BMAF - British Masters Championships External Results
28-29 Jul 07

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TJ W60 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18.07w4.1Marlene Simmonds V60W2 Ryston/Eastern Masters8.348.90
25.47w4.0Daphne Marler V60W1 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V5.665.81
TJ W65 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
17.53w3.3Jackie Charles V65W1 Radley/Midland Masters7.898.05
TJ W70 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
16.76w4.1Anne Martin V70W2Jane ClarkeWymondham/Eastern Masters/Ryston6.816.95
TJ W85 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
12.68w3.4Mary Wixey V85W2 Midland Masters/South West Vets3.576.72
SP7.26K M35 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.31  Mark Leitch V35M4 Ipswich/Veterans/Army15.1415.14
210.35  Damian Crawford V35M4 Strabane10.8511.47
36.91  David GlendowerPBV35M5 Southern Counties Vets/Pembrokeshire6.918.38
SP7.26K M40 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
114.99  John Nicholls V40M2Dennis RoscoeSale Harriers Manchester/Northern Masters15.4515.97
213.46  Andrew Turner V40M4Paul ReesBournemouth/Crawley/Welsh Masters14.1015.33
311.46  David Sharp V40M5 Dudley & Stourbridge/Midland Masters11.8712.18
49.82  Dave Brown V40M3 Horsham Blue Star/Northern Masters10.7811.31
59.51  Michael CliftPBV40M2 Hallamshire9.519.51
68.67  Paul FfrenchPBV40M4Keith PalmerSouthend/Eastern Masters8.6710.02
SP7.26K M45 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.07  Simon Armstrong V45M1Paul ReesBournemouth13.4416.52
213.02  Robert EarleSBV45M2 Colchester H/Southend/Eastern Masters13.2014.87
312.67  Guy PerrymanSBV45M4 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets12.6716.58
411.94  Bob BroadbridgeSBV45M4 Newbury/South West Vets11.9412.64
511.72  Albert JohnsonSBV45M2 Kent/Southern Counties Vets11.7213.93
611.17  Allan Leiper V45M3Allan WilliamsAldershot, Farnham & District/Southern Counties Ve11.9512.91
710.99  Tony Tipping V45M1 Cambridge H/Southern Counties Vets11.3512.35
88.83  John Statham V45M2 Charnwood/Midland Masters9.049.67
SP6K M50 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.77  Mike Small V50M4 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans/Belgrave14.6615.56
213.66  David AbernethyPBV50M2 Barrow & Furness/Northern Masters13.6614.41
39.28  John BirkettSBV50M2 Scottish Vets H9.289.77
49.20  Clive HowellSBV50M4 City of Stoke/Midland Masters9.209.62
59.18  Tim Saunders-Mullins V50M5 Watford/Southern Counties Vets10.0210.35
68.86  Mike BalePBV50M2 Haywards Heath/Southern Counties Vets8.978.97
78.55  David Maggs V50M2 Gateshead/VAA North East9.579.57
SP6K M55 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.28  Bruce Holden V55M2 South West Vets/Bristol & West12.3713.33
211.39  Terry LalleySBV55M3 Swansea/Midland Masters11.3911.77
311.02  Tony Richards V55M4 Croydon/Southern Counties Vets11.9913.91
410.34  John Wild V55M1 Richmond & Zetland/VAA North East10.8610.86
59.80  Bill Renshaw V55M3 Rotherham/Northern Masters9.9010.35
69.35  Philip Bramford V55M3 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters9.8110.83
78.69  James Edgar V55M4 Southern Counties Vets9.0310.18
SP5K M60 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.22  David Myerscough V60M4 Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde/Northern Masters12.9613.27
211.84  Michael Hazlewood V60M2 Blackburn/Northern Masters12.2613.16
311.75  Peter Virgo V60M3 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans12.1212.12
410.82  Barry Hawksworth V60M1Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters11.8612.46
