Southern Athletics League Division 2E External Results
15 Jun 19
100 200 400 800 1500 3000 5000 100HW 110H 400H 400HW 2000SC 2000SCW 4x100 4x400
HJ PV LJ TJ SP7.26K SP4K DT2K DT1K HT7.26K HT4K JT800 JT600 

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100 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
111.25 -1.5Idorenyin Ekere U23M Bexley10.9810.98
211.28 -1.5Winfred Hakeem U20M Woodford Green Essex Ladies11.1511.15
311.68 -1.5Dylan Baines U20MBeth HarrisStevenage & North Herts11.4711.4
412.17 -1.5Isaac Pfaender U17M Cambridge & Coleridge11.411.4
100 SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
111.60 2.0Merveilles Massembo U17MGladys BirdWoodford Green Essex Ladies11.2011.20
211.69 2.0Abraham Ogunmefun U23M Bexley11.4311.43
311.83 2.0Daniel Kessi U17M Stevenage & North Herts11.5011.50
412.17 2.0Caleb Des-Ruisseaux U17M Cambridge & Coleridge11.711.7
100 SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
111.65  Joey O'Neill U20M Woodford Green Essex Ladies11.4311.3
211.80  Fortune Adah-Jahs U17M Bexley11.5311.4
312.59  Roshaun Edwards U17M Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.1112.11
100 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
113.05 0.2Eloise Lewis U20WColin CorlessSouthend/St. Mary's Uni/Woodford Green Essex Ladie12.6512.44
213.39 0.2Rebecca PickardSBU23WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Uni/Harrow13.3912.64
313.51 0.2Rebecca Abegunde-Williams U20W Bexley13.113.1
415.30 0.2Anne Moindrot V35W Cambridge & Coleridge/France14.214.2
100 SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
113.42w3.1Emma Adeyemi U17W Bexley13.1613.16
214.46w3.1Abigail Pickard U20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts14.213.7
317.56w3.1Holly ReesPBSENW Cambridge & Coleridge17.5617.56
200 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
122.26  Peter De'AthPBSENM Stevenage & North Herts/Loughborough Students/Hert22.2622.26
222.37  Michael Fagbenle U20MChristopher HarrisBexley22.322.00
323.32  Winfred Hakeem U20M Woodford Green Essex Ladies22.722.7
424.27  Steven GreenSBV35MMalcolm ArnoldCambridge & Coleridge24.122.4
200 SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
122.86  Idorenyin Ekere U23M Bexley22.5022.50
223.66  Daniel Kessi U17M Stevenage & North Herts23.2423.2
324.20  Laolu AbiodunSBSENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies24.2024.07
424.33  Caleb Des-RuisseauxPBU17M Cambridge & Coleridge24.224.2
200 SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
123.62  Merveilles Massembo U17MGladys BirdWoodford Green Essex Ladies23.0323.03
223.65  Abraham Ogunmefun U23M Bexley23.523.5
326.33  Nathaniel MastersSBU17M Bexley26.2626.1
427.85  Steve Mayfield V50MPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Fairlands Valley Spartans/27.026.46
200 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
125.06  Lauren RuleSBSENWPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Kent Uni/Herts Phoenix25.0625.03
226.59  Eloise Lewis U20WColin CorlessSouthend/St. Mary's Uni/Woodford Green Essex Ladie26.4025.76
327.93  Kelechi Ambros U17W Bexley27.627.56
200 SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
127.2  Sophie Anderson U17WColin CorlessSouthend/Woodford Green Essex Ladies26.026.0
228.1  Faye Olszowka T20/F20 U20WChristopher HarrisBexley26.926.9
330.5  Connie AndrewsSBU20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts30.528.90
200 SW ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
131.00  Wendy Masters V50W Bexley30.429.78
400 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
149.26  Peter De'Ath SENM Stevenage & North Herts/Loughborough Students/Hert49.2248.60
252.23  Adrian Richards SENMPaul PinningtonWoodford Green Essex Ladies51.5950.4
353.78  Steven Green V35MMalcolm ArnoldCambridge & Coleridge53.246.51
458.51  Nathaniel MastersSBU17M Bexley58.558.04
400 SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
151.45  Freddie ReillySBU20MNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts51.4550.6
253.15  Theodore SpencePBU20M Cambridge & Coleridge53.1553.15
