Diary of an Athletic Nobody – Bollington Nostalgia 11 Jul 11 15:40Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – Bollington Nostalgia John Connolly 11 Jul 11 15:40Report

I was knackered Friday so didn’t get out for a circuit class or an evening session. I rested on Saturday, helping out marshalling the Princes Park run (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/princes/home) in the morning. The Park Run is a great little event, a timed run rather than a race and designed to encourage people to get fit. You get all shapes and sizes turn out and it’s great to see so many making the effort.

I travelled up to Bollington with Andy Keeley from PLS but was surprised to see a small turn out from the club there. It’s not an easy one to get to and I guess many are starting there marathon training (we bumped into a few groups from PLS outside the sports centre setting off on long runs). Bollington is part of our multi terrain series and the open prize is usually contested by Simone Capponi, Neil Kelly and myself. In the three years I’ve been a member, we’ve never had the three of us fit for the entire multi terrain season, which usually runs from February to October. Neil was in a car crash in 2009, I bust my leg last year so fingers crossed Simo doesn’t get crocked this year!

This season got off to a good start with Neil and Simone trading 1st and 2nd places for the first few races. My first race of the season was Wincle which I finished runner up to Simo, who is a beast on the hills. I thought the three of us would turn out for Bollington and was looking forward a dual on a course I’ve never ran so I was disappointed to find no Neil and Simo not in good shape after suffering form bronchitis for four weeks.

About 120 turned out for the race which starts uphill on road and a then onto grass with a few flat parts in between. The race climbs to around 1100 foot at around 2 ½ miles then a welcome decent for about 3 miles, another short climb then a really steep quad bashing finish. The thing I like most about the fell races is the fact you over taken and get over taken plenty of time, some have more strength up hill, some are stronger down hill and some, who are really good, can do the lot. Me, I’m happiest downhill!

I really struggled to get going on the up hill start, doing the fell walker boogie for the majority of the steep stuff. Andy Keeley started good and was still with me for the first 2 miles. Once I reached the top, I really started to push on the down hills. I took a gamble on my footwear, opting for my lunaracers over the fell/trail shoes. I new plenty of this race was going to be on road/canal paths and it has been very dry. It was bit slippy in places but once I hit the roads I picked off about 10 runners. I settle in on the canal path, caught another 2 runners then held onto my position on a last short climb.

I could see a few runners in front and really put my foot down, overtaking two more lads but the finish was on cobble stones and had a sudden hairpin turn to finish. Andy had advised me on this so I slowed down because I have the turning prowess of an ocean liner, one runner over took me right at the end but it was too risky on the cobbles to challenge. I finished in 48:30 and was 13th overall. Simo, Tony Mann and Andy came in not far behind, all three of them together! We had a short warm down when Ste Mac finished then we all cheered the Darby family home.

So, my quads feel like they’ve been jumped on today – I might swerve the Trafford 3k tomorrow night and save my little legs for the Wizard 5 on Thursday which is another counter for PLS Multi champs.