Diary of an Athletic Nobody – Dedication, that's what I need! 17 Dec 12 10:57Reply
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Diary of an Athletic Nobody – Dedication, that's what I need! John Connolly 17 Dec 12 10:57Report

So much for entering Telford. I took the decission to swerve the race on Thursday despite have a decent week of training in awful conditions. I say this every week after I've been on the lash but your can't have you cake and eat it, I'm 42 in a few weeks and really need to pack in going on drink binges! It's that time of the year when everyone seems to be having a party or night out but that's no excuse! I want to have a good crack at the four villages half and started out with the intention of ramping the miles up again until I go away for the new year.

I reckon with a bit of management on the diet etc. I could have a stab at a few big mile weeks then when I jet off to warmer climbs try to do an hour in the morning then 30 mins in the evening. Last week I clocked 56 miles, mainly down to only covering 6 miles at the weekend! I still got two good sessions in, the track was closed on Tuesday so we headed upto Menlove Gardens to run 7 times around the .66 mile loop - I felt great and even managed to clock two of the loops ar 5 min miles pace - far too fast but I didn't suffer to much. Thursday I ran 8 x 2min with 4 x 30 secs with Big Stu in work - this was meant to be prep for Telford but a combination of the weather and the travel meant I bottled out of going.

So, this week I'll start the road to Helsby, I'll probably have a drink or two over Christmas but as long as I don't go to mad I should be okay!