Merseyside County Championships External Results
10 Jan 09
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PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
18 11:38William PattersonU13MDouglas HannaWirral
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 38:12Simon MillsU23M Sale Harriers Manchester
2 38:45Richard BurneySENM Liverpool H
3 38:53Hywel CareSENMFrank HorwillWoodford Green Essex Ladies
4 40:58Rob BerryV35M Southport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni/Windsor Slough Et
5 41:09Adam PeersU23MJohn NuttallLiverpool H/Loughborough Students
6 41:12Rob DewhurstSENM Liverpool H
7141:22Bernie MurphyV40M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
8 41:39James MeldrumSENM Liverpool H/Vegan
9 42:07Steven WilkinsonV35M Southport Waterloo
10242:08John HuntV40M Dark Peak/Wirral
11342:21Peter ScarrattV40M Wirral
12 42:36Alan AshtonV35M Liverpool H
13 43:02Simon McKevittV35M Liverpool H
14 43:06S CollinsSENM Liv Un
15 43:16P ShearerSENM S'port W
16 43:17Colin PottsV35M Liverpool H
17443:20David HamiltonV40M Southport Waterloo
18 43:35Paul SankeyV35MDavid EvansLiverpool RC
19 43:40Anthony SmithV35M St. Helens Sutton
20 43:52Greg WilliamsU23M St. Helens Sutton
21544:38Robert AshworthV40M Southport Waterloo
22144:43Graham CairnsV50M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
23 44:45David CattU23M Liverpool H
24144:50Ian WhiteV45M St. Helens Sutton
25 45:12Jordan DonnellyU23M Wirral/Brunel Uni London/Woodford Green Essex Ladi
26 45:35Ian PalinV35M Liverpool RC
27245:41Chris PedderV50M Mossley Hill/Newburgh/Northern Masters
28645:45Glen GrovesV40M Liverpool H
29245:49Greg CallaghanV45M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
30 45:52Gerard LenehanV35M Southport Waterloo
31745:55B CraneyV40M SHS
32 46:01Anthony ClarkeSENM Liverpool H
33346:10Maurice CollinsV45M Liverpool RC
34 46:16Matt WilliamsU23M Wallasey
35846:35Peter RoomeV40M Southport Waterloo
36447:01Steve McLeanV45M Southport Waterloo
37547:21Tony BarbatV45M Wallasey
38947:52Peter JohnsonV40M St. Helens Sutton
39648:04Richard BowkerV45M Southport Waterloo
40 48:08Kevin KeatingV35M Wirral
41748:12R BaylisV45M Wirr
43848:22Christopher GibbsV45M Wirral
45948:34John SpracklandV45M Southport Waterloo
47348:52Tony DevoyV50M Wirral
48449:00Michael StoneV50M Wirral
60151:08Dennis WhartonV50M St. Helens Sutton
63252:12Philip BaileyV55M Southport Waterloo
67353:33Paul ThelwellV55M Wallasey
71157:50Steve JamesV70M Southport Waterloo/Northern Masters
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 25:47Craig GundersenU20MDavid EvansLiverpool H/Birmingham Uni
2 27:59James RussellU20M Liverpool H/Sheffield Hallam Uni
3 28:19Laurie LuscombeU20M Liverpool H/Manchester Uni
4 29:05Stephen DuckersU20M Wirral
5 29:51Paul GalgeyU20M Liverpool H
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 15:22David ForresterU17M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
2 15:31Toby LoveridgeU17MJohn BradshawLiverpool Pembroke Sefton
3 15:48Patrick VisU17MChristopher MulvaneySouthport Waterloo
4 15:54Andrew GawneU17M Wirral
5 15:58John AshcroftU17MAdrian WebbSt. Helens Sutton
6 15:59Shaun EganU17MDouglas HannaWirral/Maldwyn
7 16:09Christopher CooperU17M Wirral
8 16:21Benjamin CostelloU17M Wirral
9 16:23Christopher HeskethU17M Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
