Scottish Athletics Relay Championships External Results
16 Jun 13
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3x800 SM
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
16:01.44 Edinburgh Senior TeamSBSENM Edinburgh AC6:01.445:58.62
26:06.85 East Kilbride AC 'A' SENM E Kilb  
36:31.75 Law & District AAC SENM Law  
47:14.21 East Kilbride AC 'B' SENM E Kilb  
3x800 U18M
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
15:58.14 Kilbarchan U20 TeamSBU20M Kilbarchan5:58.145:57.28
26:03.87 Edinburgh U20 TeamSBU20M Edinburgh AC6:03.875:54.78
36:11.77 Aberdeen U20 TeamPBU20M Aberdeen6:11.776:11.77
46:20.32 Edinburgh U20 Team U20M Edinburgh AC6:03.875:54.78
56:22.90 Fife U20 TeamPBU20M Fife6:22.906:22.90
66:48.75 Inverclyde AC U18M I'clyde  
77:17.16 Motherwell U20 TeamPBU20M Motherwell7:17.167:17.16
88:03.92 Dunfermline Track & Field Club U18M Dunf  
-DQ Victoria Park City of Glasgow AC U18M VPCG  
3x800 U16M
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
16:23.54 Victoria Park City of Glasgow U17 TeamPBU17M Victoria Park City of Glasgow6:23.546:11.52
26:25.51 Central U17 TeamSBU17M Central6:25.516:25.03
36:25.81 Kilbarchan U17 TeamSBU17M Kilbarchan6:25.816:12.59
46:35.29 Giffnock North U17 TeamSBU17M Giffnock North6:35.296:13.11
56:49.24 Gala Harriers U16M Gala  
66:54.41 Cumbernauld AAC U16M C'nauld  
77:04.01 Central AC 'B' U16M Centr  
87:05.02 Ayr Seaforth AC U16M Ayr S  
3x800 U16M h1
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
16:30.58 Kilbarchan U17 Team U17M Kilbarchan6:25.816:12.59
26:37.01 Central U17 Team U17M Central6:25.516:25.03
36:38.31 Giffnock North U17 Team U17M Giffnock North6:35.296:13.11
46:41.61 Gala Harriers U17 TeamPBU17M Gala6:41.616:41.61
56:45.90 Cumbernauld AAC U16M C'nauld  
66:47.35 Pitreavie AAC U16M Pit  
77:14.9 Motherwell AC U16M Moth  
3x800 U16M h2
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
16:46.52 Victoria Park City of Glasgow AC 'A' U16M VPCG  
26:54.91 Central AC 'B' U16M Centr  
36:55.01 Ayr Seaforth AC U16M Ayr S  
46:58.59 Giffnock North AAC 'B' U16M Giff N  
57:01.27 Dundee Hawkhill Harriers U16M Dund H  
67:28.33 Law & District AAC U16M Law  
3x800 U14M
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:12.99 Ayr Seaforth AC 'A' U14M Ayr S  
27:22.21 Pitreavie AAC U14M Pit  
37:22.35 Edinburgh AC 'A' U14M Edin  
47:27.24 Kilbarchan AAC 'A' U14M Kilb  
57:37.94 Gala Harriers 'A' U14M Gala  
67:39.07 Helensburgh AAC U14M Helen  
-DQ Giffnock North AAC 'A' U14M Giff N  
-DQ Cumbernauld AAC U14M C'nauld  
3x800 U14M h1
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:21.23 Ayr Seaforth AC 'A' U14M Ayr S  
27:31.86 Giffnock North AAC 'A' U14M Giff N  
37:35.80 Pitreavie AAC U14M Pit  
47:36.58 Gala Harriers 'A' U14M Gala  
57:41.56 Corstorphine AAC U14M Cors  
67:46.75 Inverclyde AC 'A' U14M I'clyde  
3x800 U14M h2
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:39.62 Kilbarchan AAC 'A' U14M Kilb  
27:45.80 Cumbernauld AAC U14M C'nauld  
37:48.25 Garscube Harriers 'A' U14M Gars  
47:57.70 Shettleston Harriers 'A' U14M Shett  
58:18.47 Giffnock North AAC 'B' U14M Giff N  
68:21.77 Ayr Seaforth AC 'B' U14M Ayr S  
3x800 U14M h3
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:42.21 Edinburgh AC 'A' U14M Edin  
27:47.63 Helensburgh AAC U14M Helen  
37:55.52 Central AC U14M Centr  
47:57.25 Gala Harriers 'B' U14M Gala  
58:04.63 Kilbarchan AAC 'B' U14M Kilb  
68:14.20 Garscube Harriers 'B' U14M Gars  
3x800 SW
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:00.80 Victoria Park City of Glasgow Senior TeamSBSENW Victoria Park City of Glasgow7:00.806:48.03
27:02.51 Edinburgh U20 TeamPBU20W Edinburgh AC7:02.517:02.51
37:12.24 Kilbarchan U20 TeamPBU20W Kilbarchan7:12.247:12.24
