Christleton 5k and Walton 5 mile - raining pb's daddy-o 31 May 13 09:00Reply
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Christleton 5k and Walton 5 mile - raining pb's daddy-o John Connolly 31 May 13 09:00Report

So the big day arrived for Christleton, without doubt the quickest road 5k in the region, if not the nation! I was super confident of getting the sub 17 which was my no.1 target for this race. Leading up to the race the only slight concern I had was around my stamina. I had a few weekends burning the candle at both ends and was missing out on the long runs, I'd done a few hour or so runs at a decent pace but there was still a bit of doubt.

I arrived in plenty of time, the conditions were near perfect with just a spot of head wind on the starting straight. I had a good warm up, got the number and racing shoes on and headed for the start to do a few drills. Although the course is fast there is a slowish section from about 1.5 miles in where the course rolls so my plan was to push a bit harder at the start then ease off no matter how good I felt and then really try to open up with 800 or so to go.

I felt great through the first mile and eased off as planned, getting to 3k in 10:10. I started passing people from then on in and with 1k to go I knew I had the sub 17 comfortably in the bag. I started pushing but not too hard, again passing people and having to run wide a few times and as I turned I sprinted and crossed the line in 16:50 on my watch - later rounded up to 16:53! I wasn't bothered as I'd got the sub 17 and felt well within myself doing it.

The following few days I hit a few long runs with Neil Kelly and James, then had an easy Monday in preperation for the project PB part deux - the 5 miler at Walton. I know this race it quick but the two times I've ran it I've been coming back from a holiday where I've been worse for wear!

Again, I got to the race with pletny of time to spare for a warm up and drills - and again I had a game plan to push harder than average on the quick sections and ease off on the two up hill drags on the course. I was asked by Marc Jacques from Knowsley what I was aiming for and Jakesy, still cock-a-hoop from his massive pb at Christelton was keen to get another PB and along with young Jack Atkins we agreed to share the load in the quest for a sub 28.

Jakesy and Jack when off a bit too quick for my liking so I was on my own for the first 2 miles, I eventually reeled Jakesy in and passed him and was with Jack. We went through 3 mile in 16.55, still on for the sub 28 but I should have pushed harder for the next stretch. Jack did and pulled away up the hill, I kept it steady and at the turn with 800 got the legs turning but it wasn't enough for the sub 28 but I finished with a great PB of 28.12.

I maybe should have gambled to get along side Matty Davies and Ian Magill as they was only 14 seconds between 3rd and me in 6th but loads of positives, James won the race at a canter and we had three PLS guys in the top 10, no team prize but very encouraging.

The next I flew off to Sitges just outside Barelona for a nice relaxing break with the wife for our wedding anniversary. I dione a few steady runs but had a well deserved rest, plenty of good eating and sun!