354.48  Ben SloanPBU17MJohn StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies54.4854.48
456.91  Luke FrancisSBSENMChristopher HarrisBexley/Lancaster Uni56.9151.16
400 SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
153.79  Joseph Gallego U17M Stevenage & North Herts53.7653.76
262.11  Steve Mayfield V50MPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Fairlands Valley Spartans/61.259.11
400 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
155.86  Lauren RuleSBSENWPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Kent Uni/Herts Phoenix55.8655.64
265.63  Faye Olszowka T20/F20 U20WChristopher HarrisBexley63.0863.08
367.33  Rebecca SharpePBSENW Cambridge & Coleridge67.3367.33
467.88  Rebecca Wilby SENW Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Brunel Uni London65.2365.23
400 SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
163.38  Rebecca Beddall U23WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Southampton Uni62.0762.07
268.69  Rebecca HarrisSBSENWChristopher HarrisBexley68.1162.80
400 SW ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
162.36  Zyanne HookSBSENW Stevenage & North Herts/Loughborough Students/Gibr62.3661.24
800 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11:55.65  Thomas KeenPBU20MMark VileCambridge & Coleridge1:55.651:55.65
22:01.35  Ben Sloan U17MJohn StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies1:59.21:59.2
32:12.04  Christopher Westcott V45MCaroline KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters/Fairlands 2:05.462:04.77
42:17.42  Luke FrancisSBSENMChristopher HarrisBexley/Lancaster Uni2:17.422:02.3
800 SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12:01.69  Videsh Weerakkody U20MJohn StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies1:58.971:58.97
22:03.40  Alex MelloyPBU17MMark VileCambridge & Coleridge2:03.402:03.40
32:27.97  Joe Gunton SENMJohn GatesBexley/Kent Uni2:26.682:09.9
42:50.22  Paul Pickard V45M Stevenage & North Herts2:46.12:28.3
800 SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12:01.79  Jack Nicholls U20M Cambridge & Coleridge1:58.01:58.0
22:06.84  Sam Sloan U17MJohn StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies2:04.92:04.9
32:08.94  Callum MolloyPBU17M Cambridge & Coleridge2:07.72:07.7
42:14.05  William Newcombe U17MMark VileCambridge & Coleridge2:06.562:06.56
800 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12:25.05  Amelie Maris U17W Cambridge & Coleridge2:24.752:24.75
22:30.34  Rebecca WilbySBSENW Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Brunel Uni London2:26.192:24.88
32:41.05  Anoushka JohnsonSBV45W Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley2:41.052:28.7
42:41.36  Alex Gates SENW Stevenage & North Herts2:40.72:26.9
800 SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12:29.80  Leila Querns U17W Cambridge & Coleridge2:25.862:25.86
22:42.63  Christine FeelySBV55WPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters2:42.632:37.84
32:44.04  Rebecca Harris SENWChristopher HarrisBexley2:39.82:36.08
1500 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14:03.37  Jonathan Escalante-PhillipsSBSENM Cambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge Uni4:03.374:00.22
24:12.35  Videsh WeerakkodyPBU20MJohn StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies4:08.994:08.99
34:28.94  Joseph Gallego U17M Stevenage & North Herts4:24.04:24.0
45:15.42  Tony DureySBV55M Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley5:15.424:47.8
1500 SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14:19.92  Richard Park SENMMark VileCambridge & Coleridge4:14.324:09.87
24:22.62  Darren SouthcottSBSENMTomaz PlibersekWoodford Green Essex Ladies4:22.624:13.64
35:30.12  Joe Gunton SENMJohn GatesBexley/Kent Uni5:09.34:47.34
46:05.30  Paul Pickard V45M Stevenage & North Herts6:04.55:27.0
1500 SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14:25.37  William Newcombe U17MMark VileCambridge & Coleridge4:12.344:12.34
24:35.47  Peter James Caton V40MTomaz PlibersekWoodford Green Essex Ladies4:29.174:25.15
