BMAF - British Masters Championships & Winter Throws External Results
Lee Valley
3-4 Mar 07

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400 M35 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
153.70iMichael Gardiner V35M4 Birchfield H/Midland Masters51.3249.82
254.48iMichael Osunsami V35M4Jeffrey NkrumahNewham & Essex Beagles/Southern Counties Vets53.9853.83
400 M40 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
153.64iTony Noel V40M5 Cheltenham/Midland Masters52.8952.15
257.40iDanny HodgeSBV40M4 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V57.4054.97
357.44iLance Croft V40M1 Eastern Masters/Luton/Bedford & County56.8455.5
459.54iAndy Hunt V40M1 Worthing55.655.6
560.96iPatrick Bass V40M5 Charnwood/Midland Masters59.2454.4
664.60iAlan Easey V40M4 Worthing/Veterans57.857.8
772.84iRob MurkinPBV40M2 Belgrave/Southern Counties Vets68.1068.10
400 M45 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
152.86iKermitt Bentham V45M2Ron RoddanThames Valley/Southern Counties Vets52.3346.57
254.33iAndrew Waddington V45M1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants/Southern Counties Vets54.0853.41
355.50iMalcolm BramhallPBV45M4Denise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters54.054.0
455.51iFrancis Scott V45M4 Altrincham/Northern Masters54.1450.82
556.45iSteve WalshSBV45M3 Goole Youth/Northern Masters56.4554.27
657.72iStewart Walton V45M2 Cheltenham/Midland Masters56.3356.33
400 M45 h1 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
156.56iMalcolm BramhallPBV45M4Denise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters54.054.0
257.11iTennyson James V45M5Allen AdamsonBedford & County/Eastern Masters57.054.71
357.61iNorbert RosserPBV45M3 Taunton/South West Vets57.6157.61
457.94iRicky HuskissonSBV45M3Tim NeedhamNene Valley/Eastern Masters57.9455.0
400 M45 h2 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
155.10iKermitt Bentham V45M2Ron RoddanThames Valley/Southern Counties Vets52.3346.57
256.31iFrancis Scott V45M4 Altrincham/Northern Masters54.1450.82
356.33iStewart WaltonPBV45M2 Cheltenham/Midland Masters56.3356.33
456.98iMike Vassiliou V45M2 Enfield & Haringey/Veterans55.4953.31
559.27iTy Holden V45M1 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets/Loughton57.256.9
400 M45 h3 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
155.46iAndrew Waddington V45M1 Basingstoke & Mid Hants/Southern Counties Vets54.0853.41
256.62iSteve Walsh V45M3 Goole Youth/Northern Masters56.4554.27
357.64iIain Moody V45M1 Pitreavie/Telford AC/Midland Masters57.5557.0
457.74iPhilip McWilliamSBV45M4 City of Sheffield/Northern Masters57.7456.4
563.60iSimon PughPBV45M4 Northern Masters/Rotherham63.6063.60
665.29iMichael May V45M2Chuck IsettsKingston & Poly/Veterans63.7561.44
400 M50 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
155.04iSteve Peters V50M4 Boston/Northern Masters53.0150.22
255.80iIan BroadhurstSBV50M3 Wrexham/Northern Masters55.3354.96
355.92iSteve Lang V50M4 South Devon/South West Vets55.954.1
457.20iGeoff Walcott V50M5 Hercules Wimbledon/Veterans53.8153.81
5=58.03iPaul Stiles V50M3 Enfield & Haringey/Veterans56.556.5
5=58.03iMichael CokerSBV50M1 Team Southampton/Southern Counties Vets58.0356.27
759.54iDavid WhiteheadSBV50M5 Peterborough/Eastern Masters59.158.0
866.13iJim Lawrence V50M1 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters63.8158.8
400 M55 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
158.76iBob Minting V55M2 Blackheath & Bromley/South West Vets56.2050.6
260.24iBruce HendrieSBV55M4 Banbury/Midland Masters/Oxford City60.2458.70
360.25iKeith Short V55M2 Gloucester/Midland Masters59.759.7
460.66iDavid Hayward V55M3Richard HoltCroydon60.5059.33
561.51iBrian WilliamsonPBV55M3 Cardiff/Rhondda/Welsh Masters61.5161.51
662.61iRod HowePBV55M3 Cardiff/Welsh Masters62.462.4
400 M60 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
160.17iVic BlanchardSBV60M4 Manchester H/Northern Masters60.1758.84
261.46iTerry BissettSBV60M4 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets61.4655.07
365.95iRichard BarringtonSBV60M3 City of Stoke/Midland Masters65.9563.24
466.45iLawrie Dunn V60M1 Mansfield/Midland Masters65.9665.6
567.71iAlbert Eland V60M2 Seaton/Northern Masters66.1060.80
670.70iDavid Whittaker V60M3 Epsom & Ewell/Veterans69.460.5
773.76iPeter TabenorSBV60M4 Plymouth H/South West Vets73.7669.52
400 M65 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
168.54iJohn GarberPBV65M1 Herne Hill/Eastern Masters68.5468.54
270.61iDavid Haines V65M1 Fleet & Crookham/Southern Counties Vets69.2368.6
371.76iBrian ArrisSBV65M4 Havant/Midland Masters71.7668.05
472.80iBryan ShearsmithPBV65M2 Wakefield/Northern Masters72.8072.80
575.67iGeoff HudsonPBV65M3 Nuneaton/Midland Masters75.6775.67
400 M70 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
169.03iTony BowmanSBV70M2 Leeds City/Northern Masters67.7066.15
272.71iArthur Kimber V70M1 Dartford H/Southern Counties Vets71.3268.8
375.73iJohn Seymour V70M3 Southern Counties Vets73.6068.36
484.97iJohn CullinghamPBV70M5 Reading AC/Veterans84.9784.97
589.48iJohn Erskine V70M4 Scottish Vets H86.1086.10
400 M80 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
11:53.25iFrank CoppingSBV80M3 Eastern Masters1:53.2590.83
400 W35 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
161.20iDenise Morley V35W3Melvyn SmithColchester H/Eastern Masters60.0559.30
263.22iDeborah DohertySBV35W4 Guernsey/Southern Counties Vets/Channel Islands63.2262.95
364.97iTamzin GribblePBV35W2 City of Plymouth/South West Vets/Armada64.864.59
467.80iSarah WellsSBV35W3 Worthing67.8063.07
574.06iPaula Hing V35W4 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow70.570.5
400 W40 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
165.83iEuphemia ScottSBV40W4 Thames Valley/Southern Counties Vets/Shaftesbury B63.8160.86
269.10iAngie UnderdownSBV40W2 West Suffolk/Eastern Masters69.1060.52
369.41iCarol SimpsonPBV40W5 Northern Masters69.4169.41
469.42iGill Tree V40W4 Paddock Wood/Southern Counties Vets67.5266.59
572.74iAlex DavoillePBV40W2 City of Portsmouth72.7472.74
400 W45 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
163.20iLynn TalbertSBV45W4 Thurrock/Newham & Essex Beagles/Southern Counties 63.2062.83
264.13iLesley HopkinsSBV45W1Winston ThomasEnfield & Haringey/Veterans63.7263.2
364.66iAveril McClellandSBV45W4Ian BroadhurstLancaster & Morecambe/Northern Masters64.6662.39
464.74iSusan NewberryPBV45W4 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters64.7464.74
400 W50 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
164.57iJane Horder V50W1Andrew BeadleCheltenham/Midland Masters62.6761.14
265.39iBarbara LockSBV50W3 Cornwall AC/South West Vets65.3965.35
366.78iHelen GodsellSBV50W4John BlackieBlackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets66.7865.99
470.88iFiona ArgentSBV50W4David HullGuernsey/Southern Counties Vets70.8867.67
400 W65 (3 Mar)
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
181.67iKath StewartSBV65W3 North Shields Poly/VAA North East81.6779.11
286.86iDorothy FraserSBV65W5Denise TimmisLincoln Wellington/Eastern Masters79.4478.25