Cheshire League External Results
10 May 15
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100 SM A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.4Harry Richardson U20M  Crewe & Nantwich11.111.1
211.9Lewis Hickson U20M  Salford Met11.411.2
312.2Jack Forster U20M  Vale Royal/Sale Harriers Manchester11.9411.4
415.0Matthew Evans SENM  Halton & Frodsham14.313.8
100 SM B
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.2Kyle O'Connor U20M  Crewe & Nantwich11.611.4
212.5Ian Billinge V45M Harry EvansVale Royal12.212.16
313.1Andrew O'ConnellSBSENM  Salford Met/University of Cumbria12.512.3
100 SM C
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.4Nick Baddeley V35M  Crewe & Nantwich11.911.6
214.7Neil FowlerPBV45M  Crewe & Nantwich14.714.7
315.2Alan ThomasPBV60M  Salford Met15.215.2
417.4Cliff JonesPBV45M  Salford Met16.716.7
100 U17M A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.3Jack Appleton U17M2 Vale Royal12.011.7
212.4Lewis PalinPBU17M1 Crewe & Nantwich12.411.3
312.8Cameron Smith U17M2 Crewe & Nantwich12.012.0
413.1Joshua StubbsPBU17M1 Crewe & Nantwich12.812.8
513.4Franklyn RoeSBU17M1 Crewe & Nantwich13.412.32
100 SW A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.9Olivia McDermott U23W Mark HulmeSalford Met/University of Cumbria13.313.3
213.9Emma Wright U17W  Salford Met13.313.0
314.3Chidinma Agwu SENW Iheanyi IhediwaSalford Met13.912.62
100 U17W A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.1Eve FenoglioSBU17W1Anthony LeighCrewe & Nantwich12.812.73
213.7Beth-Louise Jones U17W2 Crewe & Nantwich12.812.8
314.5Eleanor DunnSBU17W2 Vale Royal14.514.0
414.8Zoe Leydon U15W-2Neil FowlerCrewe & Nantwich14.113.3
516.5Robyn BoydenSBU17W2 Salford Met16.515.5
100 U17W B
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.2Liberty HughesPBU17W1Neil FowlerCrewe & Nantwich12.712.7
213.5Abbey WhelanPBU17W1 Crewe & Nantwich13.013.0
100 U15W A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.8Caitlin Britton U15W2 Crewe & Nantwich13.113.1
214.4Jenna Allen-Cartwright U15W2 Bury13.8813.3
314.4Emma Robinson U15W2 Vale Royal13.513.5
414.9Alex HurstSBU15W2 Halton & Frodsham13.913.9
515.2Molly Russell U15W2 Salford Met14.514.5
100 U15W B
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.8Hollie CampbellPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich13.313.3
214.2Skye MarshPBU15W1 Halton & Frodsham14.214.2
314.5Alana BirchPBU15W1 Salford Met13.513.3
414.6Gemma ClellandPBU15W2 Vale Royal14.614.6
514.7Jess Carroll U15W2 Bury14.614.4
100 U15W BC
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.1Matilda HargreavesSBU15W2 Crewe & Nantwich13.513.3
215.1Jade BaileyPBU15W1 Salford Met15.114.8
315.3Sophie FergusonSBU15W2 Halton & Frodsham15.314.6
415.5Michelle OnyangoPBU15W1 Bury15.515.5
100 U15W DD
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.5Eve HeawordPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich14.514.5
215.2Rachel HardmanSBU15W1 Halton & Frodsham15.214.30
315.6Ella TyrellPBU15W1 Bury15.614.7
415.7Abigail ShawSBU15W2 Salford Met15.214.6
100 U15W ns1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.8Charlotte LarkinPBU15W1 Bury13.213.1
214.3Louise ElleraySBU15W2 Crewe & Nantwich14.312.9
314.8Amelia Atkinson U15W1 Crewe & Nantwich13.813.4
414.8Charlotte AllenPBU15W1 Halton & Frodsham14.814.8
515.2Megan BoydenPBU15W1 Salford Met15.214.2
615.6Hannah HollandPBU15W1 Bury15.615.0
100 U15W ns2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.3Evie ShorthosePBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich14.013.5
