Wessex League (Inc Dorset Championships) External Results
16 Dec 18

In our version the results have been combined as per the race timetable.
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1.7KXC U11M
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
16:18William HasanU11M11 Winchester
26:20Thomas JacobsU13M12James MannSouthampton
36:28Ben ContiU11M11 New Forest Junior
46:32Michael WhittakerU11M11 Winchester
56:33Niclas OlleyU11M11James MannSouthampton
66:34Edward ShermanU11M  Wells City Harriers
76:36Harry ButcherU11M11 Wimborne
86:37Toby ButtU13M12 Wimborne
96:38Max ChaterU11M11 Wimborne
106:42Ethan SkipwithU11M11 Winchester
116:44Joshua FrickerU11M11Ian KennedyWimborne
126:46Oliver GreenU11M11 Wimborne
136:54Felix BowyerU11M10 Winchester
146:56Jack PotterU11M11 Southampton
156:58Henry ElliottU11M11 Poole AC
166:59Seth NoottU11M11 Winchester
176:59Joe HasanU11M9 Winchester
187:00Ruben WilliamsU11M11 New Forest Junior
197:02Frederick KimberU11M10 Poole Runners
207:04Ethan CrowleyU11M11 Poole AC
217:04Finlay SmithU11M11 New Forest Junior
227:08Casper WilsonU11M10 Winchester
237:10Luka HewittU11M  Winchester & District AC
247:11Oliver CorrieU11M10 Winchester
257:14Joshua CoxU11M11 Winchester
267:14Thomas SavillU11M10 Winchester
277:15Leyton FinnU11M9 Wells City
287:15Jake ChapmanU11M11 Winchester
297:18Matthew FriendU13M12 Winchester
307:18Ted ScottU11M  Wells City Harriers
317:21Joshua SmithSENM29 Winchester
327:23Daniel RobertsonU11M9 New Forest Junior
337:26Finley LewinU11M10 Poole AC
347:27Rufus BellU11M10 Winchester
357:27Alfie KeeganU11M  Winchester
367:30Toby PopeU11M9 Winchester
377:32Oscar BantingU11M11 Winchester
387:33Daniel ContiU11M10 New Forest Junior
397:42Ellis HaighU11M  Winchester
407:44Dara McerleanU11M9 Winchester
417:50William RichardsonU11M11 Winchester
427:55Zach OvertonU11M  Poole AC
438:01Archie SleethU11M10 Winchester
448:03Adam Alan-WilliamsU11M  Poole AC
458:09Dougie HideU11M  Winchester
468:11Cyrus HussainU11M  Winchester & District AC
478:13Jude FisherU11M9 Winchester
488:15Monty SpenceU11M11 Poole AC
498:25Cameron BakerU11M11 Winchester
508:27Barnaby OvertonU11M  Poole AC
518:28Montague WildenU11M10 Winchester
528:35Oscar BakerU11M  Winchester
538:39Vann McneillU11M  Winchester & District AC
548:43Oscar RobertsonU11M10 Winchester
1.7KXC U11W
PosPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
16:40Finney CoomberU13W12 City of Portsmouth
26:41Florence EastU11W11Claire EastCity of Portsmouth
36:47Emerson ChurcherU11W11 Southampton
46:48Daisy DaviesU11W11Annette WealeYeovil/Wells City
56:52Kitty BrydonU11W11Claire EastCity of Portsmouth
67:07Poppy TaylorU11W11 Winchester
77:15Rebecca HutchingsU11W11 Winchester
87:17Isabel CherrettU11W11 Bournemouth
97:18Alexis SeymourU11W10 New Forest Junior
107:19Imogen RawlesU11W11 Wimborne
117:20Daisy JohnsonU13W12 New Forest Junior
127:21Emily BaggottU11W  Poole AC
137:22Cerys DaviesU11W11 New Forest Junior
147:23Lucia BertacchiniU11W10Andrew FisherWinchester
157:26Isla McPhailU13W12 Poole AC
167:32Miya AndersonU11W11 Winchester
177:33Evie FullerU11W11 Wimborne
187:38Isabelle HastieU11W  Winchester
197:39Lauren WhiteU11W11 Poole Runners
207:44Freya WoollardU11W11 Poole AC
217:46Megan JonesU11W  New Forest Junior AC
227:49Bethany SmithU11W10 Poole Runners
237:49Charley TrentU13W12 Poole Runners
247:57Millie AustinU11W10 Winchester
257:59Amelia DrewU11W9Mark PauleyPoole AC
268:02Lexi LewinU11W11 Poole Runners
278:03Lavender WestU11W10 Wimborne
288:03Beatrice HamblinU11W10Joe OatleyPoole AC
298:09Emma DomanU11W11 New Forest Junior
308:11Morgen DaviesU11W11 New Forest Junior
318:21Lucy SmithU11W9 Poole Runners
328:28Molly RowlandU11W  Winchester & District AC
338:31Neve MellodeyU11W11 New Forest Junior
348:33Clover SmithU11W9 New Forest Junior
358:37Ella RamageU11W11 Winchester
368:40Isabelle FazakerleyU11W9 Wimborne
378:46Georgia SladeU11W11 Wimborne
388:52Morgan Sommerson-WatsonU11W  Poole AC
399:05Amelia ChivertonU11W11 Southampton
4010:34Charlotte DickelU11W  Winchester & District AC
4111:11Sophie ReamU13W  Poole AC
4211:53Lucy HuffU11W  Winchester & District AC