Welsh Masters Championships
21 Jul 19
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2000W HJ PV LJ TJ SP7.26K SP6K SP5K SP4K SP3K SP2K WT11.34K WT15.88K WT9.08K WT7.26K
WT5.45K DT2K DT1.5K DT1K DT0.75K HT7.26K HT6K HT5K HT4K HT3K JT800 JT700 JT600 JT500 JT400

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100 M35 1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.94 0.6Paul WilliamsSBV55M23 City of Stoke/Welsh Masters12.9412.1
213.05 0.6Mark Ellery V55M24 Bristol & West13.012.70
313.54 0.6Steve BerneySBV55M22 Newport13.5412.5
413.58 0.6Keith Powell V55M24 Newport/Welsh Masters13.4112.51
515.23 0.6Stephen WilliamsPBV55M24 Parc Bryn Bach15.2315.23
100 M35 2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.36 1.7Ian Broadhurst V60M30 Wrexham/Welsh Masters13.3212.40
213.77 1.7Kieran McDonnell V60M30 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters13.5513.39
314.60 1.7Roderick Davies V60M28 Swansea/Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Welsh Maste14.312.9
414.62 1.7Austin DaviesPBV60M26David CrippsWest Suffolk/Welsh Masters14.6214.62
515.89 1.7Chris NortonPBV60M29 Rhondda15.8915.89
619.40 1.7Alan MannSBV60M27 Les Croupiers19.4017.9
100 M35 3
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
116.13w3.0Mel James V75M41 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters15.8015.6
217.53w3.0Huw MorganSBV75M43 Pembrokeshire17.5313.8
100 M35 4
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.78 1.0Seriashe Childs V35M2 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Welsh Masters11.610.51
212.36 1.0Owen ChesherSBV35M2John McfallBrecon/Welsh Masters12.3612.1
312.65 1.0Stuart PearceSBV40M8 Newport/Welsh Masters12.5312.01
413.52 1.0Scott BrowneSBV40M9 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters13.5213.2
100 M35 5
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.10 0.5Russell WhitingSBV50M18 Worthing/Welsh Masters12.1011.7
212.25 0.5Stephen Terry-ShortSBV45M14 Cannock & Stafford/Midland Masters12.2512.18
312.90 0.5James MorganSBV45M14James MorganNewport/Welsh Masters12.9012.46
413.19 0.5Martin FrenchPBV45M11 City of Plymouth/South West Vets13.1913.19
513.40 0.5Steven Thomas-Spires V45M15 Wrexham/Welsh Masters13.212.2
100 W35 1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
118.43 1.8Eirian ArwynSBV65W32 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters18.4318.4
218.46 1.8Iris Holder V75W44 Worcester/Welsh Masters18.3515.7
323.83 1.8Dorothy Fraser V80W48Denise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Welsh Masters22.1416.84
425.31 1.8Daphne Marler V70W38 Swansea/Welsh Masters25.2721.8
100 W35 2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.53w2.8Alison McLellanPBV35W2 Deeside AAC/Welsh Masters/Worcester13.5313.53
213.87w2.8Amanda CookPBV40W8Amanda BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters13.8713.87
314.40w2.8Melanie Garland V55W22Roger TurnerWorcester/Welsh Masters14.114.1
414.97w2.8Angela BryantSBV55W24 Forest of Dean/Worcester/Welsh Masters14.9714.6
515.04w2.8Henrietta Anstey V45W12 Bristol & West/South West Vets15.0114.9
615.16w2.8Louise KirbySBV50W18 Newport/Welsh Masters15.1615.02
715.53w2.8Clare St. John-Coleman V55W24Edward HawkinsChelmsford/Welsh Masters15.3014.88
817.82w2.8Sasha SpottiswoodePBV45W13Murray GrantBristol & West/Welsh Masters17.8217.82
200 M35 1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
125.33w3.9Owen Chesher V35M2John McfallBrecon/Welsh Masters24.9424.58
227.25w3.9Scott BrowneSBV40M9 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters27.2526.77