1500 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14:59.53  Alicia McArdell U23WJohn StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Nottingham Trent Uni4:50.774:50.77
25:14.87  Rebecca Sharpe SENW Cambridge & Coleridge5:09.265:09.26
35:37.61  Anoushka JohnsonSBV45W Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley5:37.615:04.50
45:53.21  Alex GatesPBSENW Stevenage & North Herts5:53.215:53.21
1500 SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
15:30.46  Rebecca Wilby SENW Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Brunel Uni London5:10.575:02.84
26:38.96  Rebecca Harris SENWChristopher HarrisBexley6:20.485:51.4
37:03.12  Sandra Reed V50W Stevenage & North Herts6:57.645:51.6
1500 SW ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
15:09.79  Zoe WatsonPBV35WBen CoxWoodford Green Essex Ladies5:09.355:09.35
3000 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
110:07.30  Holly Rees SENW Cambridge & Coleridge9:43.089:12.75
211:50.88  Anoushka JohnsonSBV45W Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley11:50.8811:13.9
313:07.50  Alex GatesPBSENW Stevenage & North Herts13:07.5013:07.50
3000 SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
111:25.45  Darcie HeyPBU23W Birmingham Uni/Cambridge & Coleridge11:25.4511:25.45
215:15.62  Rebecca BeddallSBU23WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Southampton Uni15:15.6214:05.46
316:49.24  Christine Pates V55W Bexley/Southern Counties Vets16:12.1516:12.15
5000 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
115:08.92  Joseph SmithPBSENM Cambridge & Coleridge15:08.9215:08.92
216:01.84  Thomas WrightSBSENMRichard LongBexley/Medway Uni16:01.8415:10.02
316:32.65  Simon BeedellPBV35M Woodford Green Essex Ladies16:32.6516:32.65
5000 SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
116:25.08  Kieran Brady SENM Cambridge & Coleridge16:22.616:22.6
216:59.47  Robbie CoxSBV35M Woodford Green Essex Ladies16:59.4716:13.85
318:51.45  Tony DureySBV55M Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley18:51.4517:46.8
5000 SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
118:11.62  Charles WartnabySBV45M Cambridge & Coleridge18:11.6216:16.5
100HW SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
117.40 0.0Rebecca Pickard U23WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Uni/Harrow16.3916.17
100HW SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
119.67 0.0Madeleine WaiteSBU17W Stevenage & North Herts19.6718.30
110H SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
118.59 0.0Curtis WoodSBU23MCarol JacksonCambridge & Coleridge18.5918.4
218.90 0.0Elior Harris SENMNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts/Herts Phoenix16.316.2
319.32 0.0Paul Slater SENMGary GallagherBexley/Essex Uni17.0416.1
421.52 0.0Ryan McKinlay SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Met Police20.2619.47
110H SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
119.51  Chris StantonSBV35M Bexley/Tri Surrey19.5116.3
221.44  Thomas Brennand V35M Cambridge & Coleridge20.819.3
400H SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
156.79  Freddie ReillyPBU20MNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts56.7956.79
264.16  Ryan McKinlaySBSENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Met Police64.1659.56
364.62  Chris StantonSBV35M Bexley/Tri Surrey64.6256.9
472.72  Nick SmallwoodPBSENMMark VileCambridge & Coleridge72.7272.72
400H SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
157.64  Joel EvansPBU17MNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts57.6457.64
273.11  Kemal Gediz V55MChristopher HarrisBexley/British Virgin Islands73.073.0
374.57  Thomas BrennandSBV35M Cambridge & Coleridge74.5761.4
400HW SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
173.13  Madeleine WaitePBU17W Stevenage & North Herts73.1373.13
21:46.50  Anoushka JohnsonPBV45W Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley1:46.501:46.50
400HW SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
189.83  Sandra Reed V50W Stevenage & North Herts79.369.1
