Diary of an Athletic Nobody - It's a Mystery 6 Jul 11 15:05Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody - It's a Mystery John Connolly 6 Jul 11 15:05Report

Ran the Wavertree Mystery 5k lastnight, dubbed the Misery 5k by Shane at the club, it's safe to say the race is not loved by all. Personally I like it, a great workout on your door step and very well organised by the Liverpool Harriers. PLS always have a good turn out at the event and last night was no exception.

The race itself is three laps on the inside of the park, all marked a km intervals. The conditions were near perfect, it was a little bit windy on the home straight but even that seemed to drop off at the start. I was looking to get under 17:29, which was the time for my last outing but a schoolboy error for me was not charging my garmin up, the battery was dead after 2km.

I knew a kid from the Harriers Callum Grant has usually been 10 secs or so quicker than me so I tried to use him a marker. I finished just after him but didn’t hear my time, still waiting for the official but reckon it was around 17:30. Happy with that, chuffed for Martin Swensson too who ran a PB at 16:11, see it’s not Wavertree Misery at all :0)

Ran 10 miles (plus 1 mile warm up) this afternoon with Big Stu, the double Bate Mill route I love. Felt strong up the hills but was glad for it to finish, 68.07 in total – pretty good considering the race last night and the weather!

I also entered the Sale 10 miler on 7th August today – never done a 10 mile race so it will be a good experience plus another PB, albeit by proxy ;0)