BMAF - British Masters Winter Throws Championships External Results
Lee Valley
12-13 Mar 16
WT11.34K WT15.88K WT9.08K WT7.26K WT5.45K WT4K DT2K DT1.5K DT1K HT7.26K HT6K HT5K HT4K HT3K HT2K
JT800 JT700 JT600 JT500 JT400 

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WT11.34K M50 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
121.20Steve WhyteSBV50M2 Thames Valley/Eastern Masters/Walton21.2022.10
220.09Phil SpiveyPBV50M5 East Grinstead20.6820.68
315.25David Burrell V50M2 Luton/Rugby & Northampton/Eastern Masters15.8918.59
414.78Tony TippingSBV50M5 Cambridge H/Southern Counties Vets14.7816.12
512.85Andrew TurnerSBV50M3Paul ReesBournemouth/Welsh Masters12.8514.40
612.52Nick WalkerPBV50M3 Swindon/South West Vets12.5212.52
79.33Jim GillespiePBV50M4 Lincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters/Ireland10.2610.58
WT11.34K M55 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
118.78Robert EarleSBV55M1 Colchester H/Eastern Masters18.7821.12
216.20Bob Broadbridge V55M2 Newbury/South West Vets16.6418.62
315.77Chris PrivettSBV55M2 Belgrave/Veterans15.7718.17
414.71John MorelandSBV55M3Gary HerringtonRugby & Northampton/Midland Masters14.7115.94
512.34Glyndwr PughSBV55M1 Rhondda/Welsh Masters12.3413.68
611.07Ian Cooley V55M4Barry HawksworthRotherham/Northern Masters11.8312.92
78.24Alex Ahmet V55M3 Radley9.069.74
WT15.88K M35 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.30Stuart Thurgood V35M5 Herne Hill/Eastern Masters16.3816.90
WT15.88K M40 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.32Simon AchurchSBV40M2 Nene Valley11.3213.64
28.92Dan UptonPBV40M1 Trafford/Biggleswade/Veterans10.2611.49
WT15.88K M45 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.44John TwiddleSBV45M3 Kingston upon Hull/Northern Masters10.4411.84
27.16David Glendower V45M4 Invicta East Kent/Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters7.828.67
WT9.08K M65 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.90Barry HawksworthSBV65M5Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters15.9018.59
211.62Bill RenshawSBV65M2 Rotherham/Midland Masters11.6213.00
WT9.08K W35 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.79Tracey Gould V35W5Paul DickensonEaling Southall & Middx10.9110.91
WT9.08K W40 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.17Andrea Jenkins V40W1 Nene Valley/Eastern Masters15.1116.54
211.22Leanne TaylorSBV40W2 Rhondda/Welsh Masters11.2211.65
39.76Catherine Alford V40W4 Rhondda/Welsh Masters/Civil Service10.1310.26
WT9.08K W45 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.83Barbara NorrisPBV45W5Paul DickensonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans/Switzerlan12.8312.83
WT9.08K M60 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
117.57Malcolm FentonPBV60M1 Ipswich/Eastern Masters/Grantham AC17.5717.57
213.30Clive HowellSBV60M3 Midland Masters Throwers Group/Cannock & Stafford13.3016.44
312.94Clive ThomsonSBV60M5 Medway & Maidstone/Southern Counties Vets12.9414.30
412.56Paul Oakes V60M3 Ashford AC/Ryston/Eastern Masters13.6313.63
511.87Jim BurkeSBV60M1 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters11.8711.97
WT7.26K M70 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.42Michael Hazlewood V70M1 Blackburn/Northern Masters/Sweden15.6415.64
212.53David KuesterSBV70M2 Bicester/Oxford City/Midland Masters12.5315.58
311.56Richard Jegou V70M2 White Horse/Midland Masters/Radley11.9011.91
411.23John Gilbert V70M3 Invicta East Kent/Veterans/Southern Counties Vets11.5612.70
59.72Brian HarlickSBV70M4Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets9.7212.60
WT7.26K M75 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.81Jack Kee V75M2 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters14.3718.01
WT7.26K W50 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.15Janet Smith V50W2Paul DickensonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/British Airways/Sou15.3215.79
212.15Julie WilsonSBV50W4 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets12.1512.96
