BMAF - British Masters Championships External Results
19-20 Feb 05
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200 M35 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.23iChris Millard V35M4 Bristol & West/Welsh Masters22.1522.15
223.49iJason Carty V35M1 Ealing Southall & Middx/Southern Counties Vets22.622.3
323.57iWill MacGee V35M2 Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets22.222.2
423.95iPaul DonaghySBV35M3 Durham/VAA North East23.9523.44
200 M35 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.62iWill MacGee V35M2 Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets22.222.2
224.07iPaul Donaghy V35M3 Durham/VAA North East23.9523.44
326.45iNigel Greenway V35M  OPEN  
431.17iRob Murkin V35M5 Reigate Priory/Southern Counties Vets29.1727.83
200 M35 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.73iChris Millard V35M4 Bristol & West/Welsh Masters22.1522.15
223.88iJason Carty V35M1 Ealing Southall & Middx/Southern Counties Vets22.622.3
324.49iScott Dorset V35M1 Bracknell AC/Southern Counties Vets23.5621.4
425.53iEli Barnett V35M5Alan PrescottMidland Masters25.3925.39
200 M40 A (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.64iGeorge Charlton V40M3 North East Vets24.3224.32
225.05iAndy Smith V40M4 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters24.324.3
200 M40 B (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.90iWarren FraserPBV40M5 Birchfield H/Midland Masters24.9024.90
224.96iNicholas Groocock V40M3 Havant/Southern Counties Vets24.0124.01
200 M40 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.56iDalton Powell V40M2Mark DunwellNotts/Midland Masters22.9722.45
223.92iAnthony Noel V40M2 Cambridge H/Southern Counties Vets/Southend21.7521.75
324.83iAndy Smith V40M4 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters24.324.3
425.22iAndrew Waddington V40M4 Basingstoke & Mid Hants/Southern Counties Vets24.424.24
200 M40 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.89iRichard Walter V40M1 Cornwall AC/South West Vets24.024.0
224.97iWarren Fraser V40M5 Birchfield H/Midland Masters24.9024.90
325.06iGlen Reddington V40M3 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V24.6824.50
427.04iDavid RobinsonSBV40M1 Jarrow & Hebburn/VAA North East27.0426.6
200 M40 h3 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.83iDarrell Maynard V40M4 Abertillery/Birchfield H/Welsh Masters23.5622.5
224.40iKermitt BenthamSBV40M5Ron RoddanThames Valley/Southern Counties Vets24.4024.09
328.25iMichael May V40M5Chuck IsettsKingston & Poly/Veterans27.1226.9
200 M40 h4 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.84iGeorge Charlton V40M3 North East Vets24.3224.32
224.95iNicholas Groocock V40M3 Havant/Southern Counties Vets24.0124.01
325.45iPatrick Bass V40M3 Charnwood/Midland Masters24.6324.27
200 M45 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.98iEric SmartSBV45M4 Gateshead/North East Vets23.9822.63
224.43iBarry MorrisSBV45M2 Eastbourne/Veterans24.4324.29
324.78iBruce Scott V45M2 Scottish Vets H24.6824.66
425.12iPhilip JonesPBV40M  Eastern Masters25.1225.12
200 M45 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.69iBarry Morris V45M2 Eastbourne/Veterans24.4324.29
225.18iBruce Scott V45M2 Scottish Vets H24.6824.66
325.61iMalcolm BramhallSBV45M2Denise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters25.6124.50
428.38iRoderick Davies V45M4 Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets/Windsor Sl26.9725.9
200 M45 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.71iEric Smart V45M4 Gateshead/North East Vets23.9822.63
225.21iPhilip Jones V40M  Eastern Masters25.1225.12
326.35iRobert Cawson V45M5 Burton/Midland Masters25.4625.1
427.24iBrian Matthews V45M4 Worthing/Veterans26.0226.02
200 M45 h3 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.09iMichael WilliamsPBV45M   26.0926.09
226.53iClive Pengelly V45M4 Newquay & Par/South West Vets25.5025.50
327.24iLawrence TaylorSBV45M1 Barnet/Veterans27.2427.22
200 M50 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
125.46iWally Franklyn V50M3 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets24.3523.16
226.25iRay Watkins V50M3 Basingstoke & Mid Hants/Southern Counties Vets25.424.88
200 M50 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.85iVivian Oliver V50M4 Notts/Midland Masters24.3022.6
225.70iIan Broadhurst V50M1 Wrexham/Northern Masters24.3524.35
327.00iBob MintingSBV50M5 Blackheath & Bromley/South West Vets27.0025.1
200 M55 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.02iRobert Fraser V55M3 Herne Hill/Southern Counties Vets25.6125.61
227.04iTony Wells V55M2 Corby/Eastern Masters26.8026.19
327.26iGeoff Kitchener V55M1 Sevenoaks/Southern Counties Vets26.7726.5
427.38iBruce Hendrie V55M2 Banbury/Midland Masters/Oxford City26.926.9
200 M55 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.29iTony Wells V55M2 Corby/Eastern Masters26.8026.19
227.63iBruce Hendrie V55M2 Banbury/Midland Masters/Oxford City26.926.9
328.83iJohn SteelSBV55M3 Cheltenham/Midland Masters28.8328.32
200 M55 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.67iRobert Fraser V55M3 Herne Hill/Southern Counties Vets25.6125.61
227.69iGeoff Kitchener V55M1 Sevenoaks/Southern Counties Vets26.7726.5
