Peco League External Results
Middleton Park
18 Dec 11
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PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
1 NTPaul MarchantV35M Paul MarchantRothwell
2 NTDaniel FisherSENM  Valley Striders/Leeds City
31NTSimon PassV40M  Saltaire Striders
41NTRichard PattinsonV45M  Horsforth
5 NTAndy MayV35M  Valley Striders
62NTRichard BalshawV40M  Unattached
7 NTPhilip LivermoreSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
8 NTWill KerrV35M Brian ScobieSaltaire Striders/Bradford Airedale
93NTCraig KeedyV40M  STAC
10 NTJonathan ParkerSENM  Owls Leicester/Valley Striders
11 NTPeter BranneySENM  Leeds City
12 NTPaul KaiserSENM  Valley Striders
13 NTMatthew NowellSENM  Bradford Airedale
14 NTJeremy RogersV35M  Abbey Runners Leeds
151NTCharles LinesV50M  Ackworth/Unattached
162NTDuncan ClarkV50M  Abbey Runners Leeds
17 NTJamie HutchinsonV40M  Ilkley/Leeds & Bradford TC
18 NTDave WilbySENM  Ilkley
19 NTGwilym ThomasV35M  Valley Striders
20 NTSteven EastwoodU17M Jack HoweyWakefield
214NTDavid McGuireV40M  Hyde Park Harriers
22 NTShane EwenSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
23 NTRob FurnessSENM  Horsforth Harriers
242NTNathan CrossleyV45M  Horsforth Harriers
25 NTRobin OwenV35M  Abbey Runners Leeds
265NTRaymond LoveV40M  STAC
27 NTFraser WeirU23M  Eastbourne/Hyde Park Harriers
283NTGraham ShooterV45M  STAC
29 NTChristian EastonSENM Christian EastonChapel Allerton
30 NTWilliam MorrisSENM  Airecentre Pacers
313NTMartin FirthV50M  Bradford Airedale AC
326NTJason WestmorelandV40M  Rothwell
33 NTJeremy LadymanSENM  Valley Striders
34 NTRichard VandermarkV35M  Abbey Runners Leeds
35 NTPaul MillerSENM  Kirkstall
36 NTStan KaranasiosSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
37 NTChristopher PlewsV35M  Wetherby
384NTPaul EmmettV50M  Wetherby
39 NTRichard WaltonSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
40 NTAndy PerkinsonV35M  Horsforth Harriers
41 NTJames AtkinsSENM  North Herts
42 NTJohn StuthardSENM  STAC
43 NTRoss BlackburnU23M  Rothwell
44 NTJohn DawsonSENM  Saltaire Striders
457NTAlan SquireV45M  Horsforth Harriers
465NTJack VerityV50M  Saltaire Striders
476NTIan RowbothamV50M  Ilkley
48 NTMatthew WheelerU23M  Wetherby
49 NTRichard FosterSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
50 NTNick KeenSENM  Leeds & Bradford TC
511NTNick PearceV55M  Ilkley
52 NTTimothy JonesSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
537NTAlan SchofieldV50M  STAC
544NTRobert HamiltonV45M  Valley Striders
55 NTScott HendersonSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
56 NTJamie ThomsonSENM  Wetherby
57 NTJames BuirbellarSENM  Chapel Allerton
588NTNigel MonaghanV50M  Horsforth Harriers
592NTMarcelus SpringerV55M  Horsforth Harriers
60 NTLee GreenhalghV35M  Horsforth Harriers
61 NTIan Anthony WalshSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
629NTMick BrearleyV50M  Saltaire Striders
6310NTDavid MaycockV50M  Horsforth Harriers
64 NTAdrian BuccilliV35M  St. Theresa's
65 NTTerry MidgleyV40M  St. Theresa's
66 NTColin TranterSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
67 NTMark TobinV35M  Wetherby
685NTSteven WigglesworthV45M  Ackworth
698NTDominic NurseV40M  Abbey Runners Leeds
70 NTGary MannSENM  Valley Striders
7111NTStephen RabyV50M  Horsforth Harriers
726NTPaul GrindleyV45M  Airecentre Pacers
737NTIain ManfieldV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
74 NTAndy ThorpeV35M  Valley Striders
75 NTHadrian KnightV40M  Rothwell
769NTIan SandersonV40M  Valley Striders
77 NTAbinesh GnanaveluSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
78 NTNeal EdmonsonSENM  Horsforth
