Rugby & Northampton Club Championships External Results
13 Sep 14
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PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.98Oskar PotomskiPBU17M1 Rugby & Northampton4.984.98
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.98Jay O'LearyPBU15M2Mark LambethRugby & Northampton4.985.13
24.75Ewan RobertsPBU15M2 Rugby & Northampton4.755.24
34.65Thomas Jasper U15M2 Rugby & Northampton4.784.78
44.40William BallingerPBU15M1Kevin MurchRugby & Northampton4.404.40
54.35Jack Carey U15M1 Rugby & Northampton4.784.87
64.24Joe Musgrove U15M1Nicholas GarnerRugby & Northampton4.494.49
74.07Toros Ercan U15M1 Rugby & Northampton4.144.14
84.00Ethan Kent-WhittakerPBU15M1Bill BoydRugby & Northampton4.004.00
93.84Thomas LeaPBU15M2Kevin MurchRugby & Northampton3.843.84
103.80Adam BebbingtonPBU15M2 Rugby & Northampton3.803.80
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.31Tom WilcockSBU13M2Mark LambethRugby & Northampton4.315.74
24.02Cian Hutton U13M2 Rugby & Northampton4.114.11
33.98Samuel WhittakerSBU13M2James WrightRugby & Northampton3.984.69
43.91William Dean U13M1Kevin SmithRugby & Northampton4.015.55
53.72Adam CaulfieldPBU13M2 Rugby & Northampton3.723.72
63.59Rishi PatelPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.593.59
73.58George GammagePBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.584.66
83.56Valentin RuddPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.563.56
93.52Luke McTurkPBU13M2 Rugby & Northampton3.523.52
103.49Eoin HuttonPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.493.49
113.48Dominic DewesPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.483.75
123.47Scott KruckPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.473.51
133.40Fraser WooldridgePBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.403.40
143.37Sam HoldsworthPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.373.49
153.34Joseph BevanPBU13M2 Rugby & Northampton3.343.34
163.34Fenton Bishop-TimingsSBU13M2Kevin MurchRugby & Northampton3.344.04
173.19Joseph HarrisSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.193.57
183.04Ellis ChaplowPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.043.04
193.02Benjamin LoleSBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton3.024.73
202.95Maxwell McLeodPBU13M2 Rugby & Northampton2.952.95
212.92Joe BakerPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton2.922.92
222.88Harley Kenny-CostelloPBU13M1 Rugby & Northampton2.882.88
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.86Sachin ThethyPBU11M11Dwight NoticeRugby & Northampton3.864.01
23.82Kaiyuki CrispPBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton3.835.08
33.71Luke GoslingPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton3.714.13
43.62Ollie Scott U11M10 Rugby & Northampton3.656.09
53.56Lewis Gurney U11M10 Rugby & Northampton3.745.05
63.47Noah BennettSBU11M11Anthony LoveRugby & Northampton3.474.29
73.39Joshua Farrell U11M11David BurgeRugby & Northampton3.575.01
83.05Ollie OrfordPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton3.053.68
92.97Oliver SavagePBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.975.38
102.95Oliver Boyle U11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.963.81
112.95Isaac Skinner-KakitieSBU11M9 Rugby & Northampton2.954.34
122.94Toby BuckPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.942.94
132.94Finbar Myers U11M11 Rugby & Northampton3.143.70
142.94Peter Van UemPBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.942.94
152.87Aidan O'BrienSBU11M11Vince CarrollRugby & Northampton2.874.11
162.84Riley HillyardPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.842.84
172.83Michael CorbettPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.833.52
182.82Lawrence SaundersPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.822.82
192.81Finlay HeardPBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.812.81
202.73Tom Tyler U11M11Nicholas GarnerRugby & Northampton2.853.24
212.67Isaac Beetham-Green U11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.683.03
222.65William HiltonPBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.652.65
232.62Aaron AbbottSBU11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.623.02
242.62Oliver Rose U11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.893.56
252.60Josiah HeatonSBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.603.35
262.52Thomas CrampPBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.522.52
272.52Joshua Tutt U11M10 Rugby & Northampton3.073.18
282.45Ellis Harry U11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.692.69
292.45Archie ShepperdsonPBU11M10 Rugby & Northampton2.452.45
302.32Daniel DeanSBU11M9 Rugby & Northampton2.323.39
312.31Dominic O'Connell U11M11 Rugby & Northampton2.402.67
322.19Louis StarrSBU11M9 Rugby & Northampton2.193.40
332.15Ryan BakerSBU11M  Rugby & Northampton2.152.80
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.85Milan CluesPBU15W2Janet WrightRugby & Northampton4.855.57
