Diary of an Athletic Nobody – All The Best Fellow Athletic Nobodies…and top Athletes natch! 23 Dec 11 16:49Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – All The Best Fellow Athletic Nobodies…and top Athletes natch! John Connolly 23 Dec 11 16:49Report

Another good solid week (thus far) of training, we had a yuletide yomp in work which was a nice handicapped 5k around the country roads in Knutsford. Over 20 lads took part and Adam was the ‘champion’ and now insists on being call ‘Peregrine’. I missed the track on Tuesday night, opting to see Liverpool favourites son Paul McCartney on the Echo Arena.

I’m a massive Beatles fan but with one thing and another I’ve never seen Paul, even though he’s played his home town on plenty of occasions. He didn’t disappoint, he was on for over 3 hours and played a whopping 38 songs, must be something in this vegetarian lark! Highlights for me were all of it!

Last night I got a good tempo in with the other Penny Lane Macca and Martin. They’d planned to run 8 miles with 6 miles at half marathon pace, obviously far too rich my blood but I clung on for about 3.5 miles of the tempo until James turned on the after burners and Martin followed suite. Their half pace is closer to my 5k pace and I predict they’ll both get close to sub 73 mins next year, maybe not at Helsby but defo at Wilmslow.

Today I wanted to do 90 mins but the lousy weather and lack of company made me hit another 10 miler which I ended up doing in 71 mins – horrid weather here at the moment. I’m off to the panto tonight in the Playhouse, me and the wife go every year to the ‘rock’ panto which is a laugh. Hangover permitting, I’ll get out for a longish run Saturday, maybe get a Park Run in too.

Looking forward to Ribble Valley 10k next week, looks like it will be on this year so fingers crossed I’ll end the year with a PB