Diary of an Athletic Nobody – The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Is the light of an on coming train) 25 Nov 11 16:20Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Is the light of an on coming train) John Connolly 25 Nov 11 16:20Report

She stayed with me until she moved to Notting Hill, she said it was the place she needs to be...where the cocaine is Fairtrade and frequently displayed, is the Buena Vista Social Club CD

Another week another race. It’s the European Cross Country Championships in Sefton Park, an event that PLS get to go on because it incorporates the Liverpool and District x-c league. I’ll be treating it more as an exotic tempo that a race. I’ve nothing to gain by going full tilt and we’ve the last xc country league fixture of 2011 next Sunday at Arrowe Park that I want to do well in.

I’ll incorporate the xc into a long run but still try to average 6:30 like at Sherdley Park in the Mancs league a few weeks back. For anyone who hasn’t been to Sefton Park, this is a brilliant place to visit. An idyllic Victorian park that’s recentley had a massive overhaul to return to its former glory, it’s a beautiful place to visit, particularly the opulent Palm House where I married Mrs. C some time ago (and still paying for it now!).

The great thing about running is you can compete with the best of the best. There’s no way you could turn up at Anfield etc and expect to have a match against Liverpool but running you can race against the nations and some cases the worlds best, same course, same race. Not sure who’s going to win the men’s race tomorrow, the smart moneys seems top be on Stockport’s Steve Vernon, especially if the going gets really heavy.

I was gutted to learn Christelton 5k has been cancelled for 2012. I’ve ran two of my best four 5k’s there and it’s a brilliant event. Hopefully they’ll get it back for 2013 but it’s a real shame it’s been canned. Loads of our club records were made there and Liverpool Harriers Jonny Mellor holds the course record with an eye watering 14:06 – lords knows what he’d run if he had a few other runners pushing him.

I’m looking to do the Ribble 10k which held on27/12 – the field looks top draw with some really fast times. So if I can stay away form the mince pies and selection boxes I should be fine. Looking at my Garmin Connect form Preston, I ran the 1st 10k there in 36:43 so I feel I’m defo capable of sub 36. I’ve also entered half Wilmslow Half, another favourite of mine!

Good luck to Stu Doyle running for England in the Masters xc up in Glasgow - you're an inspiration lad!

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