510.51  Richard JegouPBV60M3 White Horse/Midland Masters/Radley10.7011.49
610.50  Godfrey LeakSBV60M4 Stevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters10.5010.63
710.37  Robert RichardsSBV60M1 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters10.3710.57
89.87  David Kuester V60M4 Bicester/Oxford City/Veterans10.6610.88
99.49  Jim Bartlett V60M4 Tamworth/Midland Masters9.7410.03
108.38  Chris StreetSBV60M4 Birchfield H/Midland Masters8.388.95
117.15  George Routledge V60M1 Heaton/North East Vets7.677.67
SP5K M65 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.00  Eric Barker V65M1 Southern Counties Vets13.1514.21
210.96  Gary Negus V65M1 City of Portsmouth/Southern Counties Vets11.6813.40
310.44  Bill GentlemanSBV65M3 Edinburgh AC/Northern Masters10.4612.02
410.39  James Sloan V65M1 Annan/Scottish Vets H10.6111.11
59.33  Ian Gapper V65M2 Dudley & Stourbridge/Midland Masters9.719.71
68.15  David Haines V65M2 Fleet & Crookham/Southern Counties Vets8.838.83
77.95  Patsy ConboySBV65M1 Ireland7.958.86
87.62  Jhalman SinghSBV65M5 Royal Sutton Coldfield/Midland Masters7.628.29
SP4K W35 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.14  Camilla Thrush V35W4Tony CookKingston & Poly/Southern Counties Vets11.0211.10
29.48  Jo WadePBV35W1 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V9.489.48
38.85  Amanda Broadhurst V35W2 Wrexham/Northern Masters10.0610.06
47.13  Catriona Gentleman V35W5 Spenborough/Northern Masters7.247.24
SP4K W40 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.14  Charmaine Johnson V40W5Julie LongdenEpsom & Ewell/Southampton Uni/Woodford Green Essex11.6114.29
210.04  Wendy Laing V40W5 Northern Masters/Lancaster & Morecambe10.3211.33
39.53  Alison George V40W5 Cannock & Stafford/Midland Masters/City of Stoke9.7210.28
49.34  Senad Adams V40W2 Havant/Southern Counties Vets9.749.74
58.83  Julie Wilson V40W5 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets9.189.81
68.28  Catarina Hallden V40W1Carole DerrienCity of Portsmouth/South West Vets8.458.45
SP4K W45 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.26  Manndy Laing V45W3 Lancaster & Morecambe/Northern Masters10.6110.61
210.07  Claire Cameron V45W4 Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H/Poli10.6710.67
39.12  Hazel Barker V45W3 Leeds City/Northern Masters9.9710.46
48.48  Wendy Dunsford V45W3 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets9.229.43
SP4K M70 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.09  Ian MillerSBV70M3 Herts Phoenix/Eastern Masters12.2512.25
210.39  Eric KitneyPBV70M1 Southern Counties Vets10.3910.39
310.14  Colin Brand V70M2 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets11.2811.40
49.74  Gordon Hickey V70M4 Blackheath & Bromley/Veterans11.3813.07
59.46  Brian Sumner V70M3 Tamworth/Midland Masters9.6610.49
66.93  Norman Fullick V70M4 Haslemere Border/Southern Counties Vets7.698.70
SP4K M75 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.07  Jaroslav HanusSBV75M3 Southern Counties Vets9.0710.70
27.24  Alf Woods V75M4 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets7.5610.36
35.10  James Christie V75M2 Scottish Vets H5.185.18
SP4K M85 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
17.80  Les D'ArcyPBV85M2 Wakefield/Northern Masters7.978.15
SP3K W50 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.13  Jennifer Ibbitson V50W1Andrew IbbitsonSpenborough/Northern Masters11.0412.25
29.20  Lucy Moore-FoxSBV50W1 Dundrum South Dublin/Veterans/Ireland9.209.67
39.14  Gwen McFarlaneSBV50W3 Ayr Seaforth/Scottish Vets H9.149.44
48.04  Jane Goatcher V50W1 Croydon/Welsh Masters8.158.15