21:59.26  Christine Pates V55W Bexley/Southern Counties Vets1:56.311:56.31
2000SC SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
16:37.94  Chris StantonPBV35M Bexley/Tri Surrey6:37.946:37.94
26:42.10  Nick SmallwoodSBSENMMark VileCambridge & Coleridge6:42.106:31.1
37:05.06  Ryan McKinlaySBSENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Met Police7:05.065:54.93
2000SC SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
16:53.13  Thomas WrightSBSENMRichard LongBexley/Medway Uni6:53.136:21.6
29:29.16  Thomas FinchSBU20MChris HoweWoodford Green Essex Ladies9:17.809:17.80
2000SCW SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
18:52.45  Anoushka JohnsonSBV45W Central Park/Southern Counties Vets/Bexley8:52.458:26.0
29:20.76  Christine FeelyPBV55WPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters9:17.09:17.0
2000SCW SW B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
19:59.06  Rebecca PickardSBU23WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Uni/Harrow9:59.069:46.77
213:07.37  Christine Pates V55W Bexley/Southern Counties Vets12:14.4112:14.41
4x100 SM
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
143.82   Bexley Senior TeamSBSENM Bexley43.742.7
245.22   Woodford Green with Essex Ladies Senior Team SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies40.9940.12
348.39   Stevenage & North Herts Senior Team SENM Stevenage & North Herts47.043.9
449.29   Cambridge & Coleridge Senior Team SENM Cambridge & Coleridge47.043.2
4x100 SW
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
153.16   Bexley Senior Team SENW Bexley52.1251.0
254.45   Stevenage & North Herts Senior TeamSBSENW Stevenage & North Herts53.350.8
4x400 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
13:33.24   Stevenage & North Herts Senior TeamSBSENM Stevenage & North Herts3:33.243:24.6
23:33.75   Woodford Green with Essex Ladies Senior Team SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies3:15.773:09.83
33:34.77   Cambridge & Coleridge Senior TeamSBSENM Cambridge & Coleridge3:34.773:27.1
44:04.49   Bexley Senior Team SENM Bexley3:41.603:26.3
4x400 SW A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14:27.82   Woodford Green with Essex Ladies Senior Team SENW Woodford Green Essex Ladies3:58.503:46.39
24:31.29   Stevenage & North Herts Senior Team SENW Stevenage & North Herts4:21.984:07.3
34:36.26   Bexley Senior TeamSBSENW Bexley4:23.104:14.3
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12.00  Curtis WoodSBU23MCarol JacksonCambridge & Coleridge2.002.03
21.95  Elior HarrisSBSENMNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts/Herts Phoenix1.952.05
31.85  Omobodunde BalogunPBU20M Bexley1.931.93
41.40  Roshaun Edwards U17M Woodford Green Essex Ladies1.451.45
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11.75  Charlie Knott U17MCarol JacksonCambridge & Coleridge2.002.00
21.70  Edward LawsPBU17MNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts1.751.75
31.55  Samuel Masters U20M Bexley1.651.65
41.10  Alan JamesSBV40M Woodford Green Essex Ladies1.101.40
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11.50  Madeleine Waite U17W Stevenage & North Herts1.561.56
21.35  Kelechi AmbrosPBU17W Bexley1.351.35
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11.45  Rebecca PickardSBU23WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Uni/Harrow1.501.59
21.20  Christine PatesSBV55W Bexley/Southern Counties Vets1.221.40
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
13.40  Douglas BuissonPBSENMJohn MahonCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge Uni3.403.40
23.40  Joshua RoachePBU20MLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Schs3.403.40
32.80  Philip Hawkins V45MJohn BancroftBexley3.203.50
42.00  Ryan McKinlay SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Met Police2.202.45
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12.60  Chris Stanton V35M Bexley/Tri Surrey2.753.20
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
12.20  Abigail Pickard U20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts2.402.90
