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Hey everyone!

Can’t believe its May already! 2011 is going fast! There’s a lot happening this month. Possibly the busiest month for me so far this year!

This Sunday, I will be competing at the McCain Young Athletes League! which will be happening every fortnight on a Sunday! and I will also be competing there again on the 22nd of May!

On the 9-11th of May (which is next week!) am off to do my Sliver Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition in Keilder, we are doing a 3 day walk and 2 nights of camping with my school and our Duke of Edinbrugh assors. Hoping the weather will be nice and not rain for 3 days!! We just finished planning our route! We are doing 8km of walking a day!! We are going to ASDA! this week to get food and supplies for the big trip!

When I get back from that, I will be going straight back to training and rest for a competition on the 14-15th of May; North East Counties, biggest competition of the season so far! I will be doing 100m,200m and long jump!

Tuesday 17th May am at a other competition!! DSE (Disability Sport Events) Regional Championships! The qualifying for the DSE Junior Nationals in July! It will be my 4th year competing there! Always a good competition every year! I am in the T20/F20 classification; this classification is for people who have a learning disability like myself.

My last event of the month is the 2nd meet of the NE League! Am doing 100m and discuss!

Am doing a lot of competing this month, but also a lot of revision for my summer GCSE exams, I have 8 exams; The subjects am doing are: English, Maths, I.T,P.E full course and Adult Literacy level 1 and 2. I need possibly 2 C’s to get on to my college course at Gateshead College!

Also I might be able to fit in some fundraising with my ASDA! Some bag packing!! Its going to be discussed tomorrow!

I will try and blog as soon as I can :)

RE: ITS MAY!! Marcel Hodge 19 Sep 13 20:35Report

well make it quick then.. ive been waiting 2 years :-p lol