57.78  Jenny Piercy V50W3 Epsom & Ewell7.898.44
SP3K W55 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.28  Vilma Thompson V55W1Nick PhippsBelgrave/Southern Counties Vets11.0511.12
29.48  Caroline MarlerSBV55W2 Otley/Northern Masters9.4810.01
39.26  Mo Pearson V55W4 South West Vets/Cornwall AC10.1310.14
48.58  Romana Martin V55W3 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters8.619.51
56.71  Linda Ridsdale V55W4 Wakefield/Northern Masters7.477.47
SP3K W60 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.69  Liz Sissons V60W4 Epsom & Ewell/Veterans10.3910.39
28.51  Barbara Terry V60W2 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets/Bromle9.749.74
SP3K W65 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
16.53  Carole Derrien V65W4 Jersey/South West Vets6.846.88
25.76  Yvonne Miles V65W2 Bournemouth/Southern Counties Vets6.036.03
SP3K W70 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.03  Rosemary ChrimesSBV70W5 Halesowen/Midland Masters9.0312.48
27.11  Anne Martin V70W2Jane ClarkeWymondham/Eastern Masters/Ryston7.537.61
SP2K W85 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
13.35  Mary Wixey V85W2 Midland Masters/South West Vets3.724.14
WT11.34K M50 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
118.41  Malcolm Fenton V50M2 Ipswich/Eastern Masters/Southend20.0120.32
216.73  Mike Small V50M4 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans/Belgrave17.4918.48
315.56  David AbernethySBV50M2 Barrow & Furness/Northern Masters15.5616.71
413.57  David Maggs V50M2 Gateshead/VAA North East14.5114.83
512.94  Mike BalePBV50M2 Haywards Heath/Southern Counties Vets13.4813.72
69.86  Tim Saunders-MullinsSBV50M5 Watford/Southern Counties Vets9.8611.40
WT11.34K M55 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.37  Terry LalleySBV55M3 Swansea/Midland Masters15.3716.03
213.01  John Wild V55M1 Richmond & Zetland/VAA North East13.8914.42
311.38  Bill RenshawPBV55M3 Rotherham/Northern Masters11.3811.38
410.27  James EdgarSBV55M4 Southern Counties Vets10.2710.96
57.46  Philip Bramford V55M3 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters8.6810.79
WT15.88K M35 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.00  Graham HolderSBV35M1 Shaftesbury Barnet/Welsh Masters15.0015.96
25.96  David Glendower V35M5 Southern Counties Vets/Pembrokeshire7.868.67
WT15.88K M40 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
116.82  John PearsonSBV40M2 Charnwood/Midland Masters/Loughborough Students16.8217.94
214.75  Steve Sammut V40M1 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans17.5117.51
312.61  Andrew Turner V40M4Paul ReesBournemouth/Crawley/Welsh Masters13.1214.54
410.71  David SharpPBV40M5 Dudley & Stourbridge/Midland Masters10.7110.71
59.90  Dave Brown V40M3 Horsham Blue Star/Northern Masters10.4010.70
69.70  David Bauer V40M2 Harlow AC/Chelmsford/Eastern Masters10.2511.37
75.09  Paul FfrenchPBV40M4Keith PalmerSouthend/Eastern Masters5.095.09
WT15.88K M45 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.95  Robert EarleSBV45M2 Colchester H/Southend/Eastern Masters15.9517.00
212.50  Russell PaynePBV45M2 Birchfield H/Midland Masters12.5013.40
311.70  Guy Perryman V45M4 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets12.3013.07
411.03  Martin Roberts V45M3 Cannock & Stafford/Midland Masters11.2611.74
WT9.08K W35 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.46  Camilla Thrush V35W4Tony CookKingston & Poly/Southern Counties Vets12.8212.82
29.76  Catriona GentlemanPBV35W5 Spenborough/Northern Masters9.769.76
38.80  Jo WadePBV35W1 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V8.808.80
48.36  Yvonne JacobsSBV35W3 Enfield & Haringey/Veterans8.368.44
