Herefordshire Summer Off Road League External Results
8 Aug 18
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PosMWACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1  28:45Jonathon PughV35M Builth
2  29:00Andrew SaltSENM Croft Ambrey
3 129:21Barry ReynoldsV45M Hereford Couriers
4  29:36Mark LamonbySENM Croft Ambrey
5 129:40Jamie ShinglerV40M Ludlow
6  29:53Matthew JamesSENM Hereford Couriers RC
7  30:01Oscar DickensSENM Ludlow Runners
8  30:32Sam MayglothlingSENM Wye Valley
9 130:32Toby DickensU20M MonRoss Trail Blazers
10  30:47Luke GraySENM MonRoss Trail Blazers
11  31:10Steven FlowersV35M Wye Valley
12 231:19Andrew StephensV40M MonRoss Trail Blazers
13 231:26Christian JonesV45M Wye Valley
14 331:30Daniel LewisV40M Wye Valley
15 131:38Sam RobertsU17M Croft Ambrey
16 332:08Stafford ReesV45M Rhayader
17  32:31Peter NugentSENM Wye Valley
18  32:37Lea WoodSENM Wye Valley
19  32:51Bobby PritchardSENM MonRoss Trailblazers
20 432:53Andy TylerV45M Hereford Couriers
21 533:03Adrian TaylorV45M Presteigne Pacers
22 633:09Ian David SockettV45M Wye Valley
231133:15Amy Rose FulfordV40W Ludlow
24 733:21Andy TaylorSENM Hereford Tri
25 233:42William GoreU20M Croft Ambrey
26 433:51Richard BevanV40M MonRoss Trail Blazers
27  33:57Ben SkinnerSENM Hereford/Hereford Couriers RC
28  34:12Darren BroadySENM Hereford Couriers
29 134:26Nigel William TaylorV50M Croft Ambrey
30  34:26Jonathon ToveyV35M Ludlow
31  34:53Craig CollierSENM Ludlow
322 35:04Irina DaleSENW Croft Ambrey
33  35:16Matt JennesonV40M Ludlow
343135:16Claire ThomasV35W Ludlow
35  35:26Chris ClearySENM Hereford Couriers
36 835:34Mike LinkV45M Hereford Couriers RC
37 335:52Oscar AustinU17M Croft Ambrey
38 135:55Dave WilliamsV50M Hereford Couriers RC
394 36:03Laura LelievreSENW MonRoss Trail Blazers
40 936:25Andrew DempseyV45M Ludlow
415 36:29Gemma MallettSENW Croft Ambrey
42  36:33Paul DewsV35M Ludlow
43  36:43Ryan CridlowSENM Wye Valley Runners
44 1036:43Steve MeshamV45M Presteigne Pacers
45 236:52Daniel PavittV50M Ludlow
46 1136:57Paul DaviesV45M Wye Valley
47  36:57Daniel SpearSENM Ludlow
486 36:57Robyn GoreSENW Croft Ambrey
49 537:08Kevin ArtusV40M Wye Valley
50 637:18James HintonV40M Ludlow
51 337:22John WarburtonV50M Hay Hotfooters
52 137:34Steve HeringtonV70M Hereford Couriers RC
537 37:35Kelly BowenSENW Croft Ambrey
54 237:41Nigel Christopher BakerV55M MonRoss Trail Blazers
558237:43Emily HintonV35W Ludlow
56  37:55James CassonSENM Wye Valley Runners
57 737:58Paul SmithV40M Hay Hotfooters
58 337:59Paul BaskeyfieldV55M Ludlow
59 438:11Mark PaviourV55M Presteigne Pacers/Croft Ambrey
60 138:21Piotr StrzesakV60M Presteigne Pacers
61 1238:35David MillichapV45M Croft Ambrey
629238:38Becki AnsfieldV40W Wye Valley Runners
63 438:43Robert GilliganV50M Wye Valley
64  38:46Thomas PowellSENM Ludlow
6510 38:48Lucy MasonV35W Wye Valley
66 239:14Neil TaylorV60M Croft Ambrey
67  39:23Matthew HallSENM Ludlow
6811 39:26Alice GoddingU23W Ludlow
69 1339:37Tim GilesV45M Ludlow
70 539:37David GreenV50M Hereford Couriers RC
71 639:47Brian MorganV50M Hay Hotfooters
72  39:51Darren GibbonsSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
7312340:07Joanne TilbyV35W Croft Ambrey
7413 40:10Aisling FreethSENW Hereford Couriers
7514140:10Louise ReynoldsV50W Croft Ambrey RC
76 1440:22Lee ReevesV45M Ludlow
7715 40:27Lara SealSENW Wye Valley Runners
7816440:27Becky EvershamV35W Hereford Couriers
7917140:36Steph MainV45W Croft Ambrey
8018540:42Kerry WathenV35W Hereford Couriers
8119240:56Lynne ComptonV50W Wye Valley
8220 41:00Rebecca BennionSENW MonRoss Trailblazers
83 1541:20Paul ParkerV45M Ludlow
84 541:22Bryan LloydV55M Presteigne Pacers
85  41:51Saul PhillipsV35M Ludlow
86 1642:13Bryn RobertsV45M Croft Ambrey
87  42:14Scott HardieSENM Croft Ambrey
88 1742:15Bruce JacksonV45M Hay Hotfooters
8921342:18Samantha HarperV40W Croft Ambrey
90 342:30Nigel JonesV55M Wye Valley
9122 42:32Roxy WoodfieldSENW Croft Ambrey
92 143:19Guy WhitmarshV70M Croft Ambrey
93 1843:37Heath MountfordV45M Ludlow
94 1943:46Ian FosterV45M Hereford Tri
95 644:16Ralph LloydV55M Wye Valley
9623444:21Vicky WoodhallV40W Hereford Couriers RC
97 244:27John GibsonV65M Hay Hotfooters
98 444:33John PriceV55M Hay Hotfooters
9924644:54Emily DaviesV35W Wye Valley
10025144:57Jan EdwardsV60W Wye Valley
101 144:57Brian SymondsV75M Wye Valley
10226745:21Kerry MartinV35W Croft Ambrey
10327845:24Liz HarveyV35W Hay Hotfooters
104 746:03Stuart AustinV50M Croft Ambrey
10528 46:43Becky HumphreysSENW Wye Valley
106 847:01Kevin BarnesV55M Hereford/Hereford Couriers RC
107 347:07Tom DaviesV65M Croft Ambrey
108 447:07Bill GriffithsV65M Wye Valley
109 248:43Alec HarperU15M Croft Ambrey
11029248:43Carol PowellV45W Croft Ambrey
11130348:46Sian ChampkenV45W Wye Valley
11231949:00Debbie BeanV35W Ludlow
11332349:21Stephanie KingV50W Croft Ambrey
11433249:46Tina LavelleV55W Hay Hotfooters
11534450:42Lisa GrayV45W Croft Ambrey
11635 50:47Rachael PriceSENW Croft Ambrey
11736551:09Louise ReevesV40W Croft Ambrey
118 253:50Bryan MarkhamV75M Croft Ambrey
11937154:05Chris LinkV55W Ludlow
12038254:30Ann BaskeyfieldV55W Ludlow
121391054:32Gemma DaviesV35W Croft Ambrey
12240358:41Maggie MorrisV55W Ludlow
12341464:52Joanna SharpV55W Ludlow
124 366:22David HaynesV75M Ludlow