10 16:27Ben BrownU17M Liverpool H
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 13:43Max JeffersU15M Wirral
2 13:57Jamie WebbU15MAdrian WebbSt. Helens Sutton
3 13:58Jamie WhiteU15MAdrian WebbSt. Helens Sutton
4 14:00Nick JonesU15MDouglas HannaWirral
5 14:00Matthew ByrneU15M Wirral
6 14:02Luke TowersU15MPaul TowersLiverpool H
7 14:09Liam RogersU15M Liverpool H
8 14:11Jack ChristieU15M Liverpool H
9 14:14William ReynoldsU15MStephen CarrollLiverpool H
10 14:16Liam FryerU15M Wirral
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 10:22Liam EllisU13M Southport Waterloo
2 10:28Matthew WestbyU13M Wirral
3 10:30Richard EvansU13MDouglas HannaWirral
4 10:35Michael PanesU13M Southport Waterloo
5 10:47Niall FlanaganU13M Wirral
6 10:49T ShabazzU13M Wirr
7 10:52Kristian QuirkU13MAnthony ClarkeLiverpool H
8 11:03Daniel JarvisU13M Wirral
9 11:06Gary ClarkU13MRon ScottSouthport Waterloo
10 11:07James GrundyU13MJohn BradshawLiverpool Pembroke Sefton
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 30:28Amanda CrookU23W Southport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni
2 31:37Catherine GallagherSENW Liverpool H/Loughborough Students/Barrow Runners
3 32:26Kirsty LongleySENWJohn BradshawLiverpool Pembroke Sefton
4 32:45Liz WhitfieldSENW Spectrum
5 33:35Claire WaltonSENW Wallasey
6 34:11Amy GlenU23W Liverpool H
7 34:17Sarah JacksonSENW Liverpool H/Liverpool John Moores Uni/Middlesbroug
8134:35Louise HoggV35W St. Helens Sutton
9134:45Michelle MurphyV40W Liverpool H
10334:53Marina AliV35W Liverpool H
11 34:58Sue CooperV55W Southport Waterloo/Northern Masters
12235:04Angela DelaneyV40W Southport Waterloo
13335:27Julie Dala (nee Webb)V40W Wirral
14435:58Jeanette FoxV40W Wirral
15 36:07Clare MurphyU20W Liverpool H
16 37:16S JarvisSENW Liv Un
17 39:00Michelle SpencerSENW Southport Waterloo
18140:09Nicci DaviesV50W Wallasey
19240:40E JohnsonV35W Sptrms
20141:22Karen DalbyV45W Liverpool H
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 17:23Rebecca LinneyU17WStephen CarrollLiverpool H
2117:32Rhea EllisU20W Liverpool Pembroke Sefton
3218:15Rebecca HannahU20W Wirral
4218:23Jess SchofieldU17W Wirral
5318:51Clare MurphyU20W Liverpool H
6318:58Clare DuckersU17W Wirral
7419:02Lauren TowersU17W Liverpool H
8519:27Sophie HuntU17W Wirral
9619:49Nicole HavilandU17W Wirral
10419:52Sophie WhitesideU20WDavid EvansLiverpool H
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 15:08Hanna TarverU15WDavid JeffsWirral
2 15:31Katherine WalkerU15WAnthony ClarkeLiverpool H
3 15:47Katie DuckersU15W Wirral
4 16:08Olivia PerezU15W Liverpool H
5 16:09Bethany MasonU15WAlan PrescottLiverpool H
6 16:26Rebecca DonohueU15WAnthony ClarkeLiverpool H
7 16:45Holly BarrettU15W Liverpool H
8 16:58Poppy LangU15W Liverpool H
9 16:58Katie MorrisU15W Southport Waterloo
10 17:13Ellen HartU15W Southport Waterloo
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 10:36Chelsea JarvisU13WDavid TurnbullSt. Helens Sutton
2 10:39Beth TynanU13W Liverpool H
3 11:41Erin DonaghU13W Southport Waterloo
4 11:47Erin StewartU13W Liverpool H
5 11:49Sally WareingU13W Southport Waterloo
6 11:53Ellie RobertsU13WRon ScottSouthport Waterloo
7 11:55Riana BurtonU13WLynn WebbLiverpool H
8 12:04Rosie JohnsonU13W St. Helens Sutton
9 12:15Anna GordonU13W Wirral
10 12:23Isabel PerezU13W Liverpool H