Herefordshire League External Results
1 Dec 19
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PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 39:44Matthew JamesSENM Hereford Couriers RC
2 40:00Oliver PerrattSENM Ludlow
3 40:32Gareth LeekSENM Croft Ambrey
4141:06Andy FisherV45M Hereford Triathlon Club
5 41:09Wyndham TurnerSENM Builth & District R.C.
6141:44Clive MorganV40M Maldwyn
7142:06Keith EvansV50M Malvern Buzzards
8142:40Carwyn OwenU20M Maldwyn
9 42:53Jamie CoombesSENM Wye Valley Runners
10243:01Christian JonesV45M Wye Valley
11243:11Christian DowleV50M Malvern Buzzards
12 43:13Richard EdwardsV35M Builth
13 43:42Sam ButlerSENM Presteigne Pacers
14 43:50Thomas Synge-CurtisSENM Hereford Couriers
15244:07Jake UnderhillV40M Hereford Couriers RC
16 44:12Dean JonesSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
17344:19Daniel LewisV40M Wye Valley
18 44:20Ross CameronU23M Hereford Couriers RC
19344:33Jeremy JehanV45M Wye Valley
20 44:53Gavin JonesSENM MonRoss Trail Blazers
21445:07Barry DaviesV45M MonRoss Trail Blazers
22 45:34Hefin RowlandsSENM Maldwyn
23 45:37William GoreU23M Croft Ambrey
24545:40Steven HeptonV40M Builth
25445:45Iain WhistanceV45M Wye Valley Runners
26 45:45Ryan LawrenceSENM Hereford Couriers RC
27146:24Richard HughesV55MVictor TarrantHereford Couriers RC
28546:58Conrad LawsonV45M Hereford Triathlon Club
29646:59Neil GrinnellV40M Ledbury
30647:00Simon NorwoodV45M Croft Ambrey
31 47:21Grant WomackV35M Croft Ambrey
32 47:37Kyle DoveySENM Hereford Couriers RC
33 47:38Peter KovalSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
34747:40Garry JonesV45M Maldwyn
35847:51Nick PreeceV45M Wye Valley Runners
36947:52Richard BevanV45M MonRoss Trail Blazers
37 48:01Neil WarneV35M Malvern
38 48:15Sam WealeV35M MonRoss Trail Blazers
39248:21Gareth DaviesV55M Maldwyn
401048:33Stafford ReesV50M Builth
41 49:01Simon RichardsonV35M Malvern
421149:04Andy TaylorV45M Hereford Triathlon Club
43249:49Jasper RobinsonU20M Croft Ambrey
44 49:55James BowersSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
45750:04Martin ScrivensV40M MonRoss Trailblazers
46 50:17Gwynant JonesSENM Cardiff/St. Mary's Uni
47850:29Tom ThorneycroftV40M Hay Hotfooters
48350:39Paul MammattV50M Hereford Triathlon Club
49450:46Martin CarterV50M Hay Hotfooters
50951:17Dave WilsonV40M Ledbury
51 51:22Lee MonksV35M Ludlow
52 51:30Russ WoodSENM Presteigne Pacers
531251:39Steve MeshamV45M Presteigne Pacers
54 51:45Lee NicholsonSENM Builth
55 51:52Eric ApperleySENM Croft Ambrey
56351:58Mark PaviourV55M Presteigne Pacers/Croft Ambrey
571352:01Paul WhiteV45M Malvern Buzzards
58452:33Paddy NugentV55M Wye Valley
59552:41Daniel PavittV55M Ludlow
601452:42Andrew MerrimanV45M Hay Hotfooters
61 53:23Steve PartridgeV35M Croft Ambrey
621553:30David ManuelV45M Maldwyn
631053:38James HintonV40M Ludlow
641154:08Will TurnbullV40M Malvern Joggers
65154:12Ashley RobinsonV70M Croft Ambrey
661654:14Andrew BrownV45M Malvern
671254:41Benjamin ToonV40M Malvern
681755:00Tony DaviesV45M MonRoss Trail Blazers
69555:10Colin LancasterV55M Ludlow
701355:22Simon BakerV40M Croft Ambrey
71655:23Stuart AustinV55M Croft Ambrey
72 55:31Ben WatkinsV35M Wye Valley
73755:34Stephen GoodridgeV55M Hay Hotfooters
74855:40Andy CrawshawV55M Ledbury
751455:55Mark ScrivensV40M MonRoss Trailblazers
76656:01Ifan JonesV50M Maldwyn
77156:25Ian PriceV70M Croft Ambrey
78256:50Piotr StrzesakV65M Presteigne Pacers
791856:56Mark MarshallV45M Ledbury & District Harriers
80257:36Steve HeringtonV70M Hereford Couriers RC/Midland Masters
81157:51David HorneV60M Ledbury
821957:55Ian FullerV45M Malvern
83758:04Brian MorganV50M Hay Hotfooters
84958:32Graeme WalkerV55M Hereford Couriers
85 59:19Thomas PowellSENM Ludlow
86259:23Peter CartwrightV60M Ludlow
87 59:27Iain HutchinsonSENM Hereford Triathlon Club
88 59:34Phillip PughSENM Maldwyn
89859:42John JaspersV50M Croft Ambrey
90359:57Rob WoodV65M Croft Ambrey
91960:25Andrew SherlockV50M Maldwyn
921060:27Paul BaskeyfieldV55M Ludlow
932060:37Steve DaviesV45M Rhayader
941160:52Brent LowsonV55M Wye Valley
95361:08Mark DempseyV65M Wye Valley
961261:41Mark WilliamsV55M Croft Ambrey
972162:03Ian FosterV45M Hereford Tri
98462:16Mark DaviesV60M Hay Hotfooters
991362:36Roy WilliamsV55M Rhayader
100 63:44Ashley DaviesSENM Wye Valley
1011463:51Paul Martin NewmanV55M Malvern
1021563:59Alun JenkinsV55M Rhayader
1031664:11Kevin BarnesV55M Hereford/Hereford Couriers RC
1041064:40Simon OliverV50M Wye Valley
105464:44Martyn RosserV65M Hay Hotfooters
106 66:26Nick PaviourSENM Croft Ambrey
107568:08Sandy RossV65M Ludlow Runners
108168:57Brian SymondsV75M Wye Valley
109 69:25Ben WoodV35M Maldwyn
1101175:03Mick CollinsV50M Hay Hotfooters
1112275:28Paul GilbertV45M Hereford Couriers RC
112376:55Tom DaviesV70M Croft Ambrey
113683:16Cliff RoseV65M Wye Valley
114290:25Bryan MarkhamV75M Croft Ambrey
PosACPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 46:08Katie Synge-CurtisSENW Charnwood/Hereford Couriers RC/Royal Navy
2150:25Joanne ReesV45W Builth
3 50:35Laura LelievreSENW MonRoss Trail Blazers
4150:59Emma BaylissV35W Builth & District R.C.