WT9.08K W40 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.22  Janet SmithSBV40W3Paul DickensonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/British Airways/Sou14.2514.40
29.66  Julie WilsonSBV40W5 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets10.5511.59
39.30  Catarina HalldenSBV40W1Carole DerrienCity of Portsmouth/South West Vets9.3010.40
48.91  Alison George V40W5 Cannock & Stafford/Midland Masters/City of Stoke9.4310.51
57.74  Senad AdamsPBV40W2 Havant/Southern Counties Vets7.747.74
WT9.08K W45 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
110.13  Claire Cameron V45W4 Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H/Poli11.0311.41
28.56  Wendy Dunsford V45W3 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets9.0610.39
WT9.08K M60 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
116.99  Chris Melluish V60M4Paul DickensonCambridge H/Southern Counties Vets17.4318.76
215.50  Michael HazlewoodSBV60M2 Blackburn/Northern Masters16.6317.69
315.20  Barry Hawksworth V60M1Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters17.1618.59
414.52  Godfrey LeakSBV60M4 Stevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters14.5215.83
511.74  Les MonahanPBV60M3 Worthing/Southern Counties Vets11.7411.74
611.49  Richard Jegou V60M3 White Horse/Midland Masters/Radley12.3612.56
710.29  David Kuester V60M4 Bicester/Oxford City/Veterans12.6414.52
WT9.08K M65 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
116.61  Bill GentlemanPBV65M3 Edinburgh AC/Northern Masters17.0617.06
215.13  Eric BarkerSBV65M1 Southern Counties Vets15.1315.70
314.72  Gary NegusSBV65M1 City of Portsmouth/Southern Counties Vets14.7214.90
413.85  Patsy ConboySBV65M1 Ireland13.8516.31
510.66  James Sloan V65M1 Annan/Scottish Vets H10.9210.92
WT7.26K W50 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
113.59  Jennifer Ibbitson V50W1Andrew IbbitsonSpenborough/Northern Masters13.8813.88
211.07  Beatrice Simpson V50W3 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets11.8911.89
310.10  Jane GoatcherPBV50W1 Croydon/Welsh Masters10.1010.10
49.97  Jenny PiercySBV50W3 Epsom & Ewell9.9710.46
58.50  Gwen McFarlaneSBV50W3 Ayr Seaforth/Scottish Vets H8.5010.04
WT7.26K W55 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
111.23  Vilma Thompson V55W1Nick PhippsBelgrave/Southern Counties Vets11.3312.17
29.29  Romana MartinPBV55W3 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters9.299.29
39.23  Linda Ridsdale V55W4 Wakefield/Northern Masters10.0010.00
47.48  Linda OxladeSBV55W2 Croydon/Southern Counties Vets7.888.38
WT7.26K M70 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.99  Hamilton Thomas V70M1 Lewes/Southern Counties Vets16.7816.78
215.08  Peter BarberSBV70M5 Cambridge H/Southern Counties Vets15.0817.21
314.51  Ian Miller V70M3 Herts Phoenix/Eastern Masters14.8816.30
413.61  Colin Brand V70M2 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets13.7813.78
512.51  Brian SumnerSBV70M3 Tamworth/Midland Masters12.5113.34
610.92  Gordon Hickey V70M4 Blackheath & Bromley/Veterans12.8313.99
WT7.26K M75 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.55  Phil McEvoy V75M1 London Irish/Veterans12.7512.75
29.98  Jaroslav HanusSBV75M3 Southern Counties Vets10.4114.72
39.53  Graham Roberts V75M2 Sparkhill/Midland Masters10.3910.39
WT5.45K W60 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
112.44  Liz Sissons V60W4 Epsom & Ewell/Veterans12.5512.67
210.92  Barbara Terry V60W2 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets/Bromle11.1511.28
WT5.45K W65 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