39.78Karen Llewellin V50W3 Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters10.4510.45
49.65Kim WeirSBV50W5Paul DerrienSt. Mary's Richmond/Veterans9.6510.19
WT7.26K W55 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.79Lucy Moore-FoxSBV55W4 Dundrum South Dublin/Veterans/Ireland9.7910.52
29.72Claire Cameron V55W3 Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H/Poli9.7525.20
39.34Karen JonesSBV55W1Matt SpicerYate/South West Vets9.3411.84
49.06Wendy Dunsford V55W1 Epsom & Ewell/Civil Service/Enfield & Haringey/Eas10.0010.86
58.79Brenda RussellSBV55W3 Vale of Aylesbury/Eastern Masters8.7911.05
67.90Angela Morgan V55W3 Eastbourne/Southern Counties Vets8.5910.00
WT5.45K M80 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.92Ian MillerSBV80M2 Midland Masters Throwers Group/Eastern Masters12.9214.44
WT5.45K M85 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
17.90John KirkhamPBV85M3 Invicta East Kent7.908.24
WT5.45K W60 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.47Vilma Thompson V60W5Nick PhippsBelgrave/Southern Counties Vets11.8213.37
210.26Sue DassieSBV60W4Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets/Veterans10.2610.99
39.38Barbara MacanasSBV60W3 Herne Hill9.389.58
WT5.45K W65 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.74Rosemary Hutton V65W4Dennis ElkinsWimborne/South West Vets10.1512.65
29.46Linda RidsdaleSBV65W3 Wakefield/Northern Masters9.469.62
37.06Linda Oxlade V65W1 Croydon/Southern Counties Vets7.398.98
WT5.45K W70 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18.92Liz Sissons V70W2 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets9.0212.67
WT4K W80 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18.57Anne MartinSBV80W1Jane ClarkeWymondham/Eastern Masters/Ryston8.578.84
DT2K M35 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
134.89Ashley Pritchard V35M2Christopher BartramMacclesfield/Northern Masters36.1339.79
DT2K M40 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
132.82Peter MayfieldSBV40M1 Belgrave/Southern Counties Vets32.8238.82
232.17Dan UptonSBV40M1 Trafford/Biggleswade/Veterans32.1739.16
DT2K M45 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
135.00Darran Askew V45M1Mike CordenDoncaster/Northern Masters35.0537.05
233.32John Twiddle V45M3 Kingston upon Hull/Northern Masters34.7337.73
331.22Peter Evans V45M3 Woking/Veterans/Southern Counties Vets32.2032.72
428.75Leeroy Golding V45M4 Pendle/Northern Masters29.9232.94
520.80David Glendower V45M4 Invicta East Kent/Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters22.2222.50
DT2K M45 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
147.83Mark Wiseman V45M3Andrew HughesBracknell AC/Southern Counties Vets/Army48.8558.41
DT1.5K M50 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.08Stuart Ryan V50M4 Gateshead41.1843.08
239.06David BurrellSBV50M2 Luton/Rugby & Northampton/Eastern Masters39.0643.71
335.87Andrew TurnerSBV50M3Paul ReesBournemouth/Welsh Masters35.8739.18
434.78Nick WalkerPBV50M3 Swindon/South West Vets34.7835.24
526.87Jim GillespieSBV50M4 Lincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters/Ireland29.6229.68
DT1.5K M55 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
144.41John Moreland V55M3Gary HerringtonRugby & Northampton/Midland Masters44.7547.91
238.48Chris Privett V55M2 Belgrave/Veterans39.8144.19
337.84Nick BartonPBV55M2 South London/Epsom & Ewell37.8438.87
434.27Michael Hausler V55M2 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters/Germany35.9036.75
529.55Peter Wishart V55M1 Cambridge H/Veterans33.8735.26
628.23Peter HewkinPBV55M3 Midland Masters Throwers Group28.2328.23
723.48Alex AhmetSBV55M3 Radley23.4823.94
DT1K M60 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
135.39Trevor Straker V60M4Neil EllerbyNorth Shields Poly/VAA North East35.9538.02
234.95Graeme PackmanPBV60M2 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters36.0036.00
333.49Paul Oakes V60M3 Ashford AC/Ryston/Eastern Masters35.9241.85