200 M35 2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
125.57w4.2Russell Whiting V50M18 Worthing/Welsh Masters25.5624.5
225.93w4.2Stephen Terry-Short V45M14 Cannock & Stafford/Midland Masters25.325.20
327.01w4.2James Morgan V45M14James MorganNewport/Welsh Masters26.3125.43
428.08w4.2Martin French V45M11 City of Plymouth/South West Vets27.8627.86
530.12w4.2Michael Graz V45M15 Usk/Welsh Masters29.529.5
634.12w4.2Charlie Northey V50M18Derek OsborneBrecon/Welsh Masters32.429.3
200 M35 3
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.02 1.1Paul Williams V55M23 City of Stoke/Welsh Masters26.8324.75
227.08 1.1Mark EllerySBV55M24 Bristol & West27.0826.10
329.28 1.1Keith Powell V55M24 Newport/Welsh Masters28.425.67
431.55 1.1Steve BerneySBV55M22 Newport31.5526.8
200 M35 4
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
130.82w3.7Roderick Davies V60M28 Swansea/Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Welsh Maste29.625.9
232.71w3.7Duncan StewardSBV60M27 Clevedon/Rhondda/Welsh Masters/Yeovil32.7128.4
334.22w3.7Chris Norton V60M29 Rhondda33.433.4
445.76w3.7Alan MannSBV60M27 Les Croupiers45.7636.9
200 M35 5
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
130.32w2.1Ian WilloughbySBV65M31 Gloucester/Midland Masters30.3227.8
233.91w2.1Mel James V75M41 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters32.9731.51
200 W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.85w4.1Alison McLellan V35W2 Deeside AAC/Welsh Masters/Worcester27.5427.54
230.44w4.1Melanie Garland V55W22Roger TurnerWorcester/Welsh Masters29.929.9
330.85w4.1Henrietta Anstey V45W12 Bristol & West/South West Vets30.830.8
431.69w4.1Louise Kirby V50W18 Newport/Welsh Masters31.531.21
531.98w4.1Angela Bryant V55W24 Forest of Dean/Worcester/Welsh Masters31.3830.99
651.48w4.1Eirian Arwyn V65W32 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters42.139.89
753.46w4.1Dorothy Fraser V80W48Denise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Welsh Masters49.9534.83
400 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
169.9  Emma HollinsheadSBV45W13Chris HollinsheadCannock & Stafford/Midland Masters69.965.10
276.3  Louise Kirby V50W18 Newport/Welsh Masters71.3969.09
385.8  Mel James V75M41 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters84.769.78
488.6  Kathryn MortonPBV60W27Ian WilsonCheltenham/Midland Masters88.688.6
400 M35 1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
155.09  Owen Chesher V35M2John McfallBrecon/Welsh Masters54.8254.67
259.43  Scott BrowneSBV40M9 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters59.4357.27
361.31  Martin FrenchPBV45M11 City of Plymouth/South West Vets61.3161.31
462.90  Michael GrazPBV45M15 Usk/Welsh Masters62.9062.90
566.32  Neil DaviesSBV50M16Ian BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters66.3257.99
400 M35 2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
159.33  Neil Tunstall V55M23 Cornwall AC/Yeovil/South West Vets57.6553.7
261.12  Brett DavisSBV55M21 Newport/Welsh Masters60.9454.98
361.98  Kieran McDonnellSBV60M30 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters61.9861.09
469.32  Martyn ColeSBV60M26 Worcester/Welsh Masters69.3265.7
572.97  David GillSBV60M27 Warrington AC/Fire Service/Northern Masters72.9763.21
61:44.18  Alan MannSBV60M27 Les Croupiers1:44.1889.2
800 M35 1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:09.94  Alex HainesPBV50M17 Hereford Couriers RC/Midland Masters2:06.92:06.9
22:11.59  Scott BrowneSBV40M9 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters2:11.592:08.47
32:19.71  Adrian Lewis V45M13 Aberdare Valley/Welsh Masters2:19.12:19.05