19.79  Carole DerrienSBV65W4 Jersey/South West Vets9.7910.41
WT5.45K M85 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
18.45  Les D'ArcyPBV85M2 Wakefield/Northern Masters8.458.45
DT2K M35 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
149.98  Perriss Wilkins V35M5Michael HughesBanbury56.6566.64
231.64  Damian Crawford V35M4 Strabane34.0535.89
316.37  David GlendowerSBV35M5 Southern Counties Vets/Pembrokeshire16.3722.50
DT2K M40 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
155.21  Kevin BrownSBV40M3 Shaftesbury Barnet/Midland Masters/Royal Sutton Co57.8462.10
241.03  David Bauer V40M2 Harlow AC/Chelmsford/Eastern Masters42.0543.03
340.08  Andrew Turner V40M4Paul ReesBournemouth/Crawley/Welsh Masters42.6348.00
430.98  Nick Walker V40M4 Severn/South West Vets34.7235.19
530.24  Dave Brown V40M3 Horsham Blue Star/Northern Masters32.5534.51
629.13  Michael Clift V40M2 Hallamshire31.3231.32
DT2K M45 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.46  Simon ArmstrongSBV45M1Paul ReesBournemouth39.6940.56
236.67  Bob Broadbridge V45M4 Newbury/South West Vets38.4939.85
335.27  Jacek Drzewiecki V45M5 Bracknell AC/Southern Counties Vets37.0539.99
434.46  Allan Leiper V45M3Allan WilliamsAldershot, Farnham & District/Southern Counties Ve35.4535.45
533.93  Tony Tipping V45M1 Cambridge H/Southern Counties Vets37.4438.29
632.87  Albert Johnson V45M2 Kent/Southern Counties Vets34.6438.02
722.40  Dave Shields V45M2 Reading AC/Welsh Masters23.3123.52
DT1.5K M50 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
155.65  Neville Thompson V50M3 Shaftesbury Barnet/Southern Counties Vets57.0157.56
249.67  David AbernethyPBV50M2 Barrow & Furness/Northern Masters49.6749.94
347.63  Mike SmallSBV50M4 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans/Belgrave47.6350.96
438.14  David MaggsPBV50M2 Gateshead/VAA North East38.1438.14
534.07  Robert Hanbury-BrownSBV50M1 Australia34.0737.06
633.20  Ulrick TamasPBV50M2 South West Vets33.2033.20
730.76  Clive PengellyPBV50M2 Newquay & Par/South West Vets31.0931.09
829.60  Mike BaleSBV50M2 Haywards Heath/Southern Counties Vets30.6532.53
924.94  Clive Howell V50M4 City of Stoke/Midland Masters25.1029.04
1021.20  Tim Saunders-Mullins V50M5 Watford/Southern Counties Vets23.5124.46
DT1.5K M55 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
138.56  John Wild V55M1 Richmond & Zetland/VAA North East40.7940.79
236.70  Bill Renshaw V55M3 Rotherham/Northern Masters38.2245.14
335.78  Tony Richards V55M4 Croydon/Southern Counties Vets36.8938.12
434.14  Terry Lalley V55M3 Swansea/Midland Masters37.6240.06
533.43  Philip Bramford V55M3 Cambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters33.9335.73
632.96  Peter ToddPBV55M2 Leigh/Northern Masters32.9633.04
728.51  James Edgar V55M4 Southern Counties Vets29.1232.73
824.31  Allan Webb V55M3 Swindon/South West Vets24.5224.90
DT1K M60 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
144.54  Michael HazlewoodSBV60M2 Blackburn/Northern Masters46.1348.30
242.37  David MyerscoughSBV60M4 Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde/Northern Masters42.3742.56
341.05  Barry HawksworthPBV60M1Mark WisemanDerby/Midland Masters41.0544.92
438.56  Robert RichardsPBV60M1 Bedford & County/Eastern Masters38.5638.56
538.19  Godfrey LeakSBV60M4 Stevenage & North Herts/Eastern Masters38.1939.48
634.77  Peter Virgo V60M3 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Veterans39.1939.40
733.65  David KuesterPBV60M4 Bicester/Oxford City/Veterans33.6533.92
832.19  Richard JegouSBV60M3 White Horse/Midland Masters/Radley32.5135.74
931.27  Jim BartlettSBV60M4 Tamworth/Midland Masters31.2734.08