432.38Tim NeedhamSBV60M4 Peterborough/Eastern Masters/Nene Valley33.9935.83
530.40Jim BurkePBV60M1 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters30.4030.40
DT1K M65 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
141.71Mike Ferne V65M4 Southampton/Southern Counties Vets43.5345.25
239.86Barry HawksworthSBV65M5Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters39.8644.92
338.59Geoff Tyler V65M3 Chelmsford/Eastern Masters43.8543.85
438.05Tony RichardsSBV65M2 Croydon/Veterans38.0542.77
535.51Bill Renshaw V65M2 Rotherham/Midland Masters38.2842.63
618.72Patrick Reynolds V65M1 Veterans/Barnet/Ireland22.7223.62
DT1K M70 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
137.80Michael HazlewoodSBV70M1 Blackburn/Northern Masters/Sweden37.8048.30
229.03James Sloan V70M5 Annan/Northern Masters29.7141.51
328.90David KuesterSBV70M2 Bicester/Oxford City/Midland Masters28.9033.92
428.43John Gilbert V70M3 Invicta East Kent/Veterans/Southern Counties Vets29.4837.22
528.34Richard Jegou V70M2 White Horse/Midland Masters/Radley30.2835.74
623.61Brian Harlick V70M4Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets24.9436.19
723.16Richard TurnerSBV70M5 Enfield & Haringey23.1629.35
DT1K M75 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
117.29Brian WebbSBV75M5 Rhondda/South West Vets17.2923.86
DT1K M85 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.94James Farrar V85M3 Northern Masters13.8213.82
DT1K W40 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
136.33Andrea Jenkins V40W1 Nene Valley/Eastern Masters41.3842.68
223.38Claudia CubbageSBV40W4Allan WilliamsCity of Portsmouth/Southern Counties Vets23.3825.71
DT1K W45 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
129.99Sue Lawrence V45W1Paul HeadThurrock/Southern Counties Vets33.8137.22
DT1K W50 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
130.55Julie Wilson V50W4 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets31.7334.70
221.08Karen Llewellin V50W3 Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters24.9027.97
317.11Oriana Johnson V50W5Allen AdamsonBedford & County/Eastern Masters18.3121.32
DT1K W55 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.03Claire Cameron V55W3 Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H/Poli28.2346.34
222.89Debbie Singleton V55W3 Walton/Veterans24.3331.23
320.70Wendy Dunsford V55W1 Epsom & Ewell/Civil Service/Enfield & Haringey/Eas24.4628.19
DT1K W60 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
118.19Barbara Macanas V60W3 Herne Hill18.8421.52
217.02Sue Dassie V60W4Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets/Veterans19.7119.79
DT1K W70 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
118.14Liz Sissons V70W2 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets20.2430.16
HT7.26K M35 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
152.21Stuart ThurgoodSBV35M5 Herne Hill/Eastern Masters52.2159.83
HT7.26K M40 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
141.09Simon Achurch V40M2 Nene Valley43.8648.55
223.71Dan Upton V40M1 Trafford/Biggleswade/Veterans28.9836.90
HT7.26K M45 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
143.18Mark Wiseman V45M3Andrew HughesBracknell AC/Southern Counties Vets/Army43.5750.52
239.32John Twiddle V45M3 Kingston upon Hull/Northern Masters40.5342.65
321.97David Glendower V45M4 Invicta East Kent/Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters24.7526.79
HT6K M50 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
157.89Steve WhyteSBV50M2 Thames Valley/Eastern Masters/Walton57.8959.71
256.81Phil Spivey V50M5 East Grinstead60.0860.08
344.04David Burrell V50M2 Luton/Rugby & Northampton/Eastern Masters48.9052.07
441.49Tony Tipping V50M5 Cambridge H/Southern Counties Vets42.7145.04
530.05Nick Walker V50M3 Swindon/South West Vets32.3835.16
HT6K M55 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
144.43Bob Broadbridge V55M2 Newbury/South West Vets46.3749.75
243.22Chris Privett V55M2 Belgrave/Veterans45.9649.60
341.00Darren GibsonSBV55M1Diane SmithKingston upon Hull/Northern Masters41.0043.72