42:21.91  Martin FrenchPBV45M11 City of Plymouth/South West Vets2:21.912:21.91
52:25.03  Michael GrazPBV45M15 Usk/Welsh Masters2:25.032:25.03
62:36.17  Charlie NortheySBV50M18Derek OsborneBrecon/Welsh Masters2:36.172:20.88
72:45.96  Tim FrySBV40M7 Cardiff2:45.962:39.02
800 M35 2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:22.04  Brett Davis V55M21 Newport/Welsh Masters2:17.832:06.3
22:25.42  Sean Price V55M22Colin DaleyLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters2:13.161:49.73
32:33.46  Martyn Cole V60M26 Worcester/Welsh Masters2:23.72:22.5
42:37.20  Stephen WilliamsSBV55M24 Parc Bryn Bach2:37.202:29.78
52:40.75  Austin Davies V60M26David CrippsWest Suffolk/Welsh Masters2:37.42:29.0
62:46.83  Kevin Challinor V55M24 Buckley RC/Welsh Masters/Deeside AAC2:42.322:35.0
72:50.72  Christopher Purse V60M26 Springfield2:49.02:07.97
82:54.33  Mike MurphyPBV65M31 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters2:54.332:54.33
94:16.95  Alan MannSBV60M27 Les Croupiers4:16.952:58.4
800 W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:30.40  Sarah CootePBV35W4 Parc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters2:30.402:30.40
22:32.28  Tina WickensSBV50W16Paul de-CampsGloucester/Midland Masters2:32.282:27.4
32:45.77  Emma HollinsheadSBV45W13Chris HollinsheadCannock & Stafford/Midland Masters2:45.772:27.09
42:47.95  Donna MorrisPBV35W2 Builth/Brecon2:47.952:47.95
53:09.40  Liz BowersSBV65W32 Worcester/Scottish Vets H/Croft Ambrey3:09.402:45.2
64:04.65  Eirian ArwynSBV65W32 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters4:04.653:45.4
1500 M35 1
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14:35.77  Alex HainesPBV50M17 Hereford Couriers RC/Midland Masters4:35.774:35.77
24:39.67  Scott BrowneSBV40M9 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters4:39.674:28.20
34:46.45  Richard BakerPBV45M14 Les Croupiers4:46.454:46.45
44:48.06  Adrian Lewis V45M13 Aberdare Valley/Welsh Masters4:46.44:43.83
55:17.12  Sean PriceSBV55M22Colin DaleyLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters5:17.124:17.5
65:31.16  Stephen Williams V55M24 Parc Bryn Bach5:29.55:24.10
75:37.57  Tim Fry V40M7 Cardiff5:29.375:20.33
85:50.87  Kevin ChallinorSBV55M24 Buckley RC/Welsh Masters/Deeside AAC5:50.875:20.0
97:01.49  Jeffrey Hanson V55M23 Rhondda6:54.15:28.6
1500 M35 2
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15:17.79  Martyn Cole V60M26 Worcester/Welsh Masters4:56.734:56.73
25:23.37  Elio Lepore V65M31 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters5:19.815:04.2
35:37.10  Austin DaviesSBV60M26David CrippsWest Suffolk/Welsh Masters5:37.105:24.63
45:37.72  Christopher PurseSBV60M26 Springfield5:37.724:19.85
55:41.76  Mark Williams V60M26 Parc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters5:33.685:32.12
66:07.77  Mike Murphy V65M31 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters5:43.55:43.5
76:22.13  Michael H Davies V65M35 Les Croupiers6:09.25:23.0
86:22.20  David ProffittSBV65M31 Lliswerry/Welsh Masters6:12.735:21.82
99:07.49  Alan MannSBV60M27 Les Croupiers9:07.496:01.62
1500 W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15:46.3  Donna MorrisPBV35W2 Builth/Brecon5:46.35:46.3
26:13.8  Kathryn Morton V60W27Ian WilsonCheltenham/Midland Masters6:01.046:01.04
38:18.9  Eirian Arwyn V65W32 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters7:47.257:28.7
3000 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19:50.58  Richard BakerPBV45M14 Les Croupiers9:50.589:50.58
29:54.79  Chris HollinsheadSBV50M19 Cannock & Stafford/Midland Masters9:54.799:40.5