1030.50  David Palmer V60M3 Walton35.6535.65
1127.94  Les MonahanPBV60M3 Worthing/Southern Counties Vets27.9427.94
1226.53  Chris StreetSBV60M4 Birchfield H/Midland Masters26.5328.42
1318.73  George Routledge V60M1 Heaton/North East Vets18.8120.09
DT1K M65 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
137.71  Bill GentlemanSBV65M3 Edinburgh AC/Northern Masters37.7141.33
236.29  James Sloan V65M1 Annan/Scottish Vets H39.0541.51
334.98  Grayham Smith V65M2 Halifax/Northern Masters35.3738.09
432.95  Brian Harlick V65M1Allan WilliamsEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets34.2636.19
531.65  George EcclesSBV65M3 Exeter/South West Vets31.6534.92
630.54  Patsy ConboySBV65M1 Ireland30.5434.79
724.93  Jhalman SinghSBV65M5 Royal Sutton Coldfield/Midland Masters24.9325.19
DT1K M70 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
134.73  Colin Brand V70M2 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets38.3540.86
229.14  Hamilton Thomas V70M1 Lewes/Southern Counties Vets33.2133.21
327.85  Eric KitneyPBV70M1 Southern Counties Vets27.8527.85
424.96  Michael McGarry V70M5 Ireland27.6833.24
524.22  Gordon Hickey V70M4 Blackheath & Bromley/Veterans28.5238.36
620.14  Norman Fullick V70M4 Haslemere Border/Southern Counties Vets20.9023.58
DT1K M75 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
126.00  Jaroslav Hanus V75M3 Southern Counties Vets27.1440.23
225.83  Phil McEvoy V75M1 London Irish/Veterans26.7329.17
322.73  Ian Briggs V75M5 Redhill & Surrey Beagles/Southern Counties Vets24.2241.82
415.62  James Christie V75M2 Scottish Vets H16.5916.59
DT1K M85 (28 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
115.88  Les D'Arcy V85M2 Wakefield/Northern Masters17.6417.64
DT1K W35 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
139.84  Emma Beales V35W1 Marshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters46.0754.68
233.52  Camilla Thrush V35W4Tony CookKingston & Poly/Southern Counties Vets33.7734.12
330.58  Jo Wade V35W1 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Southern Counties V32.0332.32
421.48  Catriona Gentleman V35W5 Spenborough/Northern Masters22.4222.42
DT1K W40 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
134.20  Jenny CooperSBV40W5 Wolverhampton & Bilston/Midland Masters34.2034.77
233.75  Angela Mitchell V40W2 Harrow/Southern Counties Vets40.7140.71
328.38  Helen Daniel V40W4 Cambridge H/Veterans31.5133.80
427.73  Catarina Hallden V40W1Carole DerrienCity of Portsmouth/South West Vets28.8930.81
527.34  Julie Wilson V40W5 Reading AC/Southern Counties Vets30.3534.70
627.08  Janet Smith V40W3Paul DickensonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/British Airways/Sou34.4435.05
722.41  Senad Adams V40W2 Havant/Southern Counties Vets25.2025.20
821.54  Alison Duke V40W3Alan EaseyWorthing/Southern Counties Vets27.4427.44
919.74  Jo IsbillPBV40W3 Ryston/Eastern Masters19.7419.74
DT1K W45 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
135.25  Claire Cameron V45W4 Victoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H/Poli37.4746.34
225.28  Wendy Dunsford V45W3 Epsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets28.1928.19
DT1K W50 (29 Jul)
PosPerf  Name AG YearCoachClubSBPB 
135.66  Gwen Bird V50W5 Lewes/Southern Counties Vets/Enfield & Haringey38.1049.48
229.20  Jennifer Ibbitson V50W1Andrew IbbitsonSpenborough/Northern Masters31.9535.45
325.33  Beatrice Simpson V50W3 Blackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets28.2828.28
424.37  Gwen McFarlaneSBV50W3 Ayr Seaforth/Scottish Vets H24.3725.18
519.12  Jenny Piercy V50W3 Epsom & Ewell20.5022.24
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