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
11.60  Beth HarrisSBV35W Stevenage & North Herts1.602.70
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
16.39  Elior HarrisSBSENMNorma HarrisStevenage & North Herts/Herts Phoenix6.396.84
26.10  Curtis Wood U23MCarol JacksonCambridge & Coleridge6.396.59
35.97  Paul SlaterSBSENMGary GallagherBexley/Essex Uni6.196.52
45.57  Joey O'NeillPBU20M Woodford Green Essex Ladies5.575.57
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
16.15  Joshua RoachePBU20MLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Schs6.156.15
25.43  Keith NewtonSBV50M Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Southern Counties Vets5.435.90
35.17  Samuel Masters U20M Bexley5.415.41
44.57  Thomas Brennand V35M Cambridge & Coleridge4.635.21
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
15.00  Martina Barber T20/F20 SENW Stevenage & North Herts/Oaklands Col5.325.32
24.47  Kelechi Ambros U17W Bexley4.844.93
34.13  Anne Moindrot V35W Cambridge & Coleridge/France4.714.71
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14.49  Rebecca Brown U20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts4.644.81
24.13  Emma Adeyemi U17W Bexley4.504.50
33.84  Alice Lord U17W Cambridge & Coleridge4.004.05
LJ SW ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
14.58  Olivia LindsayPBU17W Stevenage & North Herts4.584.58
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
112.96  Nile Odejimi-RileyPBU17M Stevenage & North Herts13.5913.59
212.60  Omobodunde BalogunPBU20M Bexley12.6012.60
311.58  Curtis WoodSBU23MCarol JacksonCambridge & Coleridge11.5812.44
411.55  Keith Newton V50M Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Southern Counties Vets11.9414.03
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
112.75  Ike Laseinde U20M Stevenage & North Herts13.5713.57
211.97  Paul Slater SENMGary GallagherBexley/Essex Uni12.4812.97
311.27  Douglas BuissonSBSENMJohn MahonCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge Uni11.2712.35
49.43  Alan James V40M Woodford Green Essex Ladies10.3811.04
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
19.97  Abigail Pickard U20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts10.0310.24
29.55  Anne MoindrotSBV35W Cambridge & Coleridge/France9.9910.15
38.41  Wendy MastersSBV50W Bexley8.418.60
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
18.10  Rebecca Brown U20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts8.689.40
28.02  Alice Lord U17W Cambridge & Coleridge8.728.72
37.93  Rebecca HarrisSBSENWChristopher HarrisBexley7.938.19
SP7.26K SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
112.60  Hugh Williams SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Keele Uni12.7613.42
212.45  Euan MetcalfePBU20M Stevenage & North Herts12.4512.45
311.13  Chris Stanton V35M Bexley/Tri Surrey11.2513.40
49.47  Gary Parsons V45M Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters10.0612.28
SP7.26K SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
19.57  Charlie ReidPBU20M Woodford Green Essex Ladies9.889.88
28.84  Shaun MedlenSBV35M Bexley8.849.99
37.70  Angus DudleyPBV50M Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters7.707.70
47.12  Steven Feely V50M Stevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters7.977.97
SP7.26K SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
17.92  Andrew RushbrookSBV55MChristopher HarrisBexley/Southern Counties Vets7.928.84
27.05  Steve Mayfield V50MPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Fairlands Valley Spartans/7.457.45
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
111.03  Lucy Marshall V35WGary HerringtonWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Midland Masters11.3912.00
29.85  Marianne Berndt V40W Bexley/Italy10.6010.60
39.43  Sarah McGrath V45W Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters9.699.70
48.59  Libby Taylor U20WMick ShortlandStevenage & North Herts/Cambridgeshire Schs8.869.18
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
18.56  Anne MoindrotPBV35W Cambridge & Coleridge/France8.568.56
