Ranelagh v Orion Harriers Mob Match External Results
11 Dec 10
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PosMWPerfNameAG CoachClub 
1 49:02Ben HallU23M Orion
2 49:51A HallU15M Orion
3 51:03Daniel MosesSENM Orion/Middlesex Uni
4 51:13Brian JenkinsSENM Orion
5 51:51Neil McGounSENM Orion
6 52:02H WyberSENM Orion
7 52:07Tim WrightV40M Orion
8 52:28A WilliamsSENM Orion
9 52:44Dave BrockV50M Orion
10 52:56Marc SnaithSENM Ranelagh/St. Mary's Richmond
11 53:26Kevin JulianV45M Orion
12 53:46Trevor MaguireV45M Ranelagh
13 54:21Colin BraybrookV45MColin BraybrookSt. Albans Striders/Orion
14 54:37Joe HappeV40M Orion
15 55:29Peter FaullSENM Ranelagh
16 55:31Giles HopkinsonV40M Orion
17 55:54Chris OwensV55M Ranelagh
18 55:56Kenny ClarkeV40M Ranelagh
19 55:59Andrew WarnerSENM Orion/Halstead
20 56:11Ted MockettSENM Ranelagh
21 56:33Pete TarrierV40M Orion
22 56:36J WallisSENM Orion
23156:38Vicky GillSENW Aldershot, Farnham & District/Orion
24 56:43Stuart ColleyV35M Orion
25 56:51Bix HallU17M Orion
26 57:01Neil SwiftV40M Orion
27 57:17Gerry ShawV50M Orion
28 58:02A FrostSENM Orion
29 58:19James HartV45M Orion
30 58:48Chris BundhunSENMRichard HoltRanelagh/Kingston & Poly
31 58:56Andrew VinceV40M Orion
32 59:13Andy BickerstaffV45M Ranelagh/Cirencester
33 59:37Q BraodbentSENM Orion
34 59:48A EssamSENM Orion
35 60:04S ChateSENM Orion
36 60:10James DawsonV45M Orion
37 60:18Mike PeaceV60M Ranelagh
38 60:21Simon BurrellV45M Ranelagh
39 60:40Andrew Peter LunnV40M Orion
40 60:50John AndrewsV50M Orion
41 61:40Graham HallV40M Orion
42 61:48B GreenSENM Orion
43 61:51Andrew WoodhouseV35M Ranelagh
44 61:59Bill BennettV50M Orion
45 62:15Chris ReadV45M Ranelagh
46 62:21Craig HorsburghSENM Orion
47 63:59S AdamsSENM Orion
48265:08Sandra ProsserV40W Ranelagh
49 65:22S LangtonSENM Orion
50 65:46Alexander FordhamU17M Ranelagh
51 65:56David WrightV50M Cirencester/Ranelagh
52 66:46S AllenSENM Orion
53 67:00Godfrey MessengerV65M Orion
54 67:06Steve RowlandV60M Ranelagh
55 67:20Pete BulaitisV55M Orion
56 67:38Dean EmeryV40M Orion
57 67:43Andrew WellerV45M Orion
58 67:46Bob JousiffeV60M Orion
59368:00Mary ArmitageV45W Orion
60 68:07Ian HunterV40M Orion
61 68:10Ian AndersonV50M Ranelagh
62468:28Louise PiearsV45W Ranelagh
63568:36Christine InchV50W Orion
64 68:50P EmerySENM Orion
65 68:50M ClarkeSENM Orion
66 69:53Clive NaishV55M Ranelagh
67 70:05R BloomSENM Orion
68 70:14Bernard DawsonV45M Orion
69670:23Lisa CliffordV35W Orion
70 70:24An OtherSENM Orion
71770:27N HopkinsonSENW Orion
72 70:33Peter FordhamV55M Ranelagh
73870:44Claire WaghSENW Eton Manor
74 71:01Paul WilliamsV45M Orion
75 71:15Jarlath O'BrienV35M Ranelagh
76 71:17R AlburySENM Orion
77971:47Angela FlightSENW Orion
78 72:53Stephen BunceV50M Orion
79 73:08Michael RosbrookV70M Hadleigh Hares/Orion
80 74:07Paul RobinsonV55M Orion
811074:22Joanne Sinton-HewittV45W Ranelagh
821174:25Kym HudsonV50W Orion
83 75:18Ian GrangeV50M Ranelagh
84 76:33Pete WarrenV70M Ranelagh
85 77:10John HanlonV55M Orion
86 78:15R GreenSENM Orion
87 78:21David StanleyV55M Orion
881279:00M DonnellySENW Orion
89 79:00Vic WilsonV65M Woodford Green Essex Ladies
90 80:08Sandra ForrestV40W Ranelagh
91 80:25Pete DeadmanV65M Orion
921380:47Karen AllworthyV50W Orion
93 80:58Robert KitchenSENM Ranelagh
941481:07Rachel M BradburyV45W Orion
95 83:21Phil AikenV40M Ranelagh
961584:27Kirsty BanghamV35W Ranelagh
971684:27Heather MartingellV45WHeather MartingellRanelagh
98 86:35Tom ReayV60M Ranelagh
99 88:55Aiah Songu-MbriwaV35M Ranelagh
1001789:59Sacha AcklandV35W Eton Manor
1011892:33Janet BunceV55W Orion
102 92:37Peter LowmanV60M Ranelagh
103191:41:18Suzan CapperV60W Orion