Giffnock North AC Club Championships External Results
17 Sep 17
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SP2.72K U11M
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.87Ben HughesPBU11M12 Giffnock North5.875.87
25.47Elliot Baxter-SeabrookPBU13M  Giffnock North5.475.47
35.13Cameron HarrisPBU11M11 Giffnock North5.135.13
45.01Christopher CurriePBU13M  Giffnock North5.015.01
54.87Ellis NairnePBU11M12 Giffnock North4.874.87
64.81Craig ShennanPBU11M11 Giffnock North4.814.81
74.77Shay GariochPBU11M  Giffnock North4.774.77
84.71Alfie SweeneyPBU11M  Giffnock North4.714.71
94.65Blair HoustonPBU13M  Giffnock North4.654.65
104.49Zinedine YekkenPBU11M  Giffnock North4.494.49
114.45Tristan RobinSBU11M10 Giffnock North4.454.77
124.44Jack WallacePBU11M11 Giffnock North4.444.44
134.42Lewis DavidsonSBU11M11 Giffnock North4.424.85
144.35Elias ThomsonPBU11M12 Giffnock North4.354.35
154.27Felix ChanPBU11M12 Giffnock North4.274.27
164.18Max SheridanPBU11M11 Giffnock North4.184.18
174.12Rory FraserPBU11M  Giffnock North4.124.12
184.01Mitchell ScottPBU11M12 Giffnock North4.014.01
193.99Milo Joe LombardPBU13M  Giffnock North3.993.99
203.94Rory Taylor-YoungSBU11M11 Giffnock North3.944.57
213.91Calan ChongPBU11M12 Giffnock North3.913.91
223.84James WyliePBU11M11 Giffnock North3.843.84
233.83Oliver GlassPBU11M12 Giffnock North3.833.83
243.75Tommy DonnellyPBU11M  Giffnock North3.753.75
253.72Sam ForbesPBU11M  Giffnock North3.723.72
263.59Zac CarrSBU11M11 Giffnock North3.593.74
273.46Kester MullinPBU11M11 Giffnock North3.463.46
283.39Cormac ShielsPBU11M11 Giffnock North3.393.39
293.35Murray RossPBU11M  Giffnock North3.353.35
302.85Luke WhittingtonPBU11M  Giffnock North2.852.85
312.41Harry BrennanPBU11M  Giffnock North2.412.41
SP2.72K U13W A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.63Emma GilmourPBU13W2 Giffnock North5.635.63
25.51Rachel MillerPBU13W1 Giffnock North5.515.51
35.18Grace OverdijkingPBU15W3 Giffnock North5.185.18
44.96Emma McLennanSBU13W1 Giffnock North4.965.38
54.67Kara ScallyPBU13W1 Giffnock North4.674.67
64.54Skye MoulsonPBU13W2 Giffnock North4.544.54
74.47Esme DougallSBU13W1 Giffnock North4.474.53
84.46Leah Rigley U13W1 Giffnock North5.085.40
94.34Ruby WhitePBU13W1 Giffnock North4.344.34
104.23Kate PaulPBU13W2 Giffnock North4.234.23
114.18Kristin RossPBU13W  Giffnock North4.184.18
123.77Ava FlynnPBU13W1 Giffnock North3.773.77
133.58Kirsty WylieSBU13W1 Giffnock North3.584.84
SP2.72K U13W B
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
16.57Catriona AdamsPBU13W2 Giffnock North6.576.57
26.14Amy GreenePBU13W2 Giffnock North6.146.14
35.98Eva ChongPBU13W2 Giffnock North5.985.98
45.97Chloe DrummondPBU13W2 Giffnock North5.975.97
55.90Darcy McNeil U13W1 Giffnock North6.716.88
65.88Isla FotheringhamPBU13W2 Giffnock North5.885.88
75.73Jennifer Torrance U13W2 Giffnock North5.915.91
85.70Olivia Dykes U13W2 Giffnock North6.246.24
95.68Rachael Morran U13W2 Giffnock North5.985.98
105.65Nina CrossanPBU13W  Giffnock North5.655.65
115.40Imogen Maher U13W2 Giffnock North5.905.90
124.97Nuala O'DonnellPBU13W2 Giffnock North4.979.65
134.88Isla ScottPBU13W2Dudley WalkerGiffnock North4.884.88
144.82Ella McGregorPBU13W2 Giffnock North4.824.82
154.60Rose Williams U13W  Giff N  
SP2.72K U11W A
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.16Erin MckaySBU11W11 Giffnock North4.165.96
24.09Katy Donnelly U11W12 Giffnock North4.346.29
34.00Olivia McCartneyPBU11W  Giffnock North4.004.00
43.93Lucy CreeSBU11W12 Giffnock North3.934.59
53.82Hazel O'DonoghueSBU11W11 Giffnock North3.824.34
63.79Sarah StewartSBU11W12 Giffnock North3.794.76
73.72Sophie FergusonPBU11W12 Giffnock North3.723.72
83.62Mia DavidsonPBU11W  Giffnock North3.623.62
93.61Heather BentleyPBU11W12 Giffnock North3.613.61
103.53Erin Hughes U11W  Giff N  
113.51Cara SlaterSBU11W12 Giffnock North3.515.14
123.28Holly SlaterSBU11W11 Giffnock North3.285.20
133.13Eve GreeneSBU11W12 Giffnock North3.133.94
142.92Lucy MoynihanPBU11W12 Giffnock North2.922.92
152.76Gabrielle PaddisonSBU11W12 Giffnock North2.763.55
162.73Scarlett ScottSBU11W12 Giffnock North2.734.58
SP2.72K U11W B
PosPerfName AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.02Kirsty AdamPBU11W  Giffnock North5.025.02
24.77Kate SeenanSBU11W12 Giffnock North4.775.10
34.54Carly HookerPBU13W  Giffnock North4.544.54
44.16Emily WilliamsSBU11W11 Giffnock North4.166.29
54.08Lauren McPhersonSBU11W11 Giffnock North4.084.24
63.54Lily Cook U11W  Giff N  
73.29Erin SnellPBU11W11 Giffnock North3.293.29
83.21Freya Cooper U11W  Giff N  
93.20Catherine RobbPBU11W11 Giffnock North3.203.20
103.20Isla Sweeney U11W  Giff N  
113.20Lexie MartinPBU11W11 Giffnock North3.203.20
123.16Emilia Hickey-FugacciaSBU11W11 Giffnock North3.163.71
133.13Amelie Rheumer U11W  Giff N  
142.89Brooke McClurePBU11W  Giffnock North2.892.89
152.86Freya CampbellSBU11W10 Giffnock North2.864.55
162.76Hannah SlumanSBU11W11 Giffnock North2.764.58
172.53Siobhan Barnes U11W  Giff N