Aviva English Schools' Championships External Results
6-7 Jul 12
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4x100 U17M h1 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
144.00 West Midlands Schools U17 TeamSBU17M West Midlands Schs42.6842.38
244.13 Humberside Schools U17 TeamPBU17M Humberside Schs44.1344.13
344.35 North Yorkshire Schools U17 TeamSBU17M North Yorkshire Schs44.3544.21
444.52 Avon Sch U17 TeamPBU17M Avon Schs44.5242.70
544.56 Lancashire Sch U17 TeamSBU17M Lancashire Schs44.5644.17
644.87 West Yorkshire Schools U17 TeamSBU17M West Yorkshire Schs44.8742.92
745.60 Oxford City U17 TeamPBU17M Oxford City45.6045.60
4x100 U17M h2 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
143.15 Essex Schools U17 Team U17M Essex Schs42.0042.00
243.71 London Schools U17 TeamSBU17M London Schs43.7141.85
344.00 Northamptonshire Sch U17 TeamPBU17M Northamptonshire Schs43.6743.67
444.04 Warwickshire Schs U17 TeamPBU17M Warwickshire Schs43.7743.30
546.53 Cleveland Schools U17 TeamPBU17M Cleveland Schs46.5343.24
646.91 Leicestershire & Rutland Schs U17 TeamSBU17M Leicestershire Schs46.9143.44
746.92 Northumberland Sch U17 Team U17M Northumberland Schs46.144.18
4x100 U17M h3 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
143.03 Hampshire Schools U17 TeamPBU17M Hampshire Schs43.0142.10
244.50 Merseyside Schools U17 Team U17M Merseyside Schs43.8743.34
346.21 Suffolk Schools U17 Team U17M Suffolk Schs44.5144.51
446.42 Greater Manchester Schools U17 TeamSBU17M Greater Manchester Schs46.4243.03
-DNF Middlesex Schools U17 Team U17M Middlesex Schs 42.04
-DQ H&Wor U17M H&Wor  
4x100 U15M h1 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
144.89 Hampshire Sch U15 TeamSBU15M Hampshire Schs44.7344.36
245.80 West Midlands Schools U15 TeamSBU15M West Midlands Schs45.1444.07
346.85 Lancashire Sch U15 TeamSBU15M Lancashire Schs46.8546.04
447.04 Durham Schools U15 TeamPBU15M Durham Schs47.0447.04
-DQ Staffordshire Schools U15 Team U15M Staffordshire Schs48.545.39
4x100 U15M h2 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
144.28 London Schools U15 TeamSBU15M London Schs44.2843.46
244.90 Leicestershire & Rutland Schs U15 Team U15M Leicestershire Schs44.8544.36
345.52 Somerset Schools U15 TeamPBU15M Somerset Schs45.0545.05
446.12 Essex Schools U15 TeamSBU15M Essex Schs46.1243.85
547.17 South Yorkshire Sch U15 TeamPBU15M South Yorkshire Schs47.1747.17
-DNF Greater Manchester Schools U15 Team U15M Greater Manchester Schs 44.91
4x100 U15M h3 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
145.25 Warwickshire Schs U15 TeamSBU15M Warwickshire Schs44.8844.33
245.44 Middlesex Schools U15 TeamSBU15M Middlesex Schs45.4444.24
345.55 Hertfordshire Schools U15 Team U15M Hertfordshire Schs45.0543.87
445.70 Surrey Schools U15 TeamSBU15M Surrey Schs45.7043.51
545.78 Kent Sch U15 Team U15M Kent Schs44.1144.11
646.89 Dorset Sch U15 TeamSBU15M Dorset Schs46.8946.7
-DQ Norfolk Sch U15 Team U15M Norfolk Schs47.8646.63
-DQ Cleveland Schools U15 Team U15M Cleveland Schs48.647.96
4x100 U20W h1 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
148.36 West Yorkshire Schools U20 Team U23W West Yorkshire Schs47.7847.78
348.99 West Midlands Schools U20 Team U20W West Midlands Schs48.4746.66
449.33 Kent Schools U20 Team U20W Kent Schs48.8146.49
551.75 Durham Sch U20 Team U20W Durham Schs50.5748.58
-DQ Humberside Sch U20 Team U20W Humberside Schs 48.00
4x100 U20W h2 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
149.02 South Yorkshire Schools U20 Team U20W South Yorkshire Schs48.5748.57
249.84 Essex Schools U20 Team U20W Essex Schs49.5548.31
350.17 Lancashire Sch U20 TeamSBU20W Lancashire Schs50.1748.57
450.20 Hereford & Worcestershire Schools U20 Team U20W Herefordshire & Worcestershire Schs50.1047.99
553.62 Ches Schs U20W Ches Schs  
4x100 U17W h1 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
147.46 London Schools U17 Team U17W London Schs46.9846.68
248.26 Surrey Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Surrey Schs47.1546.10
349.07 Humberside Schools U17 TeamPBU17W Humberside Schs48.5848.58
449.42 Sussex Sch U15 TeamSBU15W Sussex Schs49.4248.79
549.72 Nottinghamshire Sch U17 TeamPBU17W Nottinghamshire Schs49.7248.29
650.19 Hampshire Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Hampshire Schs50.1947.35
752.43 Middlesex Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Middlesex Schs52.4347.02
4x100 U17W h2 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
148.04 West Midlands Schools U17 TeamSBU17W West Midlands Schs47.8847.33
248.75 Kent Schools U17 Team U17W Kent Schs48.5647.42
348.77 Greater Manchester Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Greater Manchester Schs48.7747.21
450.11 Lincolnshire Sch U17 TeamSBU17W Lincolnshire Schs50.1148.64
550.39 Essex Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Essex Schs50.3947.71
652.03 Northumberland Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Northumberland Schs52.0350.67
4x100 U17W h3 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
149.44 Hertfordshire Schools U17 TeamPBU17W Hertfordshire Schs48.7447.40
249.53 Hereford & Worcestershire Sch U17 TeamPBU17W Herefordshire & Worcestershire Schs49.5349.45
349.53 Merseyside Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Merseyside Schs49.5348.24
450.78 Cheshire Schools U17 TeamSBU17W Cheshire Schs50.7848.76
550.82 Cleveland Schools U17 TeamPBU17W Cleveland Schs50.8249.90
652.44 North Yorkshire Schools U17 TeamSBU17W North Yorkshire Schs52.4450.02
4x100 U15W h1 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
148.07 Surrey Schools U15 TeamPBU15WDavid BruneySurrey Schs47.3747.37
249.70 Derbyshire Sch U15 TeamPBU15W Derbyshire Schs49.2249.22
349.88 Devon Sch U15 TeamPBU15W Devon Schs49.6749.59
450.39 Warwickshire Schools U15 TeamPBU15W Warwickshire Schs50.3949.65
551.56 Merseyside Schools U15 Team U15W Merseyside Schs51.2050.34
651.57 Hertfordshire Schools U15 TeamSBU15W Hertfordshire Schs51.5751.08
4x100 U15W h2 (6 Jul)
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
149.99 Hampshire Sch U15 TeamPBU15W Hampshire Schs49.5449.17
250.32 Durham Schools U15 TeamPBU15W Durham Schs50.3250.20
351.32 Northumberland Schools U15 TeamSBU15W Northumberland Schs51.1750.28
452.04 North Yorkshire Schools U15 TeamPBU15W North Yorkshire Schs52.0449.69