7912NTCarl HeronV50M  Bradford Airedale AC
803NTMike ChambersV55M  Saltaire Striders
81 NTTom WilliamsV35M  Hyde Park Harriers
8213NTPeter AndersonV50M  STAC
831NTChristopher GillV60M  St. Theresa's
8410NTEd HallidayV40M  Chapel Allerton
85 NTStephen WrightSENM  Wetherby
86 NTMatt JacksonSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
87 NTRichard QuinnSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
8814NTStephen WolstenholmeV50M Stephen WolstenholmeBradford Airedale
89 NTRobert SprostonV35M  Ackworth
908NTJohn HalliwellV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
91 NTScott HayesV35M  Rothwell
92 NTTom SykesSENM  Chapel Allerton
93 NTGreg WeatherheadSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
94 NTAdam MogerV35M  Kirkstall
95 NTTom ButtonV35M  Valley Striders
9615NTAndrew WheelerV50M  Wetherby
97 NTTony DavisonSENM  Bradford Airedale
9811NTAdrian RoystonV40M  Bradford Airedale AC
99 NTGarth De RouxV35M  Horsforth Harriers
100 NTLiam SomerfieldV35M  Ackworth
101 NTPhilip HewittSENM  Kirkstall
1029NTPaul BrownV45M  Rothwell
10310NTPaul BowersV45M  Rothwell
10412NTJohn Michael BatchelorV40M  Valley Striders
10516NTRichard ClarkeV50M  Airecentre Pacers
106 NTJoe HanneyV35M  Valley Striders
107 NTAden BallV35M  Askern
10817NTChristopher GloverV50M  Kirkstall
10918NTJerry BarnesV50M  York Acorn/City of York
110 NTRichard WilsonV35M  Rothwell
11113NTSteven HolmesV40M  St. Theresa's
11219NTChris JonesV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
113 NTChris LyonsV35M Chris LyonsChapel Allerton
11414NTGary Lee ScottV40M  Eccleshill
115 NTDave SharpeV35M  Wetherby
11620NTMick HoganV50M  Eccleshill
11721NTIan ChappellV50M  Horsforth Harriers
118 NTNick BarnesSENM  Valley Striders
1194NTGerry WatertonV55M  Kippax
12011NTRoy HugginsV45M  Valley Striders
12112NTAndrew SettleV45M  Kippax/Valley Striders
122 NTPhilip WilkinsonSENM  Horsforth Harriers
12313NTRichard ThackerayV45M  Ackworth
124 NTJames VickersSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
12514NTIan JonesV45M  Saltaire Striders
12622NTNic CuthbertsonV50M  Chapel Allerton
12715NTRichard StoneV45M  Saltaire Striders
12816NTFrank BeecroftV45M  Saltaire Striders
12923NTKen FoxV50M  Hyde Park Harriers
13017NTJonathan GibsonV45M  Wharfedale
1315NTAlan HutchinsonV55M  Valley Striders
13215NTStephen TaylorV40M  Chapel Allerton
13316NTAdrian Peter GraingerV40M  Chapel Allerton
13418NTMark HetheringtonV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
13524NTPaul CrossanV50M  Fell Runners Association/Chapel Allerton
13619NTGary CarlisleV45M  Kirkstall
137 NTMartyn George HewittV35M  Kippax
1382NTJohn WardV60M  Abbey
1396NTStephen ToddV55M  Chapel Allerton
140 NTPaul HallidayV35M  Wetherby/Harrogate
14117NTJim WhittakerV40M  Abbey Runners Leeds
142 NTJonathan YatesSENM  Chapel Allerton
1433NTHarry McGillV60M  Saltaire Striders
144 NTLiam VeritySENM  Saltaire Striders
14525NTGerry KiftV50M  Rothwell
146 NTJames FullerSENM  Bradford Airedale
14726NTDavid SpinkV50M  Kirkstall
148 NTPhilip EmmsSENM  Rothwell
149 NTAlan HunterV35M  St. Theresa's
15018NTCraig TiptonV40M  Ackworth
15127NTLeroy SuttonV50M  Valley Striders/Unattached
152 NTPaul NewtonV35M  Kirkstall
153 NTJustin NewallSENM  Kirkstall
15420NTRichard BellV45M  Wetherby
1557NTDavid WomersleyV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
15621NTAdrian LeachV45M  Ackworth/Fetch Everyone
157 NTLiam MealeySENM  Kirkstall
158 NTNikolaos GeorgiadisV35M  Eccleshill/Leeds & Bradford TC
15919NTGraham CharnockV40M  Ackworth
160 NTDarren HorobinV35M  Ackworth
16128NTMark SkinnerV50M  Kirkstall
16229NTLionel TheobaldV50M  Kippax