24.35Katie Print U15W1Alison AlleeRugby & Northampton4.444.44
34.04Laurone Ager U15W1 Rugby & Northampton4.164.22
43.96Lucy LaightPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.964.13
53.92Alice Grocott U15W2 Rugby & Northampton4.054.34
63.88Paulina PotomskaPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.883.88
73.81Charlotte DuffinPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.813.81
83.80Hollie MoorePBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.803.80
93.79Lottie IslesPBU15W2 Rugby & Northampton3.793.79
103.79Lauren NashPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.793.79
113.78Freya Cole U15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.793.79
123.68Caitlin VogesSBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.683.75
133.30Olivia SheehanPBU15W1Nicholas GarnerRugby & Northampton3.303.30
143.16Evie AtkinPBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton3.163.16
152.95Phoenix HitchcockPBU15W2 Rugby & Northampton2.952.95
162.43Emily HiltonSBU15W1 Rugby & Northampton2.433.87
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.90Leyah Dobson U13W2 Rugby & Northampton4.144.14
23.89Ella WatfordPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.895.51
33.88Iola GrantPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.884.63
43.79Mary Beetham-GreenPBU13W2Beverley SimmsRugby & Northampton3.793.88
53.79Daisy LovellPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.794.40
63.67Amelia Tutt U13W1Mark WallRugby & Northampton3.694.22
73.58Fenella DownesPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.583.58
83.52Maia ReynoldsPBU13W1Stuart CarlawRugby & Northampton3.523.52
93.51Abigail Pearce U13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.654.00
103.50Abigail WardPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.503.50
113.49Rhian MorganPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.493.49
123.40Charlotte PowisSBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.403.59
133.39Millie WatfordPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.394.75
143.38Chloe BevanPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.383.38
153.37Emma BarkerPBU13W2Michael LewisRugby & Northampton3.373.37
163.33Jasmine Whitham U13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.553.68
173.29Amelia DickensPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.293.29
183.23Hollie ReynoldsPBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.233.23
193.17Nina Lockhart U13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.463.96
203.09Victoria Merrey U13W2 Rugby & Northampton3.483.48
213.02Lara Clarke U13W1 Rugby & Northampton3.083.08
222.99Isabelle WallacePBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton2.992.99
232.58Ruby ColeSBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton2.583.25
242.56Emma HylandPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton2.562.56
252.45Zoe MorlingPBU13W2 Rugby & Northampton2.452.45
262.44Lucy MoorePBU13W1 Rugby & Northampton2.442.44
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.84Zoe Gardner U11W12Paul HarrisonRugby & Northampton3.934.71
23.80Megan Burge U11W11David BurgeRugby & Northampton3.895.13
33.41Meghan LawesPBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton3.413.49
43.24Mica QuinnPBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton3.244.58
53.13Anna FarrowSBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton3.134.52
63.09Grace Hughes U11W11 Rugby & Northampton3.143.14
73.05Lily CarlawSBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton3.053.74
82.95Shannon LucasPBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.953.33
92.93Mya Dobson U11W  Rugby & Northampton2.982.98
102.90Tully PeacockeSBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton2.904.33
112.89Bethany BlundellSBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton2.893.03
122.86Maisy Cramp U11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.952.95
132.86Caitlin HopkinsSBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton2.862.92
142.84Xcena PasqualinPBU11W10Mark LambethRugby & Northampton2.844.45
152.77Ruby IrvingSBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton2.773.26
162.72Ruby WoodPBU11W10Grant TaylorRugby & Northampton2.723.22
172.68Lily PearcePBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.682.68
182.66Isobel HaynesPBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.662.66
192.51Ruby Lane U11W  R&N  
202.48Charlotte BowesPBU11W  Rugby & Northampton2.482.48
212.40Olivia FarrellPBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton2.402.82
222.32Poppy Lovell U11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.552.67
232.31Freya Edwards U11W  R&N  
242.31Scarlett StreetPBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.313.37
252.30Orla MyersSBU11W9 Rugby & Northampton2.303.09
262.24Emily CorbettPBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.242.24
272.05Megan PalmerSBU11W11 Rugby & Northampton2.053.41
281.97Erin ClarkePBU11W10 Rugby & Northampton1.971.97