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My first year back in the sport, and enjoying racing again! Highlights of the year would be the Wolverhampton Half Marathon in September (1st Female - 84:09) this being a p.b, having only been my first year competing at this distance. Also ran p.b's for 3000m, 5k, 5m, and 10k this year. Knocked over 2mins off my time from the previous year (2009) at the Midland Counties Women's 4 Stage Relays@Sutton Park in Sep, which is pleasing.

Despite a gruelling 26mile battle in my marathon, I have managed to overcome the pain and humiliation of Indianapolis... getting myself back on my feet, and my confidence is slowly being restored.

Had quite a pleasing run in the Midland Women's 5M Championships at Aldersley on the 27 Nov, finishing 6 in a field of of 58 in a time of 30:12 . This being my first x/c race of the season.

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