16330NTRoger WardV50M  Rothwell
1644NTBarney LernerV60M  Saltaire Striders
16522NTGavin WatmuffV45M  Airecentre Pacers
16631NTDavid BeecroftV50M  Rothwell
16720NTRobert CalverV40M  Chapel Allerton
1688NTSteve WoodV55M  Horsforth Harriers
1691NTMalcolm ColesV70M  Skyrac/Valley Striders
1709NTGordon CrawfordV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
17110NTAndy AckroydV55M  Airecentre Pacers
172 NTRob MarshV35M  Valley Striders
1735NTJohn HutchinsonV60M  Kirkstall
17423NTRob GraftonV45M  Airecentre Pacers
175 NTDale AntcliffSENM  Rothwell
176 NTAndy LoweSENM  Chapel Allerton
177 NTSimon FrazerV35M  Saltaire Striders
17811NTRalph KidnerV55M  Hyde Park Harriers
17924NTAndrew JacksonV45M  Ilkley
18025NTBrian SherwoodV45M  Nidd Valley
18112NTChris HillV55M  Airecentre Pacers
18232NTRichard PullanV50M  Hyde Park Harriers
183 NTGraham PillingSENM  Kirkstall
18426NTMartin Patrick BrowneV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
1851NTPaul GloverV65M  Kirkstall
186 NTBen ForwoodSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
18721NTPaul ManningV40M  Nidd Valley
1886NTDave ArmstrongV60M  Saltaire Striders
189 NTReece IsaacU23M  Kippax
1907NTTony HaygarthV60M  Valley Striders
19127NTPeter KhooV45M  Abbey Runners Leeds
19228NTAlan DarwinV45M  Hyde Park Harriers
19329NTRaj MadhasV45M  Wharfedale
19422NTAndrew CooperV40M  Kirkstall
1958NTLes MartinV60M  STAC
19633NTGraham FordV50M  Valley Striders
19734NTSteven WilcoxV50M  Bradford Airedale
198 NTJames HindsSENM  Hyde Park
199 NTPaul EbreyV35M  St. Theresa's
20035NTPhil HammondV50M  Hyde Park Harriers/100 Marathon Club
201 NTChris HuntV35M  Kirkstall
2029NTRoy YoungV60M  Ackworth
20336NTDavid BestonV50M  Abbey Runners Leeds
2042NTRichard ArcherV65M  Airecentre Pacers
20513NTPeter HeyV55M  Kirkstall
20610NTMalcolm JohnsonV60M  Horsforth Harriers
207 NTMatthew HallamU23M  Kippax/Abbey Runners Leeds
20811NTJohn MessengerV60M  Kippax
209 NTEdward Wyke-UlliottV35M James WardmanRothwell
21023NTJohn CairnsV40M  Ackworth
21137NTPaul ZwyckiV50M  Ackworth
21230NTJonathan RoutledgeV45M  Ackworth
21312NTStewart HaighV60M  Ackworth
21413NTPeter BoyleV60M  St. Theresa's
21531NTPeter CallaghanV45M  Wetherby
2163NTTony BulloughV65M  St. Theresa's
21714NTFrank MasleyV60M  Saltaire Striders
21815NTAndrew GardnerV60M  St. Theresa's
21924NTTony RiversV45M  Airecentre Pacers
2204NTBarry SinarV65M  Ackworth
22132NTRobert D SuttonV45M  Eccleshill
2222NTBob WilkesV70M  Valley Striders
223 NTPeter PersicoSENM  Abbey Runners Leeds
22433NTGary SteadV45M  Airecentre Pacers
22516NTPeter LeachV60M  Abbey Runners Leeds
2265NTDerek MartinV65M  Abbey Runners Leeds
2276NTDon McRaeV65M  Ilkley
22814NTChris MaltbyV55M  STAC
2297NTMike SellarsV65M  STAC
23034NTMichael MasonV45M  Hyde Park Harriers
231 NTAnthony BeckwithSENM  Rothwell
23225NTSteve CorcoranV40M  Kirkstall
233 NTAlan DeighanSENM  Hyde Park Harriers
23417NTJeffrey DentonV60M  Ackworth
23535NTTony DownhamV45M  Kirkstall
23615NTPatrick NesdenV55M  Kirkstall
2373NTBrian DoddV70M  Ackworth
2388NTSamuel BlackV65M  Abbey Runners Leeds
239 NTMat TaylorV35M  Valley Striders
2401NTGeoffrey HardmanV75M  St. Theresa's
PosACPerfNameAG YearCoachClub 
11NTGeorge MooreU17M1 Rothwell
21NTEmile CairessU15M-2Philip TownsendBingley
32NTCharles MooreU15M-1 Rothwell
43NTJosh BrownU15M-1James WardmanRothwell
54NTEdward BickerdikeU15M-1 Ilkley
61NTJasmine LaidlerU15W-1James WardmanRothwell
71NTAlex VerityU13M-4 Rothwell
85NTWilliam CollumbU15M-2James WardmanRothwell
91NTEllie DooleyU17W1Andi DrakeHyde Park Harriers/Leeds City
102NTBen NurseU13M-4 Abbey Runners Leeds
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