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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – I still recall the way… John Connolly 11 Oct 12 15:12Report

...he led the charge and saved the day...

I've entered the Abby Dash 10k on 18th November and after the Northern 6 stage relays I decided to get knuckle down and get a plan together. The Abby Dash has a top quality field and loads of the cats and kittens and I know from the Harriers ran great times there in 2011. It's also the start of the Cross Country season in October but my main focus is the Abby Dash and like my assualt on the Sefton Park/Trafford 3k and the Sale Sizzler, I've got goals set up for training and racing.

The winter schedule has started on the Tuesday and Thursday sessions, the Tuesday intervals last week were ramped up to 30 mins (optional, you could still do 20) and the Thursday speed session has been replaced by the long tempo and progression runs. I've still been alternating my Saturday sessions between 5k park runs or Halewood (ran 17.22 here last weekend, if you believe the garmin I ran 3.20 which equates to 5.25 miling, I don't believe it myself) and long interval (example 30 mins sessions at half marathon pace - 10 mins on 1 min off). The long runs have been between 13 and 16, on road/off road, fast/slow. I'm still gonna keep my hand in with some speed sessions, maybe once a month blast out 20 x 200 just to keep my eye in.

I've also been tinkering with strengthening exercises, via yoga classes and just doing squats, I plan to progress to the dumb/kettle bell stuff which should help improve my leg strength, very good for cross country so I'm told! I'm still doing the odd double sesson but I really hate running at night. Because I can run in work, I got all my sessiosn out of the way and just ran slow plods in the night. Last winter was the first time I'd ran in the dark seriously, trainnig for London with Martin/James and Keiran from PLS. I was surprised how long it took to get used to! Guess I need to eat more carrots/spinach.

Have to make sure I look after myself though, dropping like flies in the work! More of the 'em on the bike than hitting the pavement at the moment!

In other news I've purchased a new pair of jedi knight slippers, the fabulous Nike Lunar Spider R, all the way from Hong Kong fact fans. I wore them for an interval session on Tuesday and they didn't disapoint, doubt I'd wear them for anything over 10k though as they are very 'responsive'.