Abdul Aziz-Abdulrahman
Power of 10 profile
EventComp  Date PointsPerfCompetedPBWinnerPOTRecord
15001500British Athletics League PremiershipCardiff4 Jun 20113:56.50       
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSportcity28 May 201114:23.94       
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixWatford11 Jun 201114:40.30       
50005000BMC Nike Grand PrixSolihull9 Jul 201114:54.11       
30005000BMC Nike Grand PrixStretford23 Jul 20118:27.81       
15001500British Athletics League PremiershipSportcity4 Jul 20094:04.41       
3000SC3000SCBritish Athletics League PremiershipDon Valley7 Jun 20099:26.20       
3000SC3000SCBritish Athletics League PremiershipSportcity4 Jul 20099:16.56       
3000SC3000SCBritish Athletics League PremiershipHendon1 Aug 20099:49.84       
3000SC3000SCJo Smith CupHendon8 Aug 20099:31.1       
3000SC3000SCBritish Athletics League PremiershipHendon16 Aug 20089:39.10       
50005000British Athletics League PremiershipHendon16 Aug 200814:59.49       
ZXCXCMcCain UK Cross Challenge SeriesCardiff20 Jan 201340:29       
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