214.3Tia Campbell U15W1 Crewe & Nantwich13.513.5
314.7Hannah WhelanPBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich13.512.8
415.0Alix DugganPBU15W1 Salford Met15.014.2
515.4Harriet Vaughan U15W1Matt CullenBury13.8613.06
616.4Lauren RoeSBU15W1 Crewe & Nantwich16.416.1
100 U15W ns3
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.1Anaya Stocks U15W1 Crewe & Nantwich13.212.88
215.6Neha Mittal U15W1 Crewe & Nantwich14.914.9
315.9Priya Mittal U15W1 Crewe & Nantwich15.015.0
415.9Rebecca FroggattPBU15W1 Bury15.915.9
516.8Layla HuntPBU15W1 Bury16.816.8
100 U13W A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.7Grace GoodsellPBU13W2Nick RimmerBury13.412.35
213.8Jessica NelsonPBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich13.112.7
315.2Isabel Johnston U13W  Salf M  
415.7Emma SimpsonPBU13W2 Altrincham15.413.6
516.7Mia MortonPBU13W1 Halton & Frodsham16.716.7
617.7Anna SmilesPBU13W1 Vale Royal17.717.7
100 U13W B
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.1Elena CloughPBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich14.112.8
214.7Katherine TownsendPBU13W2 Bury14.713.6
315.4Millie PearcePBU13W2 Altrincham15.415.4
415.7Ella HopkinsPBU13W2 Salford Met15.415.4
516.2Isobel Walker U13W1 Vale Royal15.814.7
100 U13W BC
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.2Molly NewtonSBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich15.214.3
215.4Jenny SalmonPBU13W2 Bury15.415.4
315.6Beth LathamPBU13W2 Vale Royal15.615.6
415.8Lauren KellyPBU11W-1 Crewe & Nantwich15.815.8
100 U13W DD
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.4Daisy WorthingtonPBU13W2Joe FrostBury15.413.0
215.6Amy SmallmanPBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich15.615.6
315.7Brooke WetherillPBU13W1 Salford Met15.714.0
416.6Rachel PullanSBU13W1 Vale Royal16.615.3
100 U13W ns1
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.9Kaela RedmondSBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich14.913.7
215.6Amy GarrochSBU13W2Ian HallidayBury15.613.4
315.8Ella HallSBU13W1Ruth WorthingtonBury15.814.1
416.9Megan BentleySBU13W1 Salford Met16.914.3
517.3Kate SherryPBU13W1Andrew CarterVale Royal17.317.3
617.5Rosie TaylorPBU13W1 Salford Met17.517.5
100 U13W ns2
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.7Erin BartonPBU13W1 Bury15.715.7
215.8Lucy PixtonSBU13W1 Bury15.814.4
316.2Megan TewPBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich16.216.2
416.4Faye ConboyPBU13W1Pauline ThomVale Royal16.416.4
517.4Poppy TaylorPBU13W1 Salford Met17.417.4
618.7Bo WarburtonPBU13W1 Salford Met18.718.7
100 U13W ns3
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.2Charlotte Nelson U13W1 Crewe & Nantwich14.714.2
216.1Meg IllingworthSBU13W1 Crewe & Nantwich16.115.7
316.8Kyra Brindle U13W1 Salford Met16.015.7
417.2Lucy ChandlerPBU13W1 Bury17.217.2
517.7Ruby StanleySBU13W2 Bury17.715.5
618.6Ella SweetingSBU13W1 Vale Royal18.618.0
100 U13W ns4
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.7Emily Whelan U13W2 Crewe & Nantwich15.113.5
215.7Esme GuyPBU13W2 Bury15.715.7
316.3Katie HoldingPBU13W2 Crewe & Nantwich16.316.3
416.5Roisin Riley-BurkeSBU13W1 Salford Met16.515.4
517.3Josie CarrollSBU13W2 Bury17.315.9
618.7Hannah ShuttleworthSBU13W1 Salford Met18.717.0
100 U13W ns5
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.2Olivia FowlerPBU13W1Mark MachinCrewe & Nantwich14.512.28
215.7Rosie MeakinSBU13W1 Crewe & Nantwich15.713.5
316.0Lucy KeoghSBU13W2 Salford Met16.013.2
417.0Erin KenyonSBU13W1 Bury17.015.7
517.6Emma Buckley U13W  Salf M