439.55John MorelandSBV55M3Gary HerringtonRugby & Northampton/Midland Masters39.5544.50
534.72Glyndwr Pugh V55M1 Rhondda/Welsh Masters35.0239.48
632.63Ian Cooley V55M4Barry HawksworthRotherham/Northern Masters35.8238.58
725.97Peter WishartSBV55M1 Cambridge H/Veterans25.9729.93
820.45Alex Ahmet V55M3 Radley24.8730.35
HT5K M60 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
150.77Malcolm FentonPBV60M1 Ipswich/Eastern Masters/Grantham AC50.7750.77
236.19Clive ThomsonSBV60M5 Medway & Maidstone/Southern Counties Vets36.1938.25
335.87Clive HowellSBV60M3 Midland Masters Throwers Group/Cannock & Stafford35.8738.51
435.39Paul Oakes V60M3 Ashford AC/Ryston/Eastern Masters36.0736.07
531.48Jim Burke V60M1 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters32.4432.55
627.93Tim Needham V60M4 Peterborough/Eastern Masters/Nene Valley31.6632.90
HT5K M65 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
143.38Barry Hawksworth V65M5Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters43.9650.75
231.70Bill RenshawSBV65M2 Rotherham/Midland Masters31.7034.77
HT4K M70 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
142.23Michael HazlewoodPBV70M1 Blackburn/Northern Masters/Sweden42.2342.23
232.57John Gilbert V70M3 Invicta East Kent/Veterans/Southern Counties Vets32.7836.10
330.48David Kuester V70M2 Bicester/Oxford City/Midland Masters30.6235.37
430.09Chris Melluish V70M2Paul DickensonCambridge H/Southern Counties Vets33.4838.18
528.82Richard Jegou V70M2 White Horse/Midland Masters/Radley29.0131.36
626.65Brian HarlickSBV70M4Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets26.6532.50
725.87Richard TurnerSBV70M5 Enfield & Haringey25.8727.13
HT4K M75 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
135.17Jack Kee V75M2 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters37.6847.75
HT4K W35 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
135.44Tracey Gould V35W5Paul DickensonEaling Southall & Middx36.8338.55
HT4K W40 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
146.62Andrea Jenkins V40W1 Nene Valley/Eastern Masters50.1053.25
235.78Leanne Taylor V40W2 Rhondda/Welsh Masters36.3246.86
322.27Nicola Long V40W2 Burton/Midland Masters26.3230.56
-NMCatherine Alford V40W4 Rhondda/Welsh Masters/Civil Service32.6834.68
HT4K W45 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
141.69Barbara NorrisPBV45W5Paul DickensonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans/Switzerlan43.8243.82
231.43Sue Lawrence V45W1Paul HeadThurrock/Southern Counties Vets39.0440.90
HT3K M85 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
119.63John KirkhamPBV85M3 Invicta East Kent20.9122.08
HT3K W50 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
141.24Janet Smith V50W2Paul DickensonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/British Airways/Sou42.4344.98
240.17Marion LoveridgeSBV50W4Lorraine ShawGloucester/Midland Masters/Worcester40.1743.42
335.01Julie Wilson V50W4 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets35.4039.16
434.23Jacky Brett V50W1 Newquay & Par/South West Vets39.3341.27
532.96Kim Weir V50W5Paul DerrienSt. Mary's Richmond/Veterans35.1535.61
630.83Karen Llewellin V50W3 Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters32.2133.07
HT3K W55 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
132.12Karen Jones V55W1Matt SpicerYate/South West Vets35.1837.69
229.02Wendy Dunsford V55W1 Epsom & Ewell/Civil Service/Enfield & Haringey/Eas31.2535.33
328.30Julie WakelamSBV55W3Sam CaterBromsgrove & Redditch/Midland Masters32.5533.37
427.79Angela MorganSBV55W3 Eastbourne/Southern Counties Vets27.7932.85
526.24Claire Cameron V55W3 Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H/Poli28.1233.75
625.69Brenda Russell V55W3 Vale of Aylesbury/Eastern Masters27.5033.03
722.65Lucy Moore-Fox V55W4 Dundrum South Dublin/Veterans/Ireland28.7729.92
HT3K W60 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.69Vilma Thompson V60W5Nick PhippsBelgrave/Southern Counties Vets32.9935.32