331.04iRichard CoatesSBV55M5 South West Vets31.0430.17
200 M60 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.98iTerry Bissett V60M2 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets26.324.9
227.33iJohn SteedeSBV60M4 Scottish Vets H27.3324.8
328.00iNorman GouldSBV60M3 Hunters Bog Trotters/Scottish Vets H28.0027.84
428.25iCameron SealyPBV60M2 Notts/Midland Masters28.2528.25
200 M60 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.84iJohn Steede V60M4 Scottish Vets H27.3324.8
228.18iNorman Gould V60M3 Hunters Bog Trotters/Scottish Vets H28.0027.84
328.79iChuck Isetts V60M3 Kingston & Poly/Veterans/United States27.827.8
200 M60 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.26iTerry Bissett V60M2 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets26.324.9
228.40iCameron Sealy V60M2 Notts/Midland Masters28.2528.25
328.79iMichael MorrisPBV60M5 Canada28.7928.79
430.78iRobert SmoultPBV60M5 North East Vets30.7830.78
200 M65 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.36iAnthony TreacherSBV65M1 Southern Counties Vets28.3627.81
228.57iTony BowmanSBV65M5 Leeds City/Northern Masters28.5728.29
328.96iTony Crocker V65M5 Midland Masters/Droitwich28.527.20
430.20iBrian Arris V65M2 Havant/Midland Masters28.7528.75
200 M65 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.81iTony Crocker V65M5 Midland Masters/Droitwich28.527.20
229.46iBrian Arris V65M2 Havant/Midland Masters28.7528.75
329.54iAlan Carter V65M3 Enfield & Haringey/Eastern Masters28.7728.77
431.18iMalcolm SchofieldSBV65M3 Altrincham/Northern Masters31.1830.77
200 M65 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.55iAnthony Treacher V65M1 Southern Counties Vets28.3627.81
228.76iTony Bowman V65M5 Leeds City/Northern Masters28.5728.29
330.17iColin Field V65M4 Trent Park/Southern Counties Vets30.027.63
432.03iGeoff HudsonPBV65M1 Nuneaton/Midland Masters32.0332.03
200 M70 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
129.04iDavid Burton V70M1 Steyning/Midland Masters28.1923.80
229.65iAlan Mellett V70M2 Charnwood/Midland Masters29.0127.29
333.39iJohn Evans V70M1 Rugby & Northampton/Midland Masters32.6932.59
200 M75 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
137.16iJames CrehanPBV75M1 Northern Masters37.1637.16
200 W35 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.23iGeraldine FinneganPBV35W5 City of Derry/Northern Ireland Masters/Ireland28.2328.23
229.23iAngie UnderdownSBV35W5 West Suffolk/Eastern Masters29.2327.41
330.41iAnna Poole V35W2 Welsh Masters28.6628.66
200 W40 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.52iLesley HopkinsSBV40W4Winston ThomasEnfield & Haringey/Veterans28.5228.25
229.00iFiona KirtonPBV40W1 City of Portsmouth29.0029.00
329.50iGaye Clarke V40W5 Ryston/Eastern Masters28.228.2
200 W40 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.06iWendy Laing V40W3 Northern Masters/Lancaster & Morecambe27.3627.36
229.49iDenise TimmisSBV40W5 Lincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters29.4927.7
200 W45 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.36iAveril McClelland V45W2Ian BroadhurstLancaster & Morecambe/Northern Masters25.7424.0
227.18iWendy DunnSBV45W1 Peterborough/Eastern Masters27.1826.88
328.18iAngela BeadnallPBV45W1 Middlesbrough & Cleveland/North East Vets28.1828.18
200 W45 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.51iAveril McClelland V45W2Ian BroadhurstLancaster & Morecambe/Northern Masters25.7424.0
228.10iWendy Dunn V45W1 Peterborough/Eastern Masters27.1826.88
329.96iTeresa Eades V45W2Gordon John LillisDartford H/Southern Counties Vets29.529.5
430.13iAlison Brown V45W2 Carlisle Aspatria/Northern Masters29.8029.13
200 W45 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
128.23iManndy Laing V45W1 Lancaster & Morecambe/Northern Masters28.228.2
228.32iAngela Beadnall V45W1 Middlesbrough & Cleveland/North East Vets28.1828.18
328.66iJane Horder V45W4Andrew BeadleCheltenham/Midland Masters27.627.43
432.84iChristine FrySBV45W5 Isle of Wight/Southern Counties Vets/Havant32.8431.29
200 W50 h1 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
130.80iFiona ArgentSBV50W2David HullGuernsey/Southern Counties Vets30.8030.2
231.60iLyn Ahmet V50W3Alex AhmetRadley/Southern Counties Vets31.331.3
333.21iAnnette BurkittPBV50W5 Frome/South West Vets33.2133.21
200 W50 h2 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
133.02iAnne Nelson V50W4 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets32.0231.17
234.80iCathy Lyon-GreenPBV50W3 Tamworth34.8034.80
200 W55 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
129.64iVal ParsonsSBV55W4 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V29.6428.92
200 W60 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
133.04iIris HolderPBV60W4 Woking/Southern Counties Vets33.0433.04
234.15iMarjorie HocknellPBV60W2 Scunthorpe & District AC (Defunct)/Midland Masters34.1534.15
200 W65 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
137.50iMary WebbPBV65W4 Cardiff/Welsh Masters37.5037.50
200 W70 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.23iBetty SteedmanPBV70W2 Musselburgh/Scottish Vets H39.2339.23
200 W75 (20 Feb)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
147.27iBrenda GreenPBV75W1 Southern Counties Vets47.2747.27