47:27.32 Fife Senior TeamPBSENW Fife7:27.327:27.32
57:28.03 Edinburgh U20 Team U20W Edinburgh AC7:02.517:02.51
67:37.61 Victoria Park City of Glasgow U20 TeamPBU20W Victoria Park City of Glasgow7:37.617:37.61
3x800 U16W
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:02.16 Kilbarchan U17 TeamPBU17W Kilbarchan7:02.166:56.51
27:09.92 Whitemoss U17 TeamPBU17W Whitemoss7:09.927:09.92
37:11.13 Giffnock North U17 TeamSBU17W Giffnock North7:11.137:01.77
47:29.17 Edinburgh U17 TeamSBU17W Edinburgh AC7:29.177:00.08
57:41.41 Edinburgh U17 Team U17W Edinburgh AC7:29.177:00.08
67:43.30 Pitreavie U17 TeamPBU17W Pitreavie7:43.307:43.30
77:52.74 Kilbarchan U17 Team U17W Kilbarchan7:02.166:56.51
87:56.59 Kirkintilloch U17 Team U17W Kirkintilloch7:48.447:48.44
3x800 U16W h1
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:23.63 Giffnock North U17 Team U17W Giffnock North7:11.137:01.77
27:28.21 Kilbarchan U17 Team U17W Kilbarchan7:02.166:56.51
37:56.66 Central U17 TeamSBU17W Central7:56.667:21.58
48:32.57 Shettleston Harriers U16W Shett  
58:34.57 Kilmarnock Harriers U16W K'ilk  
3x800 U16W h2
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:33.09 Edinburgh U17 Team U17W Edinburgh AC7:29.177:00.08
27:46.17 Kilbarchan U17 Team U17W Kilbarchan7:02.166:56.51
37:48.44 Kirkintilloch U17 TeamPBU17W Kirkintilloch7:48.447:48.44
47:53.25 Victoria Park City of Glasgow U17 TeamSBU17W Victoria Park City of Glasgow7:53.257:16.37
57:53.72 Ayr Seaforth U17 TeamPBU17W Ayr Seaforth7:53.727:53.72
68:08.08 Giffnock North AAC 'B' U16W Giff N  
3x800 U16W h3
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:30.26 Whitemoss U17 Team U17W Whitemoss7:09.927:09.92
27:38.46 Edinburgh U17 Team U17W Edinburgh AC7:29.177:00.08
37:44.99 Pitreavie U17 Team U17W Pitreavie7:43.307:43.30
48:19.92 Helensburgh AAC U16W Helen  
58:41.43 Ayr Seaforth AC 'B' U16W Ayr S  
3x800 U14W
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:17.96 Giffnock North U15 TeamPBU15W Giffnock North7:17.967:00.08
27:44.07 Moorfoot U15 TeamPBU15W Moorfoot7:44.077:44.07
37:46.40 Victoria Park City of Glasgow U15 TeamSBU15W Victoria Park City of Glasgow7:46.407:18.46
47:50.92 Giffnock North U15 Team U15W Giffnock North7:17.967:00.08
57:59.88 Central U15 TeamSBU15W Central7:59.887:25.64
68:02.07 Ayr Seaforth U15 TeamPBU15W Ayr Seaforth8:02.077:38.24
78:21.95 Cumbernauld AAC U14W C'nauld  
88:26.34 Inverclyde AC 'A' U14W I'clyde  
3x800 U14W h1
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
18:08.61 Inverclyde U15 TeamSBU15W Inverclyde8:08.617:12.68
28:09.18 Cumbernauld U15 TeamPBU15W Cumbernauld8:09.188:09.18
38:14.52 Giffnock North U15 Team U15W Giffnock North7:17.967:00.08
48:22.94 Victoria Park City of Glasgow AC 'C' U14W VPCG  
58:42.38 Ayr Seaforth AC 'B' U14W Ayr S  
68:46.33 Kirkintilloch Olympians U14W Kirk O  
79:08.57 Harmeny AC U14W Harm  
3x800 U14W h2
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:58.05 Giffnock North U15 Team U15W Giffnock North7:17.967:00.08
28:00.77 Victoria Park City of Glasgow U15 Team U15W Victoria Park City of Glasgow7:46.407:18.46
38:13.64 Helensburgh U15 TeamSBU15W Helensburgh8:13.648:03.34
48:23.07 Kilbarchan AAC 'A' U14W Kilb  
58:27.33 Pitreavie AAC U14W Pit  
68:28.45 Gala Harriers U14W Gala  
78:54.72 Ayr Seaforth AC 'C' U14W Ayr S  
3x800 U14W h3
PosPerfName AG CoachClubSBPB 
17:41.83 Giffnock North U15 Team U15W Giffnock North7:17.967:00.08
27:56.85 Moorfoot U15 Team U15W Moorfoot7:44.077:44.07
38:02.92 Ayr Seaforth U15 Team U15W Ayr Seaforth8:02.077:38.24
48:08.97 Central U15 Team U15W Central7:59.887:25.64
58:10.50 Garscube U15 TeamPBU15W Garscube8:10.508:10.50
68:50.53 Victoria Park City of Glasgow AC 'B' U14W VPCG