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Diary of an Athletic Nobody - Warrington Road Runners Woolston 10k John Connolly 24 Jun 11 11:40Report

I’ve done a lot of racing in the past three weeks, Wincle Trout Fell, three 5k’s and two 10k’s. Following the Edinburgh Marathon on 22nd May, I’ve managed to ramp up the miles, averaging over 50 miles for the past four weeks. No PB’s in these races but the positives have been consistent running without intervals and long runs. I haven’t felt great for any of these races but hung on and pushed as hard as I could (apart from Wincle, one mile up hill finish!).

Last night I had a race plan to start at 5:47 and hang on as long as I could. There was a great turn out form PLS for the race and the weather was ideal. As mentioned it’s not the quickest course, flat but lots of twists and you have to use the sides rather than the roads quite a bit. I set off with Marc Jacques from Liverpool RC, he was after 36:30 which I’d have been pleased with. After about two 2k Jakesy left me and I was huffing a puffing a bit, not a good sign so early on! I hung on and passed through 5k at 18:05 but was drifting over 6 min miles.

I seemed to get a second wind around the 7k and picked up the pace. A quick glance at the watch I new I’d have to put my foot down to sneak under 37 mins – I tried but hit the tape at 37 dead! 24 seconds quicker than ran for the same race last year and the 2nd quickest 10k I’ve ever ran.

My PLS team mate Martin Swensson ran another great race, knocking off a minute from his previous years time to finish in 34:13 and 4th overall - Jakesy followed suit with a great performance, coming in 36:15, 1 second quicker than his 2010 run.

I had a quick warm down with Jakesy and Martin, cheering on the PLS guys and gals as they finished. As usual a very well organised race with a great turn out, plus much better than training and plenty of positives to take away. The races I ran leading up to Edinburgh, Chester Spring 5 and Christleton felt easy in comparison to the 5 and 10k I’ve ran since the marathon. It’s only been a month since Edinburgh so I suppose this is to be expected.

I’m still planning on running the 3k on Tuesday, hoping to convince a few of PLS and Liverpool RC lads to pop along.

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