Diary of an Athletic Nobody – On Reaching the Wensum 30 Nov 11 15:14Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – On Reaching the Wensum John Connolly 30 Nov 11 15:14Report

I wanna fly my biplane, low over Swaffham, I wanna wave at astonished rustics…I’m gonna plead profitless chicanery

Feeling a bit under the weather this week and probably shouldn’t have gone the track on Tuesday. I did again it was just Nige and me in attendance from PLS on a cold and blustery night. Coach Dave had done a quick pitch inspection and informed us the session was to be 4 x 5 mins off 1:30 min then 5 x 2 mins off 1 mins. Gah. It’s these sort of sessions that really expose the gulf in ability.

The ‘slowest’ runner in the group can still crank out sub 16 5k’s so 4 x 5 mins was always going to be super tough, especially with me having a spot of man flu. I decided not to chase the back markers and stuck to my guns by not dipping over 85 seconds per lap. This was okay to begin with but as the session would up, I was struggling to hit the 1400 metres for each 5 min. Although it was only the last one I came up 5 metres short, I was glad it was over! In fact the 1st rep, I was that far off that I didn’t hear Dave call time and was still running for 20 seconds over the 5 mins. Luckily the group were that far ahead they didn’t notice!

I tried to step it up to 80 second laps for the 2 min efforts but even that was tough going, Nige was a good 2 seconds on the laps ahead which was good for me as it gave an incentive. It seemed to go on forever and the really quick lads didn’t take part in the 5 x 2 section, opting for 200m strides. I done a quick warm down and promptly start coughing my lungs up and hocking up snot, I must have looked a show picking up the mousaka in Tesco.

Today I usually do a 10 miler at sub 7’s but opted for a shorter run of 8 with Tony, Ian and Pat. We still managed around 6:45 for the last 6 miles and after I ropey start I felt fine, strong up the hills for a change.

My missus is off to India tomorrow to an Ashram for a few weeks. She’s a yoga teacher though you’ve never know it judging by my inflexibility. To pass the time obviously I’ll be running a bit more but I thought I’d get some run themed films in – here’s what I’ve got lined up, reviews to follow natch

1. The Games
2. Marathon Man
3. Running to the Limits
4. Spirit of the Marathon
5. No Tomorrows
6. Marathon Fever 1 and 2
7. My Champion
8. Running the Midnight Sun
9. Water, Soul, Earth, Feet
10. The Olympiad Series: The Marathon

I can see a theme developing…