28.48  Nicola Gregory SENWHerbert KuenstlingerBexley/Surrey Uni8.8310.43
37.52  Simbiyat SikiruPBU17W Woodford Green Essex Ladies7.527.52
47.04  Rebecca BrownPBU20WLee GrintStevenage & North Herts7.047.04
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
138.43  Dominic BucklandPBU20MMick ShortlandStevenage & North Herts38.4338.43
232.13  Gary ParsonsSBV45M Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters32.1340.83
332.11  Hugh Williams SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Keele Uni35.0235.66
430.77  Chris StantonSBV35M Bexley/Tri Surrey30.7735.85
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
125.66  Angus DudleyPBV50M Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters25.6625.66
224.56  Thomas FinchPBU20MChris HoweWoodford Green Essex Ladies24.5624.56
324.36  Joshua RoachePBU20MLee GrintStevenage & North Herts/Hertfordshire Schs24.3624.36
423.56  Andrew Rushbrook V55MChristopher HarrisBexley/Southern Counties Vets25.6527.42
DT2K SM ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
120.20  Steve Mayfield V50MPaul KeebleStevenage & North Herts/Fairlands Valley Spartans/22.7229.20
217.54  Fergus HarfordSBV50M Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Civil Service18.6326.70
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
131.92  Marianne Berndt V40W Bexley/Italy33.5133.52
231.89  Lucy Marshall V35WGary HerringtonWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Midland Masters32.1432.51
329.45  Anne MoindrotSBV35W Cambridge & Coleridge/France30.0431.84
424.17  Libby Taylor U20WMick ShortlandStevenage & North Herts/Cambridgeshire Schs28.1228.12
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
129.81  Nicola GregorySBSENWHerbert KuenstlingerBexley/Surrey Uni31.0638.26
225.99  Abigail Allen U20W Woodford Green Essex Ladies29.8229.82
325.95  Sarah McGrath V45W Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters28.0828.08
413.88  Sandra ReedSBV50W Stevenage & North Herts13.8817.48
DT1K SW ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
114.16  Christine Pates V55W Bexley/Southern Counties Vets17.0018.78
HT7.26K SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
153.07  Peter Clarke SENM Woodford Green Essex Ladies53.7957.87
232.67  Gary Parsons V45M Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters32.9642.04
332.29  Shaun MedlenSBV35M Bexley32.2936.28
430.45  Steven Feely V50M Stevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters30.4830.80
HT7.26K SM B
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
133.55  Fergus HarfordSBV50M Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Civil Service33.5540.02
227.07  Andrew Rushbrook V55MChristopher HarrisBexley/Southern Counties Vets28.3031.06
321.42  Tim Saunders-Mullins V65M Stevenage & North Herts/Southern Counties Vets26.2631.06
413.56  Thomas BrennandSBV35M Cambridge & Coleridge13.5613.96
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
157.52  Lucy Marshall V35WGary HerringtonWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Midland Masters63.4763.47
248.50  Lauren Aldridge U23WMick ShortlandStevenage & North Herts/Bristol Uni/Bristol & West49.6349.63
329.88  Stephanie Browne U17W Cambridge & Coleridge31.9635.19
423.16  Nicola GregorySBSENWHerbert KuenstlingerBexley/Surrey Uni23.1624.09
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
145.56  Libby TaylorPBU20WMick ShortlandStevenage & North Herts/Cambridgeshire Schs45.5645.56
241.85  Stephanie Howe U23W Woodford Green Essex Ladies43.8647.32
321.04  Sarah McGrath V45W Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters26.4026.40
420.43  Marianne BerndtPBV40W Bexley/Italy20.4320.43
HT4K SW ns
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
145.15  Simbiyat SikiruPBU17W Woodford Green Essex Ladies45.1545.15
232.17  Abigail Allen U20W Woodford Green Essex Ladies33.3633.36
JT800 SM A
PosPerf  Name AG CoachClubSBPB 
148.36  Joe GuntonSBSENMJohn GatesBexley/Kent Uni48.7650.65
240.64  Sam Markey U20MRoy PalmerCambridge & Coleridge42.6150.27
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