224.13Barbara Macanas V60W3 Herne Hill24.7826.00
319.54Stephanie StampPBV60W4 Southend/Eastern Masters19.5421.87
HT3K W65 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
125.51Rosemary Hutton V65W4Dennis ElkinsWimborne/South West Vets31.5335.55
223.35Linda Ridsdale V65W3 Wakefield/Northern Masters25.5131.40
HT3K W70 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.72Liz SissonsSBV70W2 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets24.7233.01
HT2K W80 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.21Anne Martin V80W1Jane ClarkeWymondham/Eastern Masters/Ryston23.2225.41
JT800 M35 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.55Ashley PritchardSBV35M2Christopher BartramMacclesfield/Northern Masters39.5546.23
237.85Stephen Leek V35M1 Livingston/Scottish Vets H/Edinburgh AC40.3741.81
336.68Darren Towart V35M4Doug MaxwellTynedale38.8141.62
428.00Stuart LeekSBV35M4 Eastern Masters28.0028.97
JT800 M40 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.34Peter MayfieldSBV40M1 Belgrave/Southern Counties Vets39.3444.13
JT800 M45 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.08Andrew BruceSBV45M1 Scottish Vets H39.0843.65
237.38Peter Evans V45M3 Woking/Veterans/Southern Counties Vets38.0239.29
334.81David HuntSBV45M4 Woking/Veterans34.8141.46
JT700 M50 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
147.04Stuart RyanPBV50M4 Gateshead47.0447.04
238.94David Burrell V50M2 Luton/Rugby & Northampton/Eastern Masters42.9843.44
337.15Nick Walker V50M3 Swindon/South West Vets37.9337.93
JT700 M55 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
137.05Michael HauslerPBV55M2 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters/Germany37.0537.05
235.26Keith Seldon V55M4 Hillingdon/Veterans35.4941.34
333.64Nick Barton V55M2 South London/Epsom & Ewell35.7635.76
425.14Peter Hewkin V55M3 Midland Masters Throwers Group26.0926.09
524.04Alex AhmetSBV55M3 Radley26.1330.41
JT600 M60 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
136.92Mike BennettSBV60M5Ron SilvesterBarnet/Southern Counties Vets36.9242.04
233.94Paul OakesSBV60M3 Ashford AC/Ryston/Eastern Masters33.9438.15
319.91Jim Burke V60M1 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters20.0020.91
JT600 M65 (12 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
133.29Barry HawksworthSBV65M5Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters33.2941.86
214.75Patrick Reynolds V65M1 Veterans/Barnet/Ireland14.8917.83
JT600 W40 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
132.20Diana Norman V40W2Dave MitchellEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets34.1034.50
JT600 W45 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.27Margaret Pope V45W1 Veterans29.3129.31
JT500 M70 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
136.56Duncan ChappellSBV70M3 Bideford/South West Vets36.5641.47
236.28Michael Hazlewood V70M1 Blackburn/Northern Masters/Sweden37.6537.65
327.80David KuesterSBV70M2 Bicester/Oxford City/Midland Masters27.8032.42
427.65Peter Daw V70M2 South West Vets30.4735.77
524.04John Gilbert V70M3 Invicta East Kent/Veterans/Southern Counties Vets24.1129.27
619.27Brian Harlick V70M4Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets20.2927.14
JT500 M75 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
117.77Brian WebbSBV75M5 Rhondda/South West Vets17.7726.39
JT500 W50 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
119.43Karen LlewellinPBV50W3 Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters19.4319.43
JT500 W55 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
120.64Julie WakelamSBV55W3Sam CaterBromsgrove & Redditch/Midland Masters22.6925.71
JT500 W60 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.47Barbara Macanas V60W3 Herne Hill14.1120.07
JT500 W70 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
120.09Liz Sissons V70W2 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets22.8228.40
JT400 M80 (13 Mar)
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
117.87Cliff TaylorSBV80M4 Belgrave/Veterans17.8722.12