’s training very different from previous coaches, it is tailored to the best methods of producing quality athletes, he adopts a no nonsense approach to training and gives up a vast amount of his own time to coach/mentor/support his athletes . Since joining Mike’s group I have progressed beyond my own expectations, I have lost 10+kg in weight and am now immensely strong.

Mike has a very relaxed method of coaching and this places an amount of control on the athletes to push themselves as hard as they want (so they get out what they put in). Mike always listens if athletes have niggles and addresses these in the correct way. His results speak for themselves with a lot of his athletes being in the top 10 rankings and a few in the number 1 position (I will hopefully be Number 1 in the rankings this year myself due to Mike’s training)

Mike has a very large group of athletes and each training session he will address each of them individually to tell them what they will be doing in addition to providing feedback and comments while they are training. Mike takes a very easy and simple approach to training as he works on one issue at a time and does not overburden with too many things at once, I think this is an excellent way to train and obviously provides the best results.

To conclude Mike is a great asset to the Club and his training ethos is a result of tried and tested methods, in conjunction with years of coaching experience which time and time again provide results. Mike does not push his athletes but merely coaxes the best of their abilities out, its ultimately down to how much effort the athlete puts into their training as to how they perform.