311:24.50  Adrian Lewis V45M13 Aberdare Valley/Welsh Masters10:14.8210:07.95
411:24.63  Stephen Williams V55M24 Parc Bryn Bach11:23.211:18.05
511:26.57  Sean McCormack V55M22 Abergele/Welsh Masters11:12.79:40.93
611:40.82  David GillSBV60M27 Warrington AC/Fire Service/Northern Masters11:40.8210:50.50
711:56.65  Mark Williams V60M26 Parc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters11:42.5811:42.58
812:27.65  Mike MurphySBV65M31 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters12:27.6512:03.51
913:00.57  Keri JonesSBV45W14Nicola Haines-JonesParc Bryn Bach/Unattached/Royal Air Force/Welsh Ma13:00.5712:11.60
1013:08.63  Michael H DaviesSBV65M35 Les Croupiers13:08.6311:56.2
1113:17.47  Catherine OlivantSBV45W11 Brecon/Welsh Masters13:17.4713:05.42
1213:18.51  David ProffittSBV65M31 Lliswerry/Welsh Masters13:18.5111:16.7
1314:26.72  Jeffrey HansonSBV55M23 Rhondda14:26.7212:17.03
1416:52.00  Eirian ArwynSBV65W32 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters16:52.0015:16.4
1519:23.44  Alan MannSBV60M27 Les Croupiers19:23.4412:30.6
1620:08.67  Ian Swanson V65M35 Port Talbot/Welsh Masters18:04.014:32.1
5000 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
116:37.34  Lee Aherne V50M19 Parc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters16:29.6516:14.6
216:45.78  Joe ThomasSBV40M6 Bridgend/Welsh Masters16:45.7816:04.41
319:50.33  Leigh James V35W1Norman WilsonBridgend19:28.218:31.01
419:52.15  Sean McCormackSBV55M22 Abergele/Welsh Masters19:52.1516:43.5
520:06.91  Llinos JonesPBV35W4Kevin EvansSwansea/Welsh Masters20:06.9120:06.91
621:09.04  Rob EvansPBV65M32 Les Croupiers21:09.0421:09.04
721:58.61  Mike MurphyPBV65M31 Les Croupiers/Welsh Masters21:58.6121:58.61
822:10.53  Kevin ChallinorSBV55M24 Buckley RC/Welsh Masters/Deeside AAC22:10.5319:57.81
922:16.61  Annette Hames V60W28 North East Vets/Welsh Masters21:30.921:30.9
1023:08.66  Catherine OlivantSBV45W11 Brecon/Welsh Masters23:08.6622:29.3
80HW40 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.74 1.1Amanda CookPBV40W8Amanda BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters12.7412.74
100HM50 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.22w2.9Neil Tunstall V55M23 Cornwall AC/Yeovil/South West Vets15.1914.3
218.64w2.9Derek OsborneSBV55M22 Brecon/Welsh Masters18.6417.7
320.59w2.9Neil DaviesPBV50M16Ian BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters20.5920.59
100HM60 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
522.13w2.9David GillPBV60M27 Warrington AC/Fire Service/Northern Masters22.1322.13
100HW X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
421.94w2.9Dash NewingtonPBV35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead21.221.2
300HM60 M35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
148.58  Ian Broadhurst V60M30 Wrexham/Welsh Masters47.4145.40
255.40  Ian Willoughby V65M31 Gloucester/Midland Masters54.7348.8
400HM50 X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
176.97  Mark RobertsPBV55M25 Brecon/Welsh Masters76.9776.97
400HW X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
187.94  Dash NewingtonPBV35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead87.9487.94
290.08  Henrietta Anstey V45W12 Bristol & West/South West Vets81.2981.29
2000SC X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18:24.44  David GillPBV60M27 Warrington AC/Fire Service/Northern Masters8:24.448:24.44
29:23.81  Donna MorrisPBV35W2 Builth/Brecon9:23.819:23.81
2000W X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112:01.27  Ian Torode V60M29 South West Vets/Crewkerne11:52.9611:52.96
213:41.63  Dash NewingtonPBV35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead13:41.6313:41.63
HJ X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
11.75  Owen Chesher V35M2John McfallBrecon/Welsh Masters1.842.00
21.65  David HartwellPBV50M17 Midland Masters1.651.65
31.35  Neil Davies V50M16Ian BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters1.461.54
31.35  Derek Osborne V55M22 Brecon/Welsh Masters1.471.56
51.30  Chris BerrySBV60M28 Swansea/Welsh Masters1.301.60
51.30  David MurriePBV60M27 Welsh Masters1.301.30
51.30  Melanie Garland V55W22Roger TurnerWorcester/Welsh Masters1.361.40
51.30  Dash NewingtonPBV35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead1.401.42
51.30  Mark Wyndham-Jones V65M34 City of Norwich/Eastern Masters/Welsh Masters1.351.35
101.25  Keith Powell V55M24 Newport/Welsh Masters1.381.47
111.05  Ian Swanson V65M35 Port Talbot/Welsh Masters1.101.15
12NH  Phil Rees V75M44 Rhondda/Welsh Masters0.901.05
PV X35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12.60  Derek Osborne V55M22 Brecon/Welsh Masters2.753.05
22.40  Keith Powell V55M24 Newport/Welsh Masters2.703.21
32.20  Dave Stokes V55M23 Deeside AAC/Welsh Masters2.302.50
41.30  Dash Newington V35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead2.302.54
5NH  Neal Mason V70M38 Midland Masters3.103.10
LJ M35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.48  David Hartwell V50M17 Midland Masters5.575.57
24.60  Derek Osborne V55M22 Brecon/Welsh Masters4.645.62
34.46  Keith Powell V55M24 Newport/Welsh Masters4.705.29
44.24  Neal Mason V70M38 Midland Masters4.304.37
54.20  Steven Thomas-Spires V45M15 Wrexham/Welsh Masters4.395.16
64.14  Duncan Steward V60M27 Clevedon/Rhondda/Welsh Masters/Yeovil4.154.79
73.91  Dave Shields V55M24 Reading AC/Welsh Masters/Veterans4.045.16
83.84  Roderick Davies V60M28 Swansea/Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Welsh Maste4.165.19
93.72  Richard BakerPBV45M14 Les Croupiers3.723.72
102.28  Ian Swanson V65M35 Port Talbot/Welsh Masters2.652.65
111.90  Phil Rees V75M44 Rhondda/Welsh Masters2.352.97
LJ W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.72  Joanne Willoughby V55W21Ian WilloughbyGloucester/Midland Masters/Bristol & West4.856.38
24.54  Amanda Cook V40W8Amanda BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters4.735.09
34.48  Melanie Garland V55W22Roger TurnerWorcester/Welsh Masters4.734.73
43.68  Clare St. John-Coleman V55W24Edward HawkinsChelmsford/Welsh Masters3.794.15
53.60  Dash Newington V35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead4.334.64
63.53  Julie Wakelam V60W26Sam CaterBromsgrove & Redditch/Midland Masters/Welsh Master3.674.21
73.49  Tina WickensPBV50W16Paul de-CampsGloucester/Midland Masters3.493.49
83.08  Amanda Broadhurst V45W14 Wrexham/Welsh Masters4.105.05
92.90  Iris Holder V75W44 Worcester/Welsh Masters3.004.09
101.92  Daphne Marler V70W38 Swansea/Welsh Masters2.023.26
TJ M35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.22  Derek Osborne V55M22 Brecon/Welsh Masters9.9810.57
28.81  Dave Shields V55M24 Reading AC/Welsh Masters/Veterans8.9110.59
38.68  David MurriePBV60M27 Welsh Masters8.848.84
48.38  Steven Thomas-Spires V45M15 Wrexham/Welsh Masters9.0410.30
57.57  Duncan Steward V60M27 Clevedon/Rhondda/Welsh Masters/Yeovil8.119.66
65.06  Phil Rees V75M44 Rhondda/Welsh Masters5.616.42
TJ W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.14  Joanne Willoughby V55W21Ian WilloughbyGloucester/Midland Masters/Bristol & West10.5210.75
28.78  Melanie Garland V55W22Roger TurnerWorcester/Welsh Masters9.729.72