5251:12Sarah ChristensenV35W Hay Hotfooters
6 52:06Kelly BowenSENW Croft Ambrey
7352:49Sarah CordingleyV35W Maldwyn
8153:43Kate ElkingtonV50W Ledbury
9453:58Jenny EvansV35W Maldwyn
10 54:37Robyn GoreSENW Croft Ambrey
11254:44Alison OwensV45WMartin OwensMalvern Buzzards
12555:24Amy SmithV35W Hereford Couriers RC
13155:36Paola SestitoV40W Malvern Buzzards
14 55:54Vanessa WardSENW MonRoss Trailblazers
15256:41Jo MarriottV50W Croft Ambrey/Worcester
16656:47Caroline MorganV40W Maldwyn
17257:08Kelly GriffithsV40W Maldwyn
18 57:15Naomi PerkinsSENW Croft Ambrey
19357:24Louisa FotiV45W Wye Valley
20357:50Jenny FarrowV40W Builth
21357:57Sue DaviesV55W Croft Ambrey
22458:39Nicola GoodwinV45W Hereford Tri
23559:15Samantha HarperV45W Croft Ambrey
24459:37Jenny PapworthV45W Hereford Tri
25 59:41Katie Louise BelcherSENW Croft Ambrey
26 61:18Lauren WilliamsSENW Wye Valley
27161:20Harriet JonesU20W Hereford Triathlon Club
28161:22Gunvor TroelsenV55W Builth
29161:30Jan EdwardsV60W Wye Valley
30761:40Amy GreavesV35W Rhayader R.C.
31861:50Catherine BradleyV35W Maldwyn
32662:47Charlotte HartV45W Ludlow Runners
33462:55Vicky WoodhallV40W Hereford Couriers RC
34563:29Louise ReynoldsV50W Croft Ambrey R.C.
35663:30Lynne ComptonV50W Wye Valley
36263:40Tina CartwrightV60W Ludlow
37764:04Sahrah WildingV50W Presteigne Pacers
38764:27Helen OwenV45W Maldwyn
39265:09Sharon CollinsV55W Hay Hotfooters
40565:41Bryony DeanV40W Hereford Couriers
41865:47Rebecca O'SheaV45W Maldwyn
42365:49Flora GunnerV55W Croft Ambrey
43365:55Julie CaseleyV60W Malvern Buzzards
44 66:00Lucy WildingSENW Croft Ambrey
45866:04Linda HammondV50W Rhayader
46966:12Trudy MacklinV45W Hereford Triathlon Club
47 66:18Barbara GawlakSENW Malvern
48466:52Billy SmallwoodV55W Wye Valley
49 67:25Rachel WilliamsSENW Maldwyn Harriers
50 67:33Laura PerrattSENW Ludlow
51667:44Ella HoganV40W Ledbury
52567:46Liz Davies-WardV55W Hereford Triathlon Club
53968:03Cecilia HarwoodV35W Rhayader R.C.
54668:15Stephanie KingV55W Croft Ambrey
55469:04Jill HillmanV60W Maldwyn
561069:08Deanna MammattV45W Hereford Triathlon Club
57770:30Georgina FletcherV55W Maldwyn
58970:42Louise PhillipsV50W Presteigne Pacers
591171:30Robin FindlayV45W Hereford Triathlon Club
601072:13Victoria DickinsonV50W Croft Ambrey
611072:18Sarah MorganV35W Rhayader R.C.
62772:25Louise ReevesV40W Croft Ambrey
63873:02Emma RawlinsV55W Hay Hotfooters
64573:53Tina LavelleV55W Hay Hotfooters
651174:01Theresa JonesV50W Croft Ambrey
66674:57Sarah CogginsV60W Ledbury
67 76:26Thea PreeceU23W Croft Ambrey
681276:33Lisa GrayV45W Croft Ambrey
691176:34Laura TaylorV35W Croft Ambrey
70976:35Ann BaskeyfieldV55W Ludlow
711076:46Alison BenwellV55W Ludlow
72776:59Sue WoodV60W Croft Ambrey
731278:16Sharon LloydV50W Maldwyn
741283:47Gemma DaviesV35W Croft Ambrey
751395:40Clare PreeceV50W Croft Ambrey
761497:25Suzanne FieldV50W Croft Ambrey
771197:25Heather PowellV55W Croft Ambrey
78899:33Helen LindsayV40W Ludlow
7911:54:26Carrol StockerV65W Presteigne Pacers