Diary of an Athletic Nobody – A Year Ago Today 28 Jun 11 10:57Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – A Year Ago Today John Connolly 28 Jun 11 10:57Report

It’s been a year to the day since I managed to break my fibula and tibia playing football. I jumped up for an innocuous header from a corner, clashed heads and landed badly. I knew it was broke straight away, the foot planted and by body weight turned – I heard a ping like a tee shot from a metal headed club. I would go into the how it looked as it’s making me feel nauseous typing this but it wasn’t a pretty sight. I spent the next few days in Macclesfield Hospital which is over 40 miles from my home. I was operated on the following day and was lucky to have a great surgeon do the job. I had several screws and something called a tightrope inserted into my ankle.

My marathon duck was to be broken by running the Abingdon Marathon in October 2010, rather than throw a spanner in the works, this fired torpedoes into the works hull, sinking it to bottom, then machine gunned any survivors quicker than you could say ‘why was you playing football, you’re supposed to be training for a marathon you massive tit’.

Anyway, life goes on, there are plenty of people worse off than me and after some great physio I was back running by October, completing my first marathon in Edinburgh in May 2011.

So, what better way to celebrate to anniversary with a 3k race! Should be a great turnout, as mentioned the races have been so popular that they’ve extended it to three heats. I’ll most definitely be in the third heat, no shame there, especially as the first heat wil have the likes of Jonny Mellor, Ryan MacLeod and Andi Jones in! It’ll be great just to watch them as I warm up ;0)

I haven’t ran a 3k for 3 years now, the last one September 2008. I was pretty green then, I turned up thinking I’d doddle around in 10 mins, It took me 4 attempts to get under 11 mins! My PB is 10:50 which I’m sure will be smashed tonight. I’ve been going through 3k in around 10:10 in the recent 5ks races so anything under than would be great but I’ll be aiming for sub 10. I know one of the lads form PLS has said he’ll be there, I’ve heard Jessica Ennis is taking part in the javelin tonight but I probably wont get a chance to hang around to see her.

My knee feels a bit sore this morning, I ended up running 10 miles in the heat yesterday afternoon in the new adidas aegis I picked up – great shoe, think I’ll save them until my current lunarglides pack in. Have t omake sure I get a good warm up, maybe joing the elite chaps in Longford Park before their heat ;0)