37.53  Dash Newington V35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead8.399.56
47.02  Julie Wakelam V60W26Sam CaterBromsgrove & Redditch/Midland Masters/Welsh Master7.568.10
55.86  Iris Holder V75W44 Worcester/Welsh Masters6.428.19
65.52  Patricia OakesSBV70W39 Ashford AC/Welsh Masters/Cambridge H5.5210.18
74.38  Daphne Marler V70W38 Swansea/Welsh Masters4.955.81
SP7.26K M35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.63  Dan Upton V40M9Michael MartinRichmond & Zetland/North East Vets13.1013.10
210.56  Graham Holder V45M13 Bexley/Welsh Masters/Havering10.8611.92
38.16  Ian Williams V40M10Stephen LeachNewport/Welsh Masters9.139.35
SP6K M50
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.72  Robert Eales V50M5 Newport/Welsh Masters11.1511.60
29.80  Martin Tucker V50M3Ian RobinsonDeeside AAC/Welsh Masters11.1111.11
39.16  Glyndwr Pugh V55M9 Rhondda/Welsh Masters9.3211.72
48.95  Neil Davies V50M1Ian BroadhurstWrexham/Welsh Masters8.969.67
58.47  Dave Stokes V55M8 Deeside AAC/Welsh Masters9.0810.08
68.25  Jim Gillespie V55M7 Eastern Masters/Ireland9.229.22
78.10  Simon Wills V50M5 Birchfield H/Midland Masters8.498.49
SP5K M60
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.08  Mike SmallSBV65M6 Worcester11.3712.46
210.43  Mark Wyndham-Jones V65M9 City of Norwich/Eastern Masters/Welsh Masters10.4510.52
310.06  Duncan StewardPBV60M2 Clevedon/Rhondda/Welsh Masters/Yeovil10.0610.06
49.94  Pete Jackson V60M1 Yate/South West Vets10.2810.28
59.78  Geoff Ward V65M7 Wrexham/Welsh Masters/City of Stoke10.1111.41
69.06  Chris Berry V60M3 Swansea/Welsh Masters9.979.97
SP4K M70
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.61  Ian BowlesSBV75M6 Swansea/Welsh Masters9.6110.47
28.11  Paul Brooks V70M2Ian RobinsonWrexham8.208.20
36.61  Phil Rees V75M9 Rhondda/Welsh Masters6.677.57
46.53  David PeartSBV75M7 Stroud7.058.99
56.49  David Jones V70M1 Swansea/Welsh Masters7.257.25
SP4K W35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.00  Ruth Jansen V45W11 Welsh Masters/Germany9.4210.75
25.81  Dash Newington V35W1Jacqueline PringleGateshead6.346.46
SP3K W50
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18.71  Lorna Foster V55W7 Royal Sutton Coldfield/Midland Masters9.109.63
28.53  Julie Wilson V55W7 Reading AC/Northern Masters9.4210.98
37.71  Julie DriscollPBV50W1 Brecon7.717.71
47.35  Karen Llewellin V55W6 Pembrokeshire/Welsh Masters8.159.64
57.20  Clare Davies V50W2 Brecon/Welsh Masters7.987.98
67.19  Lisa Franklin V50W2Chris FranklinLlanelli/Welsh Masters7.277.27
76.80  Pat Higgins V60W14 Shrewsbury/Midland Masters/Telford AC6.958.56
86.59  Renate Prells V60W15 Swansea/Welsh Masters7.487.71
SP2K W75
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.60  Helen Cole V75W3 Rhondda6.226.22
WT11.34K M50
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.26  Glyndwr PughSBV55M9 Rhondda/Welsh Masters11.2613.68
210.08  Dave Stokes V55M8 Deeside AAC/Welsh Masters11.3712.39
38.99  Jim Gillespie V55M7 Eastern Masters/Ireland10.4110.58
47.60  Simon WillsPBV50M5 Birchfield H/Midland Masters8.178.17
56.77  Jonathan PowellPBV55M8 Welsh Masters6.776.77
WT15.88K M35
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.61  Graham Holder V45M13 Bexley/Welsh Masters/Havering13.8615.96
211.16  Mark ElliottSBV40M7Graham ElliottTelford AC/Midland Masters11.1612.22
310.85  Dan Upton V40M9Michael MartinRichmond & Zetland/North East Vets10.9111.49
WT9.08K M60
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.96  Mike SmallSBV65M6 Worcester14.9616.32
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