Woodford Green with Essex Ladies Young Athletes Meeting External Results
26 Sep 20
75 150 600 70HU13W 75HU15W LJ SP4K SP3K SP2.72K 

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75 U15X 1
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
116.46-2.8Robert James U11M  WGEL  
217.30-2.8Megan WilliamsPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies17.3017.30
318.69-2.8Hanako MaedaPBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies18.6918.69
419.37-2.8Eliza WinstonePBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies19.3719.37
521.92-2.8Erin Wallis U11W  WGEL  
75 U15X 2
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.96-2.4Ellis Gentles U11M-6Dwain ChambersLondon Schs11.8511.12
214.32-2.4Charlie KysonSBU11M-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.3212.75
315.30-2.4Lydia SneathPBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies15.3015.30
417.87-2.4Sisi Smith U11W  WGEL  
518.42-2.4Ajay Khare U11M  WGEL  
75 U15X 3
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.85-0.6Mayowa Alake-NyantakyiSBU11W-5 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.8513.47
214.87-0.6Isla Barron U11W  WGEL  
315.57-0.6Elijah WaterfieldSBU11M  Woodford Green Essex Ladies15.5714.64
415.80-0.6Harrison Dawe U11M  WGEL  
515.91-0.6Emily DowsettPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies15.9115.91
616.13-0.6Kian Michaels U11M  WGEL  
717.47-0.6Daniel Hayden U11M  WGEL  
75 U15X 4
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.38-1.1Zoe WrightSBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.3813.97
214.60-1.1Iris LucySBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.6012.84
314.88-1.1Oscar Smith U11M  WGEL  
415.29-1.1Tillie Stears U11W  WGEL  
515.54-1.1Amani CleggSBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies15.5414.16
75 U15X 5
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.70-3.0Daniel Niewczasinski-Kirkland U11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies11.5311.03
212.74-3.0Riley MichaelsPBU11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.7412.74
313.64-3.0Tia Leaver U11W-5Martin LeaverEssex Schs12.1611.84
413.66-3.0Zak Rahman U11M  WGEL  
514.02-3.0Eva HayfordPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.0214.02
614.31-3.0Sofia SneathPBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.3114.31
714.33-3.0Sophia ParkerSBU13W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.3313.77
75 U15X 6
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.71.1Hugh JamesPBU11M  Woodford Green Essex Ladies13.713.7
213.91.1Keilan DixonPBU11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies13.913.9
314.21.1Lila VadherPBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.212.50
414.41.1Josh Worth U11M  WGEL  
515.51.1Anika Khare U11W  WGEL  
75 U15X 7
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.17-2.2Esmae MahalinghamSBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies13.1711.37
213.98-2.2Oskar KysonSBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies13.9812.18
314.20-2.2Luke Stoneham U11M  WGEL  
414.27-2.2Stephen NgPBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.2714.27
514.49-2.2Naiya Bell U11W  WGEL  
75 U15X 8
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.59-0.4Caitlin Hancock U13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies10.910.45
212.02-0.4Azzurra Cioni U11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies11.0010.59
312.05-0.4Cassius LoweSBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.0511.65
412.40-0.4Eliza BridgesPBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.4012.40
512.60-0.4Felix LamminSBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.6011.54
612.94-0.4Leo EverittSBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.9411.87
713.40-0.4Zac EverittPBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies13.4013.40
75 U15X 9
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.44-1.7Lilly SpongPBU13W-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.4412.44
212.99-1.7Megan WrightSBU13W-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.9912.12
313.35-1.7Sanzia Tijuana ObieroPBU15W1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies13.3513.35
75 U15X 10
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.09-1.8Rebecca WrightPBU13W-1Tony JarrettWoodford Green Essex Ladies11.0911.09
211.40-1.8Jean-Marc HarriottPBU13M-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies11.4011.40
312.07-1.8Alex HancockPBU15M1Paul ChealWoodford Green Essex Ladies12.0712.07
412.33-1.8Demi SalakoPBU13W-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies12.3312.33
150 U15X 1
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
132.61-3.5Megan WilliamsPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies32.6132.61
236.94-3.5Hanako MaedaPBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies36.9436.94
339.09-3.5Eliza WinstonePBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies39.0939.09
443.93-3.5Erin Wallis U11W  WGEL  
150 U15X 2
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
125.26-3.7Ellis Gentles U11M-6Dwain ChambersLondon Schs24.2022.86
229.71-3.7Matthew Amores U11M  WGEL  
329.99-3.7Lydia SneathPBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies29.9929.99
430.14-3.7Grace CherryPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies30.1430.14
150 U15X 3
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
129.14-2.1Isla Barron U11W  WGEL  
229.24-2.1Mayowa Alake-NyantakyiSBU11W-5 Woodford Green Essex Ladies29.2426.89
330.79-2.1Elijah WaterfieldPBU11M  Woodford Green Essex Ladies30.7930.79
431.60-2.1Tillie Stears U11W  WGEL  
533.23-2.1Emily DowsettPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies33.2333.23
633.57-2.1Aoife Pearce U11W  WGEL  
150 U15X 4
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
127.55-2.0Sofia SneathSBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies27.5525.84
229.90-2.0Iris Lucy U11W  WGEL  
333.53-2.0Kian Michaels U11M  WGEL  
150 U15X 5
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.61-0.8Toby TaylorPBU11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies23.6123.61
223.64-0.8Daniel Niewczasinski-KirklandPBU11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies23.6422.21
325.05-0.8Lawrence FosterSBU11M  Woodford Green Essex Ladies25.0521.71
425.08-0.8Riley MichaelsPBU11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies25.0825.08
525.99-0.8Zak Rahman U11M  WGEL  
626.66-0.8Tia Leaver U11W-5Martin LeaverEssex Schs25.5324.1
728.65-0.8Eva HayfordPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies28.6528.65
150 U15X 6
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.74-2.3Ella EdwardsPBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies24.7424.74
227.72-2.3Lila VadherSBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies27.7225.03
329.49-2.3Ethan Gill U11M  WGEL  
430.03-2.3Scarlett Winstone U11W  WGEL  
536.18-2.3Josh Worth U11M  WGEL  
150 U15X 7
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
124.92-1.4Leo EverittPBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies24.9223.3
225.59-1.4Esmae MahalinghamPBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies25.5925.59
326.73-1.4Oskar KysonPBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies26.7326.73
427.28-1.4Stephen NgPBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies27.2827.28
528.60-1.4Naiya Bell U11W  WGEL  
150 U15X 8
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
122.29-2.0Caitlin HancockPBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies22.2920.5
223.45-2.0Cassius LoweSBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies23.4523.43
323.68-2.0Azzurra Cioni U11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies22.3722.37
424.18-2.0Eliza BridgesPBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies24.1824.18
524.29-2.0Jhonatan Ghebretinsae U13M  WGEL  
625.45-2.0Alex FosterSBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies25.4518.76
726.06-2.0Felix LamminSBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies26.0623.72
150 U15X 9
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
123.66-0.6Talia WoolfPBU15W1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies23.6622.67
150 U15X 10
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
122.40-2.7Gregor SamsonPBU13M-1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies22.4022.40
222.58-2.7Alex HancockPBU15M1Paul ChealWoodford Green Essex Ladies22.5822.58
322.82-2.7Patrick HaydenPBU13M-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies22.8222.82
422.88-2.7Lilly SpongPBU13W-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies22.8822.88
525.60-2.7Sanzia Tijuana ObieroPBU15W1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies25.6025.60
150 U15X 11
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
120.64 Rebecca WrightPBU13W-1Tony JarrettWoodford Green Essex Ladies20.6420.64
220.73 Jean-Marc HarriottPBU13M-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies20.7320.73
322.61 Demi SalakoPBU13W-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies22.6122.61
600 U15X 1
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:24.45 Charlie KysonPBU11M-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:24.452:14.90
22:35.44 Lydia SneathPBU11W-6 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:35.442:35.44
32:42.51 Grace CherryPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:42.512:42.51
43:01.50 Megan WilliamsPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies3:01.503:01.50
600 U15X 2
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:23.59 Mayowa Alake-NyantakyiSBU11W-5 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:23.592:16.84
22:27.39 Isla Barron U11W  WGEL  
32:35.61 Elijah WaterfieldPBU11M  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:35.612:17.72
42:47.97 Tillie Stears U11W  WGEL  
52:48.07 Daniel Hayden U11M  WGEL  
600 U15X 3
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:06.34 Toby TaylorSBU11M-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:06.342:05.92
22:12.88 Sofia SneathPBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:12.882:12.88
32:18.32 Sophia ParkerPBU13W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:18.322:18.32
42:18.43 Oskar PrinceSBU11M-5 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:18.432:09.60
52:21.12 Zoe WrightPBU11W-4 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:21.122:21.12
600 U15X 4
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12:01.87 Ella EdwardsPBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:01.872:01.87
22:13.14 Ffion HillPBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:13.142:13.14
32:20.53 Chloe JenningsPBU11W John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies2:20.532:20.53
42:24.99 Emmie CarrPBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:24.992:24.99
52:31.00 Lila VadherPBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:31.002:13.88
62:39.16 Scarlett Winstone U11W  WGEL  
72:39.91 Ethan Gill U11M  WGEL  
600 U15X 5
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
11:56.24 Natasha WynnSBU13W-2John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies1:56.241:54.96
22:01.81 Autumn Le Chevalier-JonesSBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:01.811:59.70
32:05.49 Faye OwersPBU11W-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:05.492:05.49
42:05.79 Eliza BridgesSBU13W-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:05.792:05.19
52:07.21 Jhonatan Ghebretinsae U13M  WGEL  
62:12.30 Felix LamminSBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:12.302:03.95
72:15.43 Zac EverittSBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:15.432:09.17
82:18.52 Stephen NgSBU11M-3 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:18.522:12.54
92:43.16 Luke Stoneham U11M  WGEL  
102:52.38 Iris Lucy U11W  WGEL  
600 U15X 6
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
11:43.79 Nate HardingPBU15M1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies1:43.791:43.79
21:53.93 Rosemary KellyPBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies1:53.931:53.93
31:57.01 Isabella WorwoodPBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Essex Schs1:57.011:57.01
41:57.44 Gregor SamsonPBU13M-1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies1:57.441:57.44
51:59.55 Patrick HaydenPBU13M-1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies1:59.551:59.55
62:00.68 Emily MillwardSBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies2:00.681:55.14
72:05.36 Rudy Parker-BayesPBU11M-3John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies2:05.362:05.36
82:09.69 Molly WainPBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies2:09.692:09.69
92:10.14 Alex HancockPBU15M1Paul ChealWoodford Green Essex Ladies2:10.142:10.14
102:20.64 Sanzia Tijuana ObieroPBU15W1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2:20.642:20.64
70HU13W U13W
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.16-2.7Isabelle Kyson U13W2John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies11.711.7
217.50-2.7Lexie GobranSBU13W2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies17.5016.4
75HU15W U15W
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.750.2Isabelle Kyson U13W-1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies12.3411.69
214.460.2Kirsten PaceySBU15W2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies14.4614.3
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.63 Kezia BeetonSBU15W2John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies4.634.80
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
14.32 Caitlin HancockPBU13W1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies4.324.40
23.83 Gregor SamsonPBU13M2John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies3.833.83
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
23.62 Molly WainPBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies3.623.62
33.59 Rosemary KellySBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies3.593.61
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
33.51 Leo EverittPBU13M1 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.513.51
43.23 Megan WrightSBU13W2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.233.28
53.20 Lilly SpongPBU13W2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.203.20
62.15 Hugh JamesSBU11M  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.152.55
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.91 Azzurra CioniPBU11W11 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.914.28
23.26 Zac EverittPBU11M11 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.263.26
33.16 Emmie CarrPBU11W11 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.163.16
43.05 Faye OwersPBU11W11 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.053.05
52.94 Oskar KysonSBU11M11 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.943.05
62.85 Ethan GILL U11M  WGEL  
72.83 Esmae MahalinghamPBU11W12 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.832.83
82.33 Chloe JenningsPBU11W John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies2.332.33
92.31 Scarlett WINSTONE U11W  WGEL  
102.13 Josh WORTH U11M  WGEL  
111.87 Anika KHARE U11W  WGEL  
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12.91 Oskar PrincePBU11M9 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.912.91
22.69 Charlie KysonPBU11M9 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.692.69
32.34 Matthew AMORES U11M  WGEL  
41.99 Kian MICHAELS U11M  WGEL  
51.95 Grace CherryPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies1.951.95
61.65 Daniel HAYDEN U11M  WGEL  
71.44 Hanako MaedaPBU11W8 Woodford Green Essex Ladies1.441.44
81.19 Ajay KHARE U11M  WGEL  
90.76 Eliza WinstonePBU11W8 Woodford Green Essex Ladies0.760.76
100.71 Erin WALLIS U11W  WGEL  
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.57 Tia Leaver U11W9Martin LeaverEssex Schs3.653.96
23.50 Riley MichaelsPBU11M11 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.503.50
33.34 Daniel Niewczasinski-KirklandPBU11M10 Woodford Green Essex Ladies3.343.34
42.86 Amani CleggPBU11W10 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.862.86
52.62 Zoe WrightSBU11W10 Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.622.78
62.62 Sophia ParkerPBU13W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.622.62
72.53 Eva HayfordPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.532.53
82.23 Emily DowsettPBU11W  Woodford Green Essex Ladies2.232.23
91.36 Robert JAMES U11M  WGEL  
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
15.44 Nate HardingPBU15M1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies5.446.42
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
16.68 Molly Wain U15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies6.766.76
26.06 Alex FosterPBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies6.066.06
35.29 Joshua RichardsonPBU13M-2 Woodford Green Essex Ladies5.295.29
44.12 Rosemary KellyPBU15W1John StowWoodford Green Essex Ladies4.124.12
SP2.72K U13W
PosPerf Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18.66 Rebecca WrightPBU13W2Tony JarrettWoodford